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  1. maps

    ABT 2018 Whipped Cream

    Yes. For me the music written after WW1 is dominated by choreography for the libretto. ABT premiered the large scale productions-SB, WC before the MET season so is Harlequinade not as complex? WC's a brilliant Ratmansky creation off an original from the 1920’s before Prodigal Son. [SB reconstructions have inconsistencies-ABT Rose Adagio lift looks like a fail. After descent, movements have deeper more poetic "swoops" than Vikharev which has an awkward BB diagonal carry. Changes to SB? Note the removed WC boy wig.] WC wasn't the extravagant fantasy with memorable music that I "marketed" as another Nutcracker. It's surrealistic - sophisticated commentary on WW1 and the transformation of a society and individuals. WC- allegory. Models for the heads - Lord Kitchener as carriage driver and the doctor [USA]? The innocuous/pleasant/productive culture became sinister and menacing. Eyes- totalitarian state. Creams [slide play on Bayadere?] spilling out of the mixing bowl were not a pleasant waltz. The set is grey, dark, and turbulent. Side entrance splatters-others drawn into the movement. The chef became evil and concocted sinister cream creatures [costumes] that transformed into glorious mounds of whipped cream in the finale. Significance of Abe Lincoln in balcony with bobbing bee? Other new additions: Onion Domes + Big Ben. The boy was in an awakening state - reality comingled with dreams and nightmares. Pastry chef innocuous-bowl's WC edible. Driver back. All after the liquors representing France, Poland, Russia defeat the doctor [Germany].
  2. Of course this is sold out. I'd love to see even 1/3 of this 5 hour program https://www.staatsoper-hamburg.de/en/playing_schedule/play.php?AuffNr=147014 2 SB grand pas: Peck/Cornejo-Ratmansky. NBC-Nureyev. SB awakening+ Rose Adagio-ENB-Cojocaru. Tch Pdd-Peck+Cornejo. Smirnova+Chudin-Diamonds. Smirnova+Ovarchenko-Pharoah's Daughter NBC-Ogden+ Cote. I used to get to see her with the Suzanne Farrell Ballet. and the list goes on...
  3. In 1983 that ballet was part of a very special evening at ABT by Baryshnikov, AD. Balanchine recently passed away. https://www.nytimes.com/1983/05/03/arts/ballet-abt-opens-with-symphonie.html
  4. maps

    ABT: Roster in Review - 2018

    Cirio's artistic vision is a mismatch for many US companies including Miami based on current AD's. Lourdes Lopez was a great dancer and as AD in Miami will do Ratmansky's Swan Lake in 2020: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bjwl2FoAa8_/?taken-by=lourdesmcbHe chose ENB over ABT fall rep and was Hilarion in ENB's Akram Khan Giselle including on film. The music is only a reference to Adolph Adam and the choreography bears no relationship to various traditional versions of Giselle. I'm surprised Rojo did La Sylpide [not Hubbe'd] and SB [Bocca on Macmillan] given her statement on classics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs2nsC_pchw "want to make classical ballet relevant" "classical stories can transcend time and place and that's the story of Giselle"
  5. maps

    2018 Spring Season

  6. Cuban DQ's sold out. Great artistry, technique, staging. Cubans were at the KC in 2011. The 3 in 5 years DQ's were ABT 2014, Royal 2015 [new Acosta who is Cuban], Cuban 2018-incidental due to Artes De Cuba. I don't think the KC is as concerned with revenue as other venues - ie Saratoga [local media market had financials for NYCB]. There is an element of what the KC [see 2018/19 season] and media think we should see. Pre-show press varied: Washingtonian 1 of the top 5 must sees, WP critics choice as minor/also appearing. The online Washington Post negative review was available 5/30/18 and "losing battle" isn't in the current online or print article. Spin? Thursday 5/31/18 print edition is titled : "Like it's title character, 'Quixote' is stuck in the past A little revolution might be in order for Ballet Nacional de Cuba" Google: As Cuba enters the post-Castro era, its ballet company seems stuck in ... https://www.washingtonpost.com/.../397b8bba-6416-11e8-b166-fea8410bcded_story.ht... 23 hours ago - Ballet Nacional de Cuba's 'Don Quixote' at the Kennedy Center is a losing battle.
  7. Have you seen the Mariinsky's Rite? I saw it multiple times. The Chosen One dances to death. 12+ in St Petersburg. Pavlenko as the Chosen One and Gergiev conducting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvVKWapctX4
  8. Mariinsky Rite was pagan, tribal, elaborate costumes, and the ritual sacrifice obscured by action. Age12+ https://www.mariinsky.ru/playbill/repertoire/ballet/le_sacre_du_printemps Le Parc is age 16+.
  9. Another fact about AfteRite has emerged in a review. Dancers appeared urgently onstage and Ferri had a hood placed over her head and was beaten : https://www.ft.com/content/c7323370-5db1-11e8-ab47-8fd33f423c09 Scherr wrote about the woman hooded and beaten and Macauley the children killed in a gas chamber. Tickets sold with no content notice. This program juxtaposition is more egregious than the POB Balanchine's Agon with the Eurotrash roll around in the dirt gratuitous baring Rite. Eurotrash is Eurospam when it reaches the USA like the KC's Goldberg and NDT. Did the gala gross or net 2 million? For the philanthropy class at the gala [it is the season], ABT had AfteRite, fun toe tap, and commedia dell'arte. Same net for Harlequinade paired with toe tap + season teasers like Bayadere Grand Pas, Don Q pdd, etc. ABT's cost for AfteRite? Underwriting sponsors? https://www.forbes.com/sites/bettinazilkha/2018/05/22/powerfully-creative-american-ballet-theatre-spring-gala-raises-nearly-2-million/#78b538a44499 : "After that, I need a drink," was overheard many times on the way to dinner
  10. maps

    2018 Met Season

    Harlequinade-Brilliant film by Hurwitz was shot at Alder Manor/WB Thompson in Yonkers. Thompson was from Alder Gulch in Montana-went to Exeter later US envoy to Russia Kerensky years. [Kent's R & J photo shoot was National Cathedral in DC.] https://www.instagram.com/p/BiW3nnJHFvH/?taken-by=mister_rom