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  1. Amy Reusch

    Nutcracker Quiz

    But my understanding is that the original ballet followed not the Hoffman story but the Dumas adaption of the story..... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Nutcracker_and_the_Mouse_King So I,m not sure I understand the wording of the first two questions... Christensen Nutcracker ran from 1944 to 2004.... Balanchine's premiered in 1954 and is still running, so hasn't it overtaken Christensen's "longest running" crown?
  2. Amy Reusch

    Flashback: December 1970 - January 1971

    Would that I could be a fly on the wall with a time machine...
  3. Amy Reusch

    Job posting for artistic director

    Does it seem odd to anyone besides me that costumes and production design and music are not under Artistic? Is it because of the unions?
  4. Amy Reusch

    Job posting for artistic director

    I hope Clifford writes that book... better yet, I hope he illustrates it with video... i'd like to hear what and where the differences are... it would be a resource for the future, when the dominant version has become cliché
  5. Is the movement dated, or is it the music? Perhaps a new score for the existing choreography would liven it up. Personally, I'm appalled at Spielberg's timing.
  6. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place, but I see no thread for World Ballet Day. Please move this post if necessary. Tuesday, Oct 2, is 2018's rendition. I've enjoyed much enjoyed the look inside these presentations have offered. Does anyone know why there is no North American host this year? Why no SFB or NBC?
  7. Any performing arts institution without State or Royal subsidy is a house of cards. Tell me again where NYCB's longtime co-tenant at the State Theater, NYCO, is these days?
  8. Thank you for saying this... While many of us no doubt have been contemplating some of the famous Balanchine & Kirstein quotes Bentley mentioned, Bentley seems to have an axe to grind against Martins, and having written "Submission" seems the wrong person to be throwing stones.
  9. Amy Reusch

    Jerome Robbins Centennial

    I hope they archived that! (If they shot it)
  10. I find these two statements contradictory, if you are referencing the assault situation I think you are referencing. Or does the apology and acceptance not count as far as what NYCB cares about?
  11. Amy Reusch

    Jerome Robbins Centennial

    I was watching these two clips and wondering if Baryshnikov & Makarova have ever coached this pas de deux for the estate's video archives?
  12. I would like to thank the volunteer administrators of this board, and Helene in particular, for the time she has recently donated keeping up with this thread. I am so grateful to you for making this and all the other discussions possible, despite the amount of oversight a thread like this requires. I hope this is not considered discussing the discussers. Thank you.
  13. The situation is horrific. On top of that, a treasured institution is at considerable risk. These are times when the situation leaves one aghast. Even saying the institution is at risk implies there is something worth more than human lives. I don't know how to express both my disgust and my concern at the same time.
  14. Amy Reusch

    Job posting for artistic director

    Surely you meant "vise", unfortunate typo given the behavior allegations...