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  1. What makes one presume a woman would provide safety or not cause discrimination or harm?
  2. Are they raising to repair rather than replace now, or for new costumes?
  3. How much more makeup can one wear than the Ratmansky Firebird?
  4. Tereshkina received tons of praise last times in America. I saw her O/O which was magnificent. Is that not classical?
  5. I checked my notes from the Met when I bought tickets.
  6. He was pictured at the gala
  7. I have never seen lines like last night at the met. Full house, sold out ,many children. Copeland was fine as firebird . She's not Nina though. This year the birds look more like golden cockerels ( or woodpeckers or pigeons) and maidens like zombie puppets. Was the a white scrim there ( like neumeiers Sylvia) at the beginning before? Music was very slow. Shocked how good Duncan Lyle was. Why did he leave or come back? Choreo no chAllenge to Cornejo but awkward on Lane with all the flexing and thriller puppet nightmare motions. Could have been better rehearsed . Rite was better than expected. The girl knows the decision was made already rather than stumbling upon it. Didn't hear the pounding in the music pronounced. Maybe those things changed some of the horror or terror. Devon did protest though. I don't know what anyone else expected of her. The written program was odd ,incomprehensible, and pretentious though. I was too high to see the set described in the program - I saw a curtain only. Was there something else? Reminded me of s. king's zoo a bit as well as Gitmo or a drug war, not the sacrifice of Christ. The individual sacrifice was shown but the group's sacrifice was not depicted. Had they already lost their humanity? i don't know why being part of the chosen people is considered a privilege.
  8. That's why I found the comparison odd
  9. People keep comparing this in commentaries in media to Sophie's choice but didn't Sophie kill herself
  10. I did see an Alonso Giselle yesterday and she was the only one who blew kIsses, another difference
  11. I imagine they have copyright and patent and trademark protection
  12. He's Rarely reviewed in ny as implied above and people have more interest broadway generally so only balletomanes would know and they have no reason not to believe Broadway world
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