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  1. At Dance Horizons http://www.dancehorizons.com/store/search.....x=0&GO.y=0 Was there a Mamzelle Angot ballet and who did it?
  2. Back in the late Sixties there were three: Dallas Civic Ballet (can't remember who ran it), Dallas Metropolitan Ballet (Ann Etgin and Bill Atkinson), and Dallas Ballet Theater (Victor Moreno). So there were lots of opportunities to dance, although none of them paid. I don't know how companies managed to hold on to dancers...combined love of the art and the city, I suppose. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Dallas Ballet was ran by Natalie Skelton and then later by George Skibine and Marjorie Tallchief.
  3. Gelsey is teaching at Broadway Dance Center in NYC. Her first class was on Monday, April 4, and she is teaching four more times. I was lucky enough to be able to take her class and she gave a wonderful class.
  4. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
  5. Does anyone remember this NYC teacher from Russia? I believe that he was a student of Cecchetti.
  6. A Regina J. Woody book that I recently found is called Student Dancer published in 1951. It includes famous dance personalities (Lucia Chase, Katherine Dunham, Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Sally Kamin, Igor Youskevitch, Nora Kaye, Walter Terry and others) into the novel. Other ballet fiction novels that may be found in paperback at used bookstores are Ballet! by Tom Murphy (1978), Save the Last Dance for Me by Judi Miller (1981), and Encore by Monique Raphel High (1981). One paperback that I thoroughly enjoyed is Six Curtains for Stroganova (1986), originally published in 1946 as Six Curtains for Natasha. Authors are Caryl Brahms and S.J.Simon. This was a series and I have been unable to find the companions: A Bullet in the Ballet and Murder a la Stroganoff (British title: Casino for Sale). And for those who can read French: L'Amour au Miroir (1983) by Ludmila Tcherina.
  7. Thanks, Carbro, for the information on the lecture/demonstration. Does anyone have any information on the symposium to be held in September at the Manhattan School of Music? I think it might be a similar presentation of Stravinsky Violin Concerto and maybe Concerto Barocco.
  8. Did anyone see this on Broadway or know of the subject matter of this musical? It opened on September 2, 1937 and closed October 23, 1937 with choreography by Florence Rogge. It had quite a large cast with many ballet names among the members -- Leon Fokine, Gail Grant (I think this must be the author of the ballet manual), Thalia Mara (author of several ballet technique books), David Preston (professor at T.C.U.), Patricia Bowman, and Irene Zambelli.
  9. This is one of my favorite ballets. Unfortunately, I had a ticket to the Guggenheim performance which was cancelled due to a flood in the theater. If anyone attended on Monday night, I would like to know who the performers were and what you thought of the presentation. What was said regarding Stravinsky's music and the choreography?
  10. The following are all adult fiction ballet books: Still Point by Deborah Weisgall (set in New York) The Body of Dancers by Candice Leigh Brown (set in San Francisco) In the Company of Others by Anthony Howell Carnival of Saints by George Herman (Not a book on ballet, but a novel of Renaissance Italy -- an excellent introduction to the theatrical form of commedia dell'arte). I have others to add to this list at a later date once I find all my books that I have collected over the years.
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