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  1. We went to see Swan Lake on August 6th. It was Anna Nikulina and Semyon Chudin. Again, I'm not an expert though I have seen many companies do Swan Lake. I thought the production was really very good and clean - no noticeable fumbles. Nikulina in particular was lovely. The only thing that threw me was the bowing mid-performance. I'm not accustomed to that. But altogether a lovely performance and evening.
  2. Felix Paquet has confirmed it on his Instagram and I see this on the Hamburg Ballet's site (in German but says he's a soloist as of September): https://www.hamburgballett.de/getPersonalInfo.php?p=MjE0NzQ4NTA3Nw-1
  3. McJagger

    Kathryn Morgan

    What a wonderful story. It's nice to see a talented person who encountered hard times turn it around. I wish her all the best.
  4. To my surprise we'll also be in London in August and I have booked tickets. Not Zakharova but I can't have everything.
  5. McJagger

    Sergei Polunin

    Good for Dupont. It's a strong stand in the face of offensive comments.
  6. I'm sad about Robert Stephen, too. He was a solid performer.
  7. My daughter attended a dress rehearsal of Paz de la Jolla the other night. Dylan Tedaldi spoke to the group in the intermission and said he was leaving the company to go to a contemporary company in Israel.
  8. It appears as though it's for a charitable cause, though: http://firstbookcanada.org
  9. Wow. Tiler's fouett├ęs are gorgeous to my eye.
  10. Evan McKie is now scheduled to perform Nijinksy in San Fran as per the National Ballet site and his Instagram.
  11. They made a last minute casting change and Elena Lobsanova debuted on the 10th with Naoya Ebe. I believe she was replacing Svetlana Lunkina who has been moved to the 15th.
  12. I'm so excited to hear about Siphe November. He just graduated from the National Ballet School last June where he was the "star" for a long time. He is relatively short but an amazing dancer and his jumps are incredible. It doesn't surprise me that he's already getting solo roles. I think he's one to watch. You might want to watch this video. His life story is quite incredible, too.
  13. My daughter was at the SB dress rehearsal and said the same things as you regarding Peng-Fei Jiang. She couldn't figure out why they had given him the role so soon. On the other hand, she was ecstatic about Harrison James and Jurgita Dronina.
  14. I'm not sure but these pictures seem to glorify emaciation. As a former ED sufferer, I find it painful to see.
  15. Has Frankfurt's video interview in Salon been discussed? https://www.salon.com/2018/01/08/peter-martins-sexual-misconduct-wilhelmina-frankfurt/
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