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  1. Sorry if this was linked to elsewhere... The Bubble Doctor Is In: She Keeps Dance Companies Moving "Enter Dr. Wendy Ziecheck, a Manhattan internist, who trained with George Balanchine’s doctor and was the medical director for the Rockettes before taking this unlikely new career path. She is currently supervising a bubble for Dance Theater of Harlem, which recently traveled together to the secluded residency center, Kaatsbaan, in Tivoli, N.Y., to work for three weeks. (While there, the dancers will chat on Zoom to patrons, and host a dance party, during the company’s virtual gala on M
  2. Thanks for finding this video, Canbelto. I remember seeing Figure in the Carpet footage in some program/documentary, but forget where exactly. Mostly I just remember reading that the stagings were difficult to reproduce (I think there was a large water fountain involved), and Balanchine ended up reusing some of the choreographic ideas elsewhere rather than revive the ballet. Here's a short clip of the other section that I had seen before: Scotland: The Four Lairds of the Isles and Their Lady https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzBC7Pa7b9U The original casting was out of the "golden era"
  3. Somewhat coincidentally, SFB's Natasha Sheehan has posted an article to her blog as part of her LEAP Program* senior project (a nutritional guide for dancers): The Importance of Nutrition for Dancers: Developing A Healthy Relationship with Food https://tippytoegirl.com/2020/10/importance-of-nutrition-for-dancers-developing-a-healthy-relationship-with-food/ * The Liberal Education for Arts Professionals (LEAP) Program provides professional dancers and other performing artists a unique path to access higher education - a community for whom access to college has been traditional
  4. Among Dance Europe's nominees for Dancer of the Year is SFB's Sasha De Sola:
  5. A clever piece - reminds me of various experimental films: Diorama with Daniil Simkin and Maria Kochetkova Hi-resolution YouTube version:
  6. NYCB fans will know the lore of the Russian Tea Room, Balanchine's favorite after-ballet dining spot... Faith Stewart-Gordon, Doyenne of the Russian Tea Room, Dies at 88 After her husband died in 1967, she was the sole owner of the festive Manhattan gathering and gossiping spot until she sold it in 1995. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/14/obituaries/faith-stewart-gordon-dead.html
  7. I know from various postings and an audience survey, that SFB was making plans to offer a digital version of Nutcracker with various extras for the children, but I can't say exactly where they are at in this process. "More information regarding plans for digital offerings of Nutcracker and virtual events in December 2020 will be shared as they become available" https://balletalert.invisionzone.com/topic/45776-nutcracker-announcement-no-live-performances-for-2020/ In the meantime, you'll have to watch Dance of Dreams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPEeCAb7CB0 I hope y
  8. The entire ensemble in Brahms-Schoenberg was excellent. But Huxley and Fairchild in Duo Concertant were sublime. I was left wanting nothing.
  9. The key points for me - "There needs to be more mental health support within dance companies. Psychological services should be made available to all dancers and artistic staff—including ballet masters." "Overall, everyone needs to listen more." Yep. Athletics and the performing arts are very much cultures of the ready and willing. When people say, "the show must go on!" it is a call for participants to step up, and if one happens to be a person that has any sort of difficulty showing up and performing at a professional level (whether physically, emotionally or psychological
  10. I was very happy to see Kammermusik, and Movements - neither of which I know well. I also kind of tripped up on the visual differences between Reichlen and Mearns' movements. Completely reminded me of the time that I watched SFB's Aaron Robison performing beside Carlo Di Lanno in Stravinsky Violin Concerto - two very different movement qualities and body types. Reichlen is given the shadow role so she's operating at a disadvantage in that if she doesn't truly mimic Mearns' movements, attack and tempo - we notice. If Reichlen were alone dancing the lead role we would likely enjoy her interpreta
  11. Best 'social distancing' stage in the world? https://www.instagram.com/p/CGQXWfLBZ3r/
  12. Wow, no breaks? That may be asking a bit much. What was the Marston piece like?
  13. Unfortunately, necessary change rarely comes from playing it nice, mild and just going along with existing rules. Many of us would like to think that people will just think and behave reasonably, but there's little evidence that this works consistently. Societies, industries, sub-cultures all fall into behavioral ruts as established attitudes get set in stone. 'I think it unwise to be so public and detailed if you want to keep working in the industry. Better to simply say, "My body type and size were an issue for leadership. I chose to leave valuing my health."' That's the kind of
  14. RIP, Tommy Rall. Thanks for these great videos, everyone.
  15. This tells us which companies have easier restrictions in place. I assume there's going to be various companies pre-filming shorter segments as well, but I don't see a listing of those extra participants yet. And there's the cost to consider - it takes money to pay for video crew and editors, and money is one thing dance companies don't have right now.
  16. SFB mentions after-the-fact that the October 6 Ballet Basics class featured Jahna Frantziskonis and Steven Morse. It would have been nice if they had advertised that ahead of time.
  17. I believe that's everything.
  18. A bit of information about the upcoming Program 2 - Modern Innovation:
  19. Many people around the world would love access to streamed seasons from major companies. I hope somebody has the guts to actually make it happen. Yes, that performance is an instant classic. Lovette and Angle were a nice surprise in Liebeslieder as well. It was all enjoyable for me, though complete ballets would be prefered.
  20. pherank

    Simone Messmer

    It's an interesting choice - I thought the company was doing mainly contemporary choreography. Is that correct?
  21. In the latest digital offering from NYCB we get to see both Ashley Bouder (First Movement of Symphony in C) and Tiler Peck (Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux) demonstrating their versions of "attack". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P71Z3mAxLy0 [This program will be available until October 6, 2020 at 8 PM EDT]
  22. Here's a definition of the difference between criminal and civil negligence cases: "Civil negligence, according to many law systems, is the breach of a duty to care. Someone who is found guilty of civil negligence is found to have not acted in the way a reasonable person would in the same situation. The negligent act must result in injury or loss, and often falls under tort laws. Criminal negligence is different because the defendant is accused of intentionally acting in reckless fashion without regard to the safety of others, and as such, the offense falls under criminal codes." Ass
  23. Are you referring to forum chatter, or are you referencing an article posted online?
  24. Nice to see this offering, and it likely deserves the audience's paid support, if only to entice other companies to try the same. How does this Fall's offering compare to past Fall festivals?
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