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  1. Colette

    2017 -- 2018 Season

    Makhalina's performance was her "benefit performance" and official retirement from the Mariinsky, Igor Kolb also said on Instagram that "Yulia is done dancing at the Mariinsky". She does continues to dance in galas, as well as being a coach at the Mikhailovsky. So yes, there should be room for 2 or 3 promotions, Osmolkina, Novikova and Ivanova/Ostreikovskaya. Never gonna happen under Fateyev. The Mariinsky website needs some serious update, I would not trust in it at all, even Irina Golub is still listed, for christ's sake!
  2. Colette

    Retirement of Daria Pavlenko

    It was the 2005 Mariinsky Festival, when in the last "Artistic Evening" she was given (what an insult!) she danced the most remarkable La Valse with Merkuriev. (and Yanna Selina in the first Solo Couple and Obraztsova in the second! Amazing cast!)
  3. Colette

    Retirement of Daria Pavlenko

    It was one of her signature roles before Fateyev took over, she was more the Happy Girl at the ball than the stereotypical "Diva" and that made it all the more heartbraking. She was oficially recorded for Kultura TV in it. Two short clips:
  4. Colette

    2017 -- 2018 Season

    Things seem to be changing, Makhalina and Pavlenko got decent farewells. A lovely change for once. But I must remind you that Lopatkina was simply unable to dance again after her hip surgery, more than a managment decision it was a health issue. Sadly. 😭 Now there is a place in the principal ranks and it should be filled by Osmolkina or Novikova but I doubt it will happen, I fear it might be Shakirova or ....Chebikyna.
  5. Colette

    Retirement of Daria Pavlenko

    Madame Pavlenko was (is) my favorite ballerina, not only she was a true product of the Vaganova style, just like her coach Elena Yevteyeva, what set Pavlenko above her colleagues were her God-given acting skills and her versatility, not only she remains my definitive Nikiya, Raymonda, Odette/Odile and Lilac Fairy, there has never been a dancer in Russia able to tackle Balanchine the way Pavlenko did, Her Diamonds, Siren in Prodigal Son and her delightful La Valse will alwas remain in my memory. That was Pavlenko, a perfect Nikiya and at the same time a perfect Chosen One in The Rite of Spring. Her Zarema remains the golden standar for me. And it was precisely her Zarema in january this year (opposite Novikova's Maria) demostrated how Pavlenko was still in -and I want to be very emphatic about this-: In absolute top shape. Her technique, after having two babies, was stronger than that of most "Principals" in the company, and artistically her performance was enough to bring tears to ones eyes. Artistry like you can no longer see around. That's why her retirement came as a surprise, because she was stronger than ever, but after a decade of humilliations under the directorship of Yuri Fateyev she probably was fed up with it. I personally think that she will continue to dance, as her very talented husband is very involved with the organization of dance galas in Saint Petersburg. But, anyway it's good to see dancers have a decent farewell in Russia, something rarely seen there, things seem to be changing, first Makhalina and now a true Artist like Pavlenko. Here are two post from Pavlenko's Official Instagram account. Some videos: Bayaderka Raymonda The Rite of Spring Lilac Fairy
  6. Colette


    Thank you! I watch ballet mostly in Paris, London and Saint Peterburg. German companies are at a -in my opinion- very sad state currently and I am far from liking Ratmansky's work. But will make sure to post links to reviews of anything relevant. 😉
  7. Colette


    Hello, after many years reading the forum I've decided to join! I'm a ballet teacher from Berlin. best regards! 😊