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  1. I loved the opening night show, easily followed the plot pre reading the libretto. Smekalov applied the wit we’ve enjoyed in his performances to the choreography and coaching. I’d like to see new Smekalov on a mixed bill and his full-length The Bronze Horseman. It was fun to see the pas de trois magically appear in context, Act 2-tavern. No discordant costumes, choreography, or coifs [inc wigs] to distract from the flow...variations ≠ Paquita Grand Pas -original? Cast: Tereshkina charming, Askerov great with comedy, Chebykina, Shakirova, Belykov, Nagahisi. I wish Shapran was on the tour in that variation to see her do it again. [KC Paquita Grand Pas Jan 2015].
  2. 10/4 sold by 8 am. 4 working rehearsal tickets 9pm 10/3 -$15. Sold out in March.
  3. https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/playbill/playbill/2019/6/6/1_2000 And so Bulanova is Medora on June 6.
  4. Nikolaj Hubbe is the 5th Danish pastry or Prince of Denmark. Bruhn [primary NYC affiliation ABT], Baryshnikov, Zelensky. Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux [POB].
  5. Promo code 325842: Wed Jan 30 OR =$39 [reg between $59-$79]. Unsold 2nd tier=$29 Thurs Jan 31 OR =$39 [reg between $69-$89]. Unsold 2nd tier=$29 No offers for weekend [had for SF Unbound and Bourne's Cinderella]
  6. Oh happy day! I check daily for Ballet Across America - on sale since March. It is now here and wonderful. Dance Theatre of Harlem and Miami. http://www.kennedy-center.org/calendar/event/BTBSI I wish SF [ fall 2018 had 2 east coast weeks - DC then NYC] would be the annual replacement product for Farrell. With the bi-annual SF slot used for Miami, Harlem, etc.
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