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  1. Yes! I've watched the Boylston-Whiteside Swan Lake on a dock many times. Alexi Ratmansky posted his Winter in full on instagram 2 days ago. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIPv9iKA4Tj/ ABT's Moving Stories-day 1 had the great Hammoudi pandemic work for Brandt-Cornejo with excellent cinematography including exterior shots at Lincoln Center - 4:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvns8ZY77gU&ab_channel=AmericanBalletTheatre The Dock SL is in ABT's Moving Stories-day 2 at 11:20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iE4ihz7spSI&ab_channel=AmericanBalletTheatre. I assume Hammou
  2. And he linked to https://www.nutcrackeratwethersfield.com/ by Troy Schumacher. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHqriMDAUXQ/ The Kennedy Center just cancelled all shows pre May. Each month out I was more optimistic. Ailey is rescheduled for June. Miami is doing a live Nutcracker in a park so I have hopes for outdoor venues like Saratoga and Wolf Trap in summer 2021. https://www.miamicityballet.org/nutcracker?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIr42LjemJ7QIVA6CzCh3vhQ4pEAAYASAAEgJswPD_BwE
  3. The Zoom Wedding would normally have been our flying for a long weekend adventure as happy guests.
  4. Thanks for posting. Maria Khoreva and Vladimir Shklyarov are at 1:56:29 [surfed]! I'll view the entire show later on a TV screen. Who's at 1:45? The choreography? It could be done in USA pandemic digital [various hard surfaces]. I seem to delve into where I was in prior years...2 years ago in November was the first time we saw Khoreva - Apollo with Xander Parish in Balanchine at City Center. Zoom wedding this year. October 2020 was made sadder by the 1 year prior Paquita [regrets on not going to CA have intensified].
  5. Anyone seen the 1963 The Haunting based on The Haunting of Hill House? Netflix series? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0057129/ Some developed an aversion to homes with similar architecture after Amityville Horror. https://www.theloop.ca/the-amityville-horror-house-is-up-for-sale/ At auction-clawfoot tub, beamed ceilings, original millwork/floors, some exposed brick inside, white kitchen, view, 4 sides brick: https://derosaexchange.com/auburncastle
  6. Not engaging. The Washington Ballet did great adaptive use of sites. https://www.facebook.com/43875516691/videos/2611017455779623/?__so__=channel_tab&__rv__=all_videos_card Choreography is at: 38:00 pdd Onuki-Kriza - steps of National Cathedral - night shoot with lighting 49.13 Center Stage in Cathedral parking garage-choreography by a dancer who was in PR for the pandemic 30:55 Sombrerrisomo - reimagined for outdoors using landscape architecture by the choreographer while in Europe[believe Cathedral organizations grounds]
  7. Happily watched The Mariinsky class! It's on FB - while there check out Gabe Stone Shayer rehearsing DQ with Skylar Brandt and coached by Corella! Sunshine through the gloom. ABT's on at 3:45 and this is a great addition for WBD viewing: https://www.facebook.com/gabe.shayer/videos/10159274649659575/?__tn__=%2CdCH-R-R&eid=ARBlbseUGyQFUYLi8opkVz5VrGWH1gtGyUjpKoJiA__uTbBfMFQnwmzgNgxRXH6V-FZAN4WtoMhro_Iv&hc_ref=ARRoaCL_2d-JHazvq6hAld_yKr98fOFHtLebnpiFu2HZ8It-edBvTk-5tdK1fsmImtY&fref=nf Realistically what will I see live in 2021? Each month increases the chances so by late Apri
  8. Are there any longer videos of Abrera in White Swan at Kaatsban?
  9. And "The Need to Go" WaPo https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/coronavirus-reopen-bathrooms/2020/05/18/a6ed57fc-93ba-11ea-82b4-c8db161ff6e5_story.html Rural areas had some marvelous outdoor performances including Shevshenko-MacKay https://www.instagram.com/p/CD_v3SKnm1B/
  10. The Mariinsky has a matinee and evening gala on Sunday 7/19/20. I saw various dancers had posted rehearsal pictures on Instagram. https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/playbill/playbill/2020/7/19/2_1400/
  11. Fun! Are the small vids the same dancers?
  12. Was Abrera last onstage at the Kennedy Center in Giselle with James Whiteside? Great performance.
  13. Huxley. This is Catazaro https://www.kennedy-center.org/video/digital-stage/ballet/2018/new-york-city-ballet-live-from-rehearsal-tschaikovsky-pas-de-deux--the-kennedy-center/ . KC digital stage has Tarantella rehearsal, Farrell coached Divertmento No 15, etc. R&J [Abrera-Gomes] https://www.facebook.com/mtyibg/videos/2853074474810225/?t=5
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