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  1. No denying she has her admirers !
  2. In case you do not know about this it's a website offering HD digital downloads for just a few dollars : https://iconicartsintl.org/collections/frontpage Ballets on offer : https://iconicartsintl.org/collections/ballet One has to register and for some of the downloads pass vetting which takes a day or two. For old-timers like myself who used to see opera and ballet at the ROH in the Nineties I recommend the following docu to revive memories of those golden Jeremy Isaacs years, when one could see two operas and one ballet over a long weekend : https://iconicartsintl.org/collections/doc
  3. It's a bit difficult for me to understand why some people take it personally when someone says Stepanova is a poser - I thought so too, and when I streamed a performance for my wife (who does not follow any ballet) to elicit an opinion she said "Quelle poseuse" !! Other ballet lovers may have a totally different opinion, fine by me.
  4. This evidently is additional to the more well-known one in Perm. Scheduled for November 16-27 : https://www.diaghilev-ps.ru/en/ Yekaterinburg Ballet will present Vikharev's Paquita reconstruction. Preliminary festival program (Word file) : https://www.diaghilev-ps.ru/programme-diaghilev-p-s-2018-engl/
  5. There is only one original, the motherlode - Lavrovsky's R&J. A spiritual experience, an exceptional amalgam of story, composition and choreography. Regrettably, my Juliet, Diana Vishnyova, has hung up her pointes.
  6. Posted on Medici TV site - free upon registration : https://www.medici.tv/en/operas/tchaikovsky-queen-spades-salzburg-festival-jansons/
  7. Arte Concert has put this in archive free-to-web, probably for a limited time. It's also being telecast by Mezzo from time to time. Am I right in thinking that there are allegations that Macmillan blatantly copied some scenes from Cranko ?? https://www.arte.tv/de/videos/080539-000-A/romeo-und-julia/
  8. Could anyone post any reviews please ?
  9. https://www.wsj.com/articles/pushkin-a-life-played-out-review-the-poet-and-the-pistol-1533853576 I have no chance of seeing it but maybe some members would like to. Depiction of Pushkin by a white actor is historically incorrect !
  10. No problem - it's OK by me !! And so is women being bought and sold in Corsaire - I love it !! These works were created in Imperial Russia - too bad they made a gross oversight in not considering possible American reaction 125 years in the future.
  11. Dear Buddy after 3½ years of seeing ballet at the Bolshoy I have come to the irrevocable conclusion that classical ballet, as staged by the Bolshoy, loses at least half its impact if not seen on location. Pharaoh's Daughter thought beautiful to see has zero dramatic value, imo it's just a grand divertissement with the silliest of story lines, but inevitably there is great loss of detail when captured for tv : having to do close ups leaves much of the stage out of sight. And in ballets with a workable story line one does not see some important details : in Corsaire there is so much characterisa
  12. As I had written I saw Zaharova live last month but after seeing the Smirnova video/s I regret not being able to see her too - she is great imho. The problem with the Bolshoy, as always, is having to buy tix blind at advance sale - I could only guess (correctly) that Zaharova-Rodkin would probably do the opener.
  13. "The unspeakable in pursuit of the unwatchable" !
  14. Now that flights and hotels are within, or are about to enter, booking range I would like to remind membership that Bolshoi Ballet will be in London for a three-week residency at the ROH between 25th July and 17th August. Programme and casting info should be posted around Christmas time. I do very much hope that they will bring the Vikharev Coppelia which I understand was last presented in London in 2010 - no cinecast or video can do justice to the real thing. Another production on the shortlist could be "La Fille du Pharaon" which I understand last came to London in 2006 - quite some while. B
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