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  1. SFB Principal Dancer Sasha De Sola notifies Dulce Ximena from Guatemala that De Sola will be her ballet mentor for one semester:
  2. I guess the question would be: Is the Met actively looking for digital platform partners? Many companies continue to go it alone, during quarantine; although they obviously look around at what other companies are doing.
  3. Hilary Hahn returns from her 1 year sabbatical to a mostly shut-down music scene: Filming a message for a virtual gala involves the bathroom (see 2nd image)
  4. Yes, that's possible, given the particular dancer. This is where we really need video examples so people know what we're referring to. 😉 Yes, your example works for me. I was just talking about tendencies that I've noticed. But individual roles/choreographies demand particular movement responses.
  5. A shared platform would be the way to go - one stop shopping. I agree that it's not feasible to pay for 10+ different subscription fees in various digital locations to try to keep up with what major companies are doing. Personally, I would amend your above request to say that the streaming should be 2160p /4K capable, but allow for a lower-resolution download (of whatever production allows that contractually). It's great to have a video to go back to and review. But if anyone wants to see a high-resolution presentation they'll need to continue to pay for the subscription.
  6. Oopera Baletti [Finnish National Opera and Ballet] is performing Le Corsaire right now in Finland. It looks to me like a reduced-size production: https://oopperabaletti.fi/en/repertoire-and-tickets/le-corsaire/ The dancers are appearing sans mask, but the audience members have to observe certain social distancing rules:
  7. Not "tomorrow" - I fixed that. 😉 I think my brain got scrambled because I was also posting about Ming Luke's Musical Point(e)s. (Either that or I copied and pasted something that was later edited on the SFB site.) I wish Luke's MP had been given more advertisement. I do hope he makes the passed events available in a video archive somewhere.
  8. Apparently SFB Orchestra Assistant Conductor Ming Luke has been interviewing people from the dance and Classical music worlds: http://mingluke.com/musical-pointes Still to come: Romeo and Juliet Saturday, Sept 26th 12:00pm PDT Ermanno Florio, Music Director Houston Ballet; Principal Guest Conductor, Het Nationale Ballet Sofiane Sylve, Principal and Ballet Mistress, Dresden Semperoper Ballett Register here The Winter’s Tale October 3rd, 12:00pm PDT David Briskin, Music Director and Principal Conductor, National Ballet of Canada Lauren Cuthbertson, Principal, Royal Ballet
  9. It won't be easy to find anyone's definition of "attack", but I think of it as a movement quality word. It tends to be used to describe quick, decisive movement, but I suppose it could have a broader meaning so that the question becomes "what is the manner of movement/attack?" Sudden and decisive, or smooth and lingering/sustained? Dancers who are described as "eating space" tend to be the ones that have sharp attack. But some dancers are obviously quieter and more languid in their movement approach, and less likely to "dance big". It's just a different approach. And the best dancers are capab
  10. Heads up for any Zoom-enabled SFB fans - Session 2: Ballet Across Europe Featuring SF Ballet School Director Patrick Armand, SF Ballet Principal Dancer Ulrik Birkkjaer, and Soloist Sasha Mukhamedov Date: October 25 Time: 1:00–3:00 PM Location: Online via Zoom Cost: General Admission: $25 per session / Subscribers and Donors: $20 per session
  11. What's in my Bag? Pointe shoes, rollers, sewing kits…cookies? Find out what Principal Dancer Joseph Walsh, Soloist Madison Keesler, and Corps de Ballet member Bianca Teixeira pack in their bags, COVID-19 edition. https://www.sfballet.org/discover/backstage/whats-in-my-bag-2/
  12. The Woman who fell to Earth? Maria Kochetkova and the Kronos Quartet, filmed back in June 2020 in a single take:
  13. Well it's not over until it's over. She may reappear elsewhere, and this is a good time for big changes.
  14. Interesting though. Gauging "optimism" is only so useful. What the companies need are helpful options. So these items would be most relevant - COVID-19 International Sector Benchmark is a free resource which studies live transactional data from across the globe. It allows you to compare your organization's patron purchase trends to geographic-specific benchmarks to support your recovery planning in short to medium-term. Over 400 participating organizations are learning how their recovery compares to other similar organizations. https://trgarts.com/benchmark The COVID-19 Loyalty
  15. We don't tend to talk much about patrons of the arts world, but one of the important West Coast (and part-time NYC) patrons has passed away: Ann Getty, Publisher and Bicoastal Arts Patron, Is Dead at 79 https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/17/obituaries/ann-getty-dead.html
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