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  1. Koch is no under 12 and NYCB had no closures. Could Nutcracker have impacts based on audience composition? Compare Broadway runs - Aladdin closures to no Springsteen closures. Jujamcyn allows under 12 with negative tests. Springsteen on Broadway FAQs | Jujamcyn Theaters Breakthrough COVID Cases Temporarily Close Curtains on Broadway’s Aladdin | Vanity Fair
  2. Akram Khan is on the schedule for Nov 2021 and Okinawa is in the spring. We have hope for the Mariinsky which is on for Baden-Baden Dec 2021.
  3. PNB has language on it's site about social distancing in audience seating. That reduces capacity. Health & Safety Policies | Plan Your Visit | Pacific Northwest Ballet (pnb.org) Perhaps it's best to make your own pod wherever you attend performances. Safety ranking highest to lowest: PNB Koch KC. One issue with schools is social distancing so applying the same concept to a theatre seems valid. Example Dozens Of NYC Public School Buildings May Not Be Able To Fit Their Students At 3 Feet Apart This Fall - Gothamist
  4. The John F. Kennedy Center and Fords Theatre will require proof of vaccination beginning Sept. 1 - The Washington Post We might have attended shows in June-July with podding but Wolf Trap's Filene Center and the Kennedy Center [outdoors or indoors] presented zero ballet beyond the 1 sold out podded WT school show. That had about 26% available under the roof.
  5. To principal: Laracey, Woodward. To soloist: Kitka [on roster in corps for 10 years], Miller, Hod, Mejia. Farley-should have had a Peck deal. And Nadon Vail Dance Festival (@vaildancefest) • Instagram photos and videos
  6. ABT - Silas Farley fun-The Deer "some of the most extraordinary dancers in the world ...afternoon of the faun" https://www.instagram.com/p/CQl9idfH2XO/ 1st Serenade was 1934 outside on an estate. Many of the summer venues evoke the same atmosphere.
  7. I loved it. ABT with 5 pdds live filmed close-up was quite courageous. No go backs, retakes, or selecting shows from it's house digital vault. Big thanks to LA Music Center and ABT. The dancers were marvelous. The website - no DQ and then magically video+audio appeared during Swan Lake. The camera work was similar to the live broadcasts from NYC of CBS's The Ed Sullivan Show which sometimes included extreme facial closeups like the ABT LA R&J kiss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1i_4kWnC-JU&ab_channel=TheEdSullivanShow
  8. ABT's 6/6/21 LA show has a free livestream. Sign up link https://themusiccenter.uscreen.io/programs/live-fzhh0k_gjvc https://www.instagram.com/p/CPv9YFDHsiA/ 10 dancers and 5 pdd excerpts. By the costumes: R&J Seo-Forster, SLTeuscher-Stearns, DQ Shevchenko-Ahn. A Time There Was Williams-Hoven, ? Hurlin-Bell. I'm curious to how the simulcast tech compares to Wolf Trap. ABT and NYCB dancers are at the Spoleto Festival in Charleston SC. Boylston and Gordon https://www.instagram.com/p/CPrQvKfgaVP/
  9. Those seats are sold for full capacity beginning 9/1/21. https://www.kennedy-center.org/visit/covid-safety/ Realistically do I expect to see that Miami Nutcracker in a full capacity Opera House? No. The KC could use these theatres this summer under DC guidelines with capacity limits: Opera House cap= est 2198*25%= 549 so cap at 500. Eisenhower 1161*.25%=290 Wolf Trap is doing pods like Miami's Nutcracker but the only ballet booked is Maryland Youth Ballet. I was surprised at no ABT or TWB. ABT is at the marvelous Salamander [Sheila Johnson resort] outdoors with rain dates perhaps on a dance floor laid on a terrace with limited lawn seating. Perhaps they will get to stay there pre return to NYC after the arduous tour.
  10. Bridgerton premiered on Netflix 12/25/2020. Great fun in a Regency era bodice ripper with sumptuous costumes and sets. Bridgerton | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
  11. It's fun to see the various versions - RDB Balanchine again with the Danish modern take on sets with the cookie jar building's lid/roof tilted as the centerpiece in act 2. Instead I discovered a great totally new to me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aMbYrvMW8s&ab_channel=wocomoMUSIC
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