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  1. And we get to see the Emma Rubinowitz's full length version of You Don't Own Me performed by her SFB friends. 😉
  2. A must see if you are at all familiar with SFB and its dance family - the San Francisco Dance Film Festival Digital Season. Madison Keesler is one of the presenters and dance participants. Myles Thatcher and Ben Freemantle also appear. Big roles for Sasha De Sola and Luke Ingham in Sirens Tango (look for all the familiar faces in the background of the scenes). Many of the choreographers, dancers, various film production staffs in these pieces, have connections to SFB.
  3. This could be posted various places... San Francisco Dance Film Festival - 1st Digital Season On YouTube:
  4. I was watching a World Wide Ballet Class led by Sasha Mukhamedov on Youtube, and at the beginning they were chatting about the Covid-19 guidelines for ballet studios and such. The class was taped back in May, but I don't think the guidelines have changed much over the last month. I did some poking about and found this PDF guide at Dance USA published about the same time: https://dance-usa.s3.amazonaws.com/page_uploads/COVID FAQ - MAY 2020.pdf
  5. I know all about that, and it's cramping my style! Definitely a design flaw in the machine. Too bad the warranty has expired. 😉
  6. Yes, they basically have the same roles and responsibilities, but without the same salary. 😉 "As apprentices, dancers will take Company class and perform corps de ballet roles in SF Ballet productions" So it's kind of a trial period, but also a learning period for those young dancers.
  7. The dancers don't talk about any specifics that I know of, which makes sense given the legal nature of it all. In the time that I've been paying attention to such things, I can only remember one dancer who seems to have an ongoing feud with SFB (at least in their mind), but I don't think that person is dancing anywhere these days - perhaps too toxic an attitude. "Pacific Northwest Ballet dancers are offered contracts (or not) and have up to a month to decide whether to sign them (or not)" I think it is similar at SFB. In the case of dancers such as Kochetkova, Strongin, Scheller, Zahorian, Karpateyan, Sylve and Di Lanno - they each had their own reasons for wanting to make a career change and it was necessary to notify Tomasson of their decision before the next contract was due to be signed. Anyone on good terms with the A.D. is going to let him or her know well in advance. Ana Sophia Scheller's interview with Megan Fairchild was about as explicit as anyone gets regarding reasons to move on (in her case, it was SFB's notoriously harsh schedule and her claim that SFB didn't allow her to do some outside performance(s)). But as usual, we didn't hear anything specific about her contract. [We talked about Scheller's case elsewhere in the forum.] Of course many of us would like to be a fly on the wall at some of these office visits to the A.D.(!) but I don't know of anyone actually recounting what these talks are like. An old article from when times were tough (like now): SF Ballet rethinking dancer's contract / Money-strapped company may keep Boada https://www.sfgate.com/entertainment/article/SF-Ballet-rethinking-dancer-s-contract-2658827.php The Contract Behind the Curtain: A Glimpse into the San Francisco Ballet Dancer’s Contract [2008] https://www.imaginelaw.com/the-contract-behind-the-curtain-a-glimpse-into-the-san-francisco.html From Dance Magazine: Why Negotiating Your Salary Matters—Even if You Don't Get a Raise https://www.dancemagazine.com/dancer-salary-negotiation-2623059523.html "Rarely, if ever, are contract renewals delivered in personal meetings. Across the country, dancers receive a piece of paper stating their rank—sometimes their pay rate is not even listed—and then they're essentially told to take it or leave it."
  8. Probably mentioned before... somewhere... but the Martha Graham Dance Company has been posting "Martha Matinees" to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/marthagrahamdancecompany/videos For example: MARTHA MATINEES: Birth of the Modern: Martha Graham’s Revolution
  9. Quoting from the Fjord Review...next up for MCB - "Miami City Ballet presents a digital season of performance in their Friday Night Spotlights program. Upcoming broadcasts are: Symphonic Dances July 10 at 8 p.m. Alexei Ratmansky’s Symphonic Dances, set to Rachmaninoff’s arousing score of the same name, was made especially for MCB." Don't miss the "arousing" score. 😉
  10. If you are interested, sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/congress-ask-congress-to-support-relief-for-artist-managements-talent-agencies-in-performing-arts
  11. The entire point of wearing the masks, washing hands, wearing gloves, etc. is to keep the spread rate way down. Waiting for high infection rates to occur in your locality and then reacting to it by donning masks only helps slow the spread - finally, but all the people already infected will just be out-of-luck. And unfortunately the testing in the US has been rather haphazard - so we can't possibly know on a weekly basis how each individual is doing, and who is a current carrier and how many people have they been in close contact with, yada yada. There are scientific models that help estimate things, but these are of course are only estimations based on piecemeal data. from The Economist: "The world is not experiencing a second wave: it never got over the first. Some 10m people are known to have been infected... The worst is to come. Based on research in 84 countries, a team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reckons that, for each recorded case, 12 go unrecorded and that for every two covid-19 deaths counted, a third is misattributed to other causes. Without a medical breakthrough, it says, the total number of cases will climb to 200m-600m by spring 2021. At that point, between 1.4m and 3.7m people will have died. Even then, well over 90% of the world’s population will still be vulnerable to infection—more if immunity turns out to be transient." I hope your trip into the office was uneventful, Drew. I recommend that all ballet companies raise funds to film performances in empty theaters. And then offer online subscriptions to these digital performances. It's the only way to get money coming in for performances, and expand the audience at the same time, that doesn't involve seating 3000 people in a theater. This approach would be good for p.r. and marketing of the company as well. To make that happen though, will require some things: 1) Medical/healthcare staff to monitor everyone involved in productions. The medical staff would likely need to keep track of who is participating, and when they enter/leave the premises. 2) Special funds for employing a professional video team - a video team that is willing to be checked by medical staff each day, and wear effective masks and gloves while they are around the dance company. 3) Company staff, artists and musicians will have to submit to close monitoring, and obviously have to follow the local regulations regarding group gatherings during the pandemic. It would likely be a situation in which participants in the productions are either at home, or they are at the studio and theater with the same group of people, wearing masks and washing hands as necessary, but removing masks for filming the performances (musicians may have to change to face shields rather than masks depending on their instruments). And company staff will be asked to spend as little time as possible at other venues (restaurants, gyms, any place where the public gathers) while preparing for performances and filming the performances, or else there's no easy way to track where infections are originating. It's going to be a cloistered world for the artists, and many of the rest of us.
  12. These videos are the best means of attracting outside donations, so limiting access made no sense at all. I noticed that when they were crediting the Relief Fund donors (on record as June 22, 2020), the names included Helgi Tomasson, Martin West, Cordula Merks, and Kelly Tweeddale and family. So they are all putting their own money back into the company. Just how much, we don't know, but not my business. I'm an anonymous donor so I didn't get to see my name in print. But I'm not sad about it. 😉
  13. A good thing - I didn't understand why they were only going to show it for 1 day right before a long holiday weekend.
  14. Thank you, Naomikage - I've updated the text above.
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