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  1. Cavan Conley and Julia Rowe strikes me as a good pairing. I hadn't thought of that one before. I'd be interested to hear from forum members in the audience about any of the cast pairings...
  2. A number of SFB dancers working out with Lisa Giannone at The Garage: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3Hy9z7AyOU/ And Misa Kuranaga and Angelo Greco putting on some moves at The Garage: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5ydwRPHjgp/
  3. Sasha De Sola and Tiit Helimets guested in The Nutcracker in San Jose. I thought this was a nice tribute from Sasha: "Dancing with Tiit Helimets is like riding in Rolls Royce cars ... You know it’s going to be luxury." [video] https://www.instagram.com/p/B5v6uJXnlRp/
  4. It's great that both Chung and Van Patten are making appearances. Toi toi toi. Looks like Norika Matsuyama is being pushed forward. Still no sign of Vladislav Kozlov. He remains the invisible dancer. Maybe in the last half of the month? Or perhaps he gets to spend December at home in Russia.
  5. Yuri Possokhov remains busy - he's created a one-act ballet, Gabrille Chanel, for Svetlana Zakharova (performed at The London Coliseum, London). The reports I've read seem to say that the ballet is typically Possokhov - impressive visuals, divided into various vignettes, but foregoing an obvious overarching narrative.
  6. SFB honors Ballet Masters Betsy Erickson & Anita Paciotti: Congratulations to Betsy Erickson & Anita Paciotti These two talented ballet masters were recently recognized as Christensen Society Honorees! As we head into the 75th anniversary Nutcracker next week, SF Ballet is deeply grateful to both artists (and their more than 75 years of combined experience!) for their talent, dedication and contribution. [VIDEO] https://www.instagram.com/p/B5jDGqQFbun/
  7. SFB announcement: Flowers will be in the wings next week, ready to waltz into Nutcracker! 🌸 As part of our countdown to the 75th anniversary of SF Ballet’s Nutcracker, we’re giving away the book "The Nutcracker Comes to America: How Three Ballet-Loving Brothers Created a Holiday Tradition," by Chris Barton. To enter, comment with your favorite ballet book 📚 before Monday at midnight. Link in bio for details. https://www.instagram.com/p/B5jE12NF_Ex/
  8. There are a few actual Kung-fu marital arts stances used in the choreography, and that fits with what goes on at the Chinese New Year parade (lots of local martial arts studios participate in the parade). That may be "cliche" but it's real life.
  9. As you probably know, the current SFB version is a reference to the SF Chinatown New Year parade (shown in this video after the Disney Fantasia version). My main problem with this divertissement is that it is so darn short. ;)
  10. Good for you - it's not fair that so many small and regional companies are mostly unsung on the forums. Most companies deserve having their efforts recorded (and discussed) for posterity. EDIT: I forgot to ask, what is Colorado Ballet's current Chinese Dance like?
  11. Brooks considered herself to be a failure in everything she tried, which is ironic, given that her successes came relatively easily to her. What was lacking, it seems to me, was any kind of real work ethic, and a lack of worthwhile goals and ambitions. It's worth mentioning that Brooks lived in a Man's World, and was subject to all those rules and exclusions. It's not really surprising that she didn't like how she was treated by the cinema world. But Brooks was no Bette Davies or Joan Crawford - she wasn't interested in "clawing her way to the top" or just fashioning a basic career. She had no point to make.
  12. Yep. Having a répétiteur from the Balanchine Trust come to coach the dancers doesn't magically transform a company into a 'Balanchine company' with the Balanchine technique and aesthetics absorbed into everyone's muscle tissue. ;) I have to agree with Quiggin and Helene that learning Balanchine choreography is a complicated affair that requires persistence and commitment from all artistic staff and dancers. The Balanchine aesthetic may be particularly difficult to grasp when you consider the range of works: being good at Phlegmatic in The Four Temperaments doesn't guarantee good results for Tarantella, or Square Dance. Concerto Barocco isn't necessarily 'good preparation' for dancing solo roles in Rubies. Dance and the dancers are ever changing. If NYCB doesn't dance Balanchine in exactly the same way as when he died, then no one else is going to either. But at least NYCB makes it their daily task to maintain the Balanchine and Robbins repertoire. Most other companies offer Balanchine ballets only sporadically. It's no accident that the companies who manage the most believable performances of Balanchine works tend to be the ones in a direct line of succession from NYCB (their artistic directors (and some ballet masters) were former NYCB dancers).
  13. If it matters - Sarah L. Kaufman of the Washington Post wrote: 'In the Atlanta Ballet’s “Nutcracker,” which opened at the Kennedy Center Opera House on Wednesday, just about every detail of the standard holiday ballet is whomped up, rethought and mined for either laughs or meaning or both. I have seen a lot of “Nutcrackers,” and this one, created by Yuri Possokhov, resident choreographer at San Francisco Ballet, tops them all as the most entertaining as well as the smartest.'
  14. I think Passport simply gives subscribers access to the video archive. Plain ole folk can watch a few recent offerings online at the PBS site, but they don't have access to the archive of older shows. I can't tell you how extensive the Passport archive is though. I'd probably pick Zelda Fitzgerald as well, as a quintessential Jazz Age flapper. But Brooks was definitely seen as the epitome of a "modern" girl (and all the troubling things that represented, I suppose). She stands out in her few films, partly because she was surrounded by European stage actors whose movements and dramatic presence feel very different from her own. The other actors are all period artifice and Brooks is simply herself.
  15. Mathilde posted 3 photos of her own from the ceremony: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5WHYqjH_fu/ (Her father is the one wearing the sash - he was previously mayor of Vieux Boucau, France, but I think he is now president/governor of the community of communes of the Landes coast [Community of Commons Maremne Adour South Coast (Macs)]. Mathilde's grandmother escorts the bride.) Congratulations to Mathilde and Mourad on their marriage. ;)
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