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  1. Olga

    Job posting for artistic director

    Ditto for Dance Magazine grammar/editing: “...an impresario and a unfailingly kind person.”
  2. Olga

    Job posting for artistic director

    Her first show, in 2013 at the Joyce theater, was a co-production with the Joyce. Thst is how the Joyce described it on its website. They may have funded it, as I think they do for some of their shows. i don’t know if this was true of the second show, or of her show at BAM. But I mentioned the funding as a side note about the definition and etymology of the term. None of this changes my view that the description of Whelan in that piece is quite puffed up on the positive side, mute about the negatives and structured as an argument that she is, all in all, the best choice. I am not sure Whelan produced Hagoromo, the show she was in at BAM. BAM’s website says it was “Conceived and directed by David Michalek” who is her husband. Therr is no producer credit. She and Jock Soto danced it.
  3. Olga

    Job posting for artistic director

    Yes, hard to know but does seem to support that the article over inflates Whelan’s qualifications. Historically, I think an impresario provided financial backing. Then there is the entire structure of the article, with pluses and minuses for most everyone else, or ruling them out because they can’t or won’t take the position, and concluding with only positives for Whelan who of course is pretty available. Whelan has many positives but she also has many negatives and there is no mention of them. I guess I am just tired of hidden agendas and this article seemed to have one. I do wish Wendy the best of luck if she gets the position because I love the company and want it to continue to be successful.
  4. Olga

    Job posting for artistic director

    I agree they need to pick someone already. And that Stafford has done a good job, in fact a pretty great one particularly under the circumstances. I think in this context there is a lot of light between managing a performance and being an impressario; and I did check the definition before my last post. Of course she did manage a few performances where she was the star performer and the choreographers were all men. I believe they were all men because, according to a published interview she gave, she is more comfortable with a male choreographer. She also has an assistant position at City Center - I don’t know the extent of her role there or vis a vis those performances but they do have a pretty good lineup.
  5. Olga

    Job posting for artistic director

    Wendy Whelan an impresario? That is a BIG stretch. The piece reads like a plug for her, though Boal comes off well. Both Whelan and Boal (through his wife) have something in common on the Martins front.
  6. “Alexander Robert Nigel Parish. For services to dance and UK/Russia cultural relations.” It’s all extraordinary, start to finish.
  7. Olga

    Nutcracker 2018

    My guess is Lovette would like more,not fewer, principal roles. Her dancing in Spring and Fall 2018 was exquisite and I believe included some NYCB debut roles. Hope to see her Aurora in Winter.
  8. Olga

    Royal Ballet 2018-19 season

    Thanks, Drew for intuiting and more articulately expressing what I was thinking.
  9. “ This” being Marina Harss for NYTimes Chief Dance Critic.
  10. Olga

    Royal Ballet 2018-19 season

    Whatever has London come to. Seems to have gone downhill. I was shocked and disapppointed by their last New York tour. They have some great dancers but their choreographic taste is awful. And Macgregor! ... not a real ballet choreographer imo. The company has wandered far afield.
  11. It certainly is quite different but does the complaint even allege that all three principals distributed non consenting photos of coworkers?
  12. Olga

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    Kyle Abraham has posted a lengthy (for Instagram) explanatory message about Runaway and Kanye.
  13. I saw RAKU a while ago, but for me it was also a “much richer experience” (to quote Pherank) than that described by Nagashima and elsewhere on this thread. And from my point of view, Fancy Free is also a richer experience — and a pretty accurate depiction, theatricalized, of the period. As they say, Robbins had a keen eye. We would have to throw out an awful lot of Western art if eliminating objectionable treatment of women in art is the goal. Similar culling of art (to meet other social/political standards) has not been shown to be effective long term in changing cultural norms, and it has resulted in stifling, if not crushing art. See eg, Soviet Socialist Realism, the Chinese Cultural Revolution and censorship in Italy and Germany inder Fascism.
  14. Yesterday, at least three pincipal women posted to Instagram essentially praising the company and stating how glad they are to be in it. Lauren’s post was in an Instagram story in which she spoke directly to the camera. I can’t reproduce it. Here are excerpts from the other posts: Maria: “NYCB is so strong and I’m so proud to be a member of this glorious company for more than twenty years.” Sara”...nycballet is unreal and amazing. I feel so f**kin lucky to be in this company.”