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  1. tamicute


    Unfortunately, you are correct that it is entirely due to being wrongly favored by someone high up.
  2. tamicute


    The only obvious trait of Skorik is that she is the most puzzling enigma in Russian ballet history. Why has this no talent ballerina been made a star? Skorik was star of the movie, "A Beautiful Tragedy", but Skorik clearly is the Tragedy of Mariinsky Ballet, a disgrace to the name Mariinsky.
  3. tamicute


    You will love Napoli.
  4. Although I have never heard of anyone counting fouettes during a performance of Swan Lake, as if it is an Olympic event, I know that both Alina Somova and Viktoria Tereshkina, are the best Mariinsky ballerinas at executing fouettes. I went to Youtube to look at Tereshkina's most recent Don Quixote and went to the video where she does fouettes. Tereshkina used every 4 counts as 2 single and one double, resulting in 24 fouettes,.but 32 revolutions. Alina Somova, prior to her pregnancy, and Tereshkina also, normally would have done more double fouettes than that. I have often seen Somova do sing
  5. tamicute


    Remember that , not only are dancers important, but the ballets. In some cases, if you do not like the ballet or the music, it makes no difference who is dancing.
  6. tamicute


    Sounds like you are very passionate about this topic - I can understand that! Especially having seen Stepanova right after Skorik. This experience will definitely make me follow the casting announcements much more closely and do more research before booking any tickets - especially that I was planning a trip to Moscow to catch a few Bolshoi performances. I have a lot of reading and learning to do... Everyone has different tastes, but I have very strong opinions on what I look for in dancers and particularly with the Mariinsky, I am familiar with all their dancers and would gladly give you my
  7. tamicute


    If the acid attack on Sergei Filin, is the greatest crime in ballet history, the 2nd greatest crime is the insane casting of Skorik in major roles. Skorik has been highly criticized by many ballet lovers for her incompetent ballet technique, her horrible Mariinsky style arms and upper body, her total lack of any stage presence, no acting ability, no flow of movements, a complete impostor of a ballerina , a true disgrace to the Mariinsky name and an insult to all ballet lovers, who should be seeing great ballerinas, like Stepanova and constantly get Miserable Skorik shoved down their throat, a
  8. Thank you for enlightening us on the benefits of being an uneducated laborer in New York. You do need to revise your wording of take home pay. Your quoted amounts for take home pay are actually gross pay. Take home pay would deduct Federal income taxes, New Your state and city taxes, plus Social security/Medicare taxes. I am not knowledgeable on current New York state and city taxes, but my guess is that the take home pay amounts would be approximately, $ 60,000 annually and not near $ 100,000. However, in my opinion, most stagehands are similar to construction workers. In construction, you
  9. It's also their standard MO to compare compensation for stagehands to compensation for ballerinas, instead of lawyers, bonds traders, plastic surgeons, etc. There are many construction workers around the country, who work on electrical construction plus many other construction jobs and their work is no less difficult or no less deserving comparable pay to stagehands, but I have met many construction workers who struggle to live decentlydue to awful pay. Stage hands are no more deserving of good salaries than struggling construction workers. Nobody would consider a construction worker or a
  10. This is insane and no wonder theaters have to charge exorbitant prices, because they have to cover the ridiculous stage hand salaries. One paragraph says it all Backstage workers can earn more than the onstage talent. Five stagehands at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center were each paid more in total compensation in 2011 than the highest-paid dancer at New York City Ballet, filings showed. And, in 2010, “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” paid its stagehands a total of $138,000 a week, while the principals and members of the ensemble earned slightly less than $100,000 put together." If I
  11. I know someone who is going who will love to watch it, but I need to find out when they arrive. If their planes arrives late, they will not be able to go. Please hold it and i will speak to them , no later than Sunday. I already left them a message. Thank you very much
  12. My third wish is that Altynai Asylmuratova is back in charge, producing remarkable students at Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet. My fifth wish is that the new, intelligent ballet director, realizes that Yulia Stepanova is the prima ballerina assoluta of the world and Oksana Marchuk is not far behind.
  13. tamicute


    Based on what you are saying, then you would consider Margot Fonteyn's rose adagio as being unmusical because she did slow down the music, particularly to allow her to balance with her arms over her head in attitude. Then among current ballerinas, Ulyana Lopatkina, primarily due to her size, dances slower than other Mariinsky ballerinas, so due to what you would describe as her technical limitations, brought on by her height, she is unmusical. This thread is titled "Skorik" and I will bring up one ballet role, where what you say, would apply precisely to her. Kitri is a role full of life and
  14. tamicute


    I have seen criticism on her musicality, but the extension topic is analogous to "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". For some, high extension is a big negative and considered ugly. For others, they feel that if you have it, flaunt it, and for them, high extension is beautiful. The biggest obstacle is that ballet directors and most ballet audience members, no longer accept 90 degree extension. Then the question about how high is appropriate, depends on the individual.As you said, some feel that what is appropriate in gymnastics, is not appropriate in ballet.
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