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  1. I believe Diego Cruz of SFB and Ruben Martin Cintas (Washington Ballet, ex-SFB) have started a Worldwide Ballet Class. The class leaders are various well known Ballet Masters and dancers. Christopher Stowell (NBofC) is leading this class: Apparently Sofiane Sylve led the Saturday, March 28 class (but alas, I missed it):
  2. Apparently Jahna's All That Jazz video was removed due to copyright issues (though I think the link above still works). So now she's doing a dance from Napoleon Dynamite:
  3. Natasha Sheehan captured Felipe Diaz leading Worldwide Ballet Class. A lot of SFB dancers were taking part in this class (as well as dancers from various companies). This is one of many competing online ballet classes right now. 😉 [2 short video captures] Sasha Mukhamedov possibly taking the above class (Felipe's voice is in the background). Not an ideal ballet studio, but... Compare with Sasha's post: what company class used to look like:
  4. It's a trip. 😉 I like the cinematography, and costume/stage treatments of that era. SVP had been scheduled to play Titania too - she might have been great. I do wonder how the cast for the filming was determined. It looks like Tomasson was going with the 2nd cast, except for the substitution of Chung and Birkkjaer for Sylve and Di Lanno. Maybe they've already left the country? That would be a sad end to Sylve's association with SFB and the ballet school.
  5. Many dancers have been dealing with poor dance surfaces at home (naturally). One of the SFB supporters has been sending his version of a "Marley" surface to SFB dancers needing something decent to do (remote) class exercises on. "...I’m cutting more now in my basement - the stuff on a roll is much less wrinkled! I saw some of the dancers struggling on their floors (Mathilde in stone, Kimberly on carpet) and thought there has to be something at Home Depot. A little googling led me to shower pan liner, the amateur theatrical company’s favorite bargain makeshift Marley." Frances Chung now has hers: Misa Kuranaga ironing out the wrinkles:
  6. I thought it was interesting how SFB is describing their budgetary needs: How to Help While We Shelter in Place Company Class $50 $50 is equivalent to sending one member of San Francisco Ballet's Corps de Ballet to Company Class each morning. With your support, our artists can continue to take class online with our Ballet Masters. As special thanks for your gift, you will receive a special video message from one of our Company dancers. Donate Behind the Curtain $75 It takes a committed staff behind the scenes to keep us together during this time. From extending immigration status for our artists to making sure we prepare our company to work remotely from home, your gift will support the unsung heroes of this crisis. In gratitude, a member of our staff will walk you through how to use the videophone product of your choice, i.e. Zoom, WebEx, Teams, Skype and/or FaceTime. We will also give you a shout out on our Instagram account! Donate Online Classes at San Francisco Ballet School $150 For $150, you can pay a teacher to create two 30-minute pre-recorded dance classes to send to our students. Help us not only keep our students active but also keep our teachers employed! As special thanks for your gift, you will receive a music file download featuring our very own SF Ballet Orchestra. Donate A Midsummer Night's Dream $200 Opening night on March 6 was also closing night, and SFB lost $672,000 in revenue for tickets that we were unable to sell for the rest of the cancelled run. For your gift, we are happy to mail you a beautiful copy of the program book from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Donate Let There Be Music $250 Our stage may be dark and our orchestra pit empty, but ballet thrives on having live music. Keep our musicians working by helping to subsidize their instrument maintenance and preparation. In recognition, you'll receive a personalized thank you video from one of our SF Ballet Orchestra members. Donate Continuity for Artists $500 With no performances to rehearse for, we still need your help to keep our Dancers paid during this time. As special thanks for your gift, you will receive a special video message from one of our Company dancers. Donate Online Creative Content $1,000 With the enthusiastic partnership of all of our artists and creators, help us continue to provide you content that will remind you that there is still joy and beauty in our world. Your gift will help us pay the royalties and hosting fees to keep this content coming and our artists employed. As special thanks, you will receive an invitation to virtually meet with one of our Company dancers. Donate They are also listing the donors on the fund page (presumably if those people agree to be named). https://give.sfballet.org/campaign/sf-ballet-critical-relief-fund/c277602
  7. This is just great (from Jahna Frantziskonis) Madison Keesler, Ben Freemantle and the disembodied voice of Felipe Diaz How Misa Kuranaga spends her mornings before SFB remote company class:
  8. Thanks for creating this separate thread, sf_herminator. The SFB Instagram posting made it sound like there will be a series of these live classes: "Join us—we’ll be livestreaming three classes a week on our Facebook account." https://www.instagram.com/p/B-LVRpyDI2p/
  9. SFB's remote class will be shown to the public today, Thursday at 1pm PST, on their Facebook video page: https://www.facebook.com/sfballet/videos/297235454589162/ Tina Le Blanc will be leading the Thursday class, and Mungunchimeg "Mongo" Buriad will be class pianist.
  10. Just by coincidence, TCM aired the classic 1935 film of A Midsummer Night's Dream tonight. This is the version with Nina Theilade as Fairie. The cinematography effects are great - very stylish. Some of the Hollywood heavyweights that appear are a little hard to take reciting Shakespeare, but it's generally fun.
  11. Don't worry, Terez - you're not expected to cover all that. ;) It's half a season of losses, so yeah, it's going to hurt a lot. All the more important for SFB to start making money online. And take in twice the number of donations this year.
  12. Getting whipped in the face by Hurlin's(?) hair can't be fun. 😉
  13. The extended version of Kitri and Basilio (Masha and Daniil) on FaceTime:
  14. Thanks, Phrenchphry11! Yes, Kozlov was injured. Unfortunately, it's pretty common for dancers coming from foreign countries to injure themselves within the first couple of years in their new culture/environment. It's a stress/mental thing. RE: Mukhamedov - it would be great to have a taller dancer for a change. ;) Skipping Balanchine steps is usually considered to be a no-no. And not encouraged any place but Russia. Definitely Tomasson would expect all the principals to perform Balanchine roles "as written" - and sink or swim.
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