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    Job posting for artistic director

    This quote relates a bit to the responsibilities of the future A.D., and to Kathleen's statement: SALSTEIN Did you ever do “Fancy Free?” [JUSTIN] PECK I always want to do “Fancy Free.” I ask to do it, and they won’t let me do it. Who are they? You’re on the interim team — just cast yourself. Are you applying for Peter Martins’s job? PECK No. I’m not. [Laughs] I wouldn’t get to focus on the creative things I want to focus on if I were to do that. But I hope to be involved with who that is or what the setup is. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/17/arts/dance/a-ballet-crowd-bustin-out-all-over-carousel.html
  2. pherank

    An American in Paris in Cinema in September

    Thank you for the heads up, KBarber. There's a single theater listed that is within a half hour drive from me. ;)
  3. FYI: Medici looks to be running a 50% off annual subscription sale right now. Promo code: FLASH50
  4. The 15th World Ballet Festival in Tokyo, Japan is happening now - the festival has an impressive lineup of dancers: https://www.nbs.or.jp/english/stages/2018/wbf/program.html Program A 01-05 August 2018   Artists Maria Alexandrova Vladislav Lantratov The Pharao's Daughter Pierre Lacotte after Marius Petipa Silvia Azzoni Alexandre Riabko Don Juan John Neumeier Elisa Badenes Daniel Camargo Diana and Actaeon Agrippina Vaganova Léonore Baulac Germain Louvet The Nutcracker Rudolf Nureyev Ashley Bouder Leonid Sarafanov Tarantella George Balanchine Alina Cojocaru Johan Kobborg Scheherazade Pas de deux   Liam Scarlett Aurélie Dupont Daniel Proietto ...and Carolyn Alan Lucien Øyen Maria Eichwald Alexandre Riabko Sonata Uwe Scholz Alessandra Ferri Marcelo Gomes After the Rain Christopher Wheeldon Dorothée Gilbert Mathieu Ganio Manon - Pas de deux from Act 1 Kenneth MacMillan Melissa Hamilton Roberto Bolle Caravaggio Mauro Bigonzetti Maria Kochetkova Daniil Simkin Giselle - Pas de deux from Act 2 Jean Coralli, Jules Perrot Sarah Lamb Federico Bonelli Coppélia Arthur Saint-Léon Anna Laudere Edvin Revazov Anna Karenina John Neumeier Olesya Novikova David Hallberg Apollo George Balanchine Myriam Ould-Braham Mathias Heymann Don Quixote Marius Petipa Tamara Rojo Isaac Hernández Carmen Suite Alberto Alonso Elisabet Ros La Luna Maurice Béjart Iana Salenko The Dying Swan Mikhail Fokine Polina Semionova Friedemann Vogel Herman Schmerman William Forsythe Program B 08-12 August 2018 Artists Maria Alexandrova Vladislav Lantratov Nureyev - Pas de deux Yuri Possokhov           Alicia Amatriain Friedemann Vogel Lady of the Camellias - Pas de deux from Act 2 John Neumeier Silvia Azzoni Alexandre Riabko Orpheus John Neumeier Elisa Badenes Daniel Camargo The Taming of the Shrew    John Cranko Léonore Baulac Germain Louvet Sonatine George Balanchine Ashley Bouder Leonid Sarafanov Swan Lake - Pas de deux from Act 3 Marius Petipa Alina Cojocaru Johan Kobborg Manon - Pas de deux from Act 3 Kenneth MacMillan Alina Cojocaru Cesar Corrales Roland Petit's Coppélia Roland Petit Maria Eichwald Alexandre Riabko Adagietto John Neumeier Alessandra Ferri Marcelo Gomes Onegin - Pas de deux from Act 3 John Cranko Dorothée Gilbert Mathieu Ganio Cinderella Rudolf Nureyev Melissa Hamilton Roberto Bolle Romeo and Juliet - Pas de deux from act 1 Kenneth MacMillan Maria Kochetkova Daniil Simkin Don Quixote Marius Petipa Sarah Lamb Federico Bonelli Apollo George Balanchine Anna Laudere Edvin Revazov Lady of the Camellias - Pas de deux from Act 3 John Neumeier Olesya Novikova David Hallberg The Sleeping Beauty Marius Petipa Myriam Ould-Braham Mathias Heymann Diamonds from Jewels George Balanchine Tamara Rojo Isaac Hernández Two Pieces for HET Hans van Manen Viengsay Valdés Daniel Camargo Muñecos Alberto Méndez
  5. Not a Masha fan, Josette? 😉 If she's dancing with Kloborg, that generally means it's going to be a contemporary piece. But I haven't found any clues as to what PDD they are dancing at the festival.
  6. GALA OF THE STARS Orange County’s International Ballet Festival Celebrates 11th Anniversary “Gala Of The Stars” at Segerstrom Center for the Arts Friday, August 17, 2018 at 6pm Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall Tickets: $55-$95 http://www.festivalballet.org/gala-of-the-stars/ 2018 Distinguished Guest Artists: Aran Bell, American Ballet Theatre Skylar Brandt, American Ballet Theatre Sasha De Sola, San Francisco Ballet Matthew Golding, former Dutch National Ballet & Royal Ballet Sebastian Kloborg, former Royal Danish Ballet Maria Kotchekova, former San Francisco Ballet & American Ballet Theatre Sarah Lamb, The Royal Ballet Morgan Lugo, Royal Ballet of Flanders Vitor Luiz, San Francisco Ballet Svetlana Lunkina, National Ballet of Canada Evan McKie, National Ballet of Canada Juliano Nunes, Royal Ballet of Flanders Chase O’Connell, Ballet West Beckanne Sisk, Ballet West
  7. pherank

    Favorite SFB Short Video Clips

    Time for another Superman lift video from Tiit Helimets and his partner Mathilde Froustey: 'Lift inspired by David Bintley’s “Tombeaux”. Thank you Mathilde for willing to take risks with me in the studio.' https://www.instagram.com/p/Bmgv66TAVd_/?taken-by=tiithelimets
  8. In the age of Instagram and Facebook, we sometimes get to see some great short videos. These are all SFB related - short but sweet: Helimets and Froustey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdGmUqBkBLc&feature=youtu.be Frances Chung https://instagram.com/p/9o76KrJ4cF/?taken-by=franadian https://instagram.com/p/qEaq7fp4TM/?taken-by=franadian Mathilde Froustey https://instagram.com/p/8M7KGlHrf5/?taken-by=lapetitefrench_ https://instagram.com/p/8M-LqAHrTf/?taken-by=lapetitefrench_ Sasha De Sola https://instagram.com/p/qEzCdFQOFk/?taken-by=sashadesola https://instagram.com/p/z3cpk1QOEV/?taken-by=sashadesola Tiit Helimets and Chloe in Giselle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNdTcbfbIR8
  9. Apparently at the end of the festival there was a "role reversal" gala: Roberto Bolle in pointe shoes https://www.instagram.com/p/Bmgp2jYBC2L/?taken-by=balletrusse Maria Kochetkova: "My beautiful princess Florine Edwin" https://www.instagram.com/p/BmgqH94hKbN/?taken-by=balletrusse Promenade of the dancers: https://www.instagram.com/p/BmhjD3fhlES/?taken-by=balletrusse
  10. pherank

    Job posting for artistic director

    Here's is the link to the NYT article: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/14/arts/dance/who-should-run-city-ballet-a-job-posting-explained.html "The search for a new leader started with a listening tour: 175 people inside and outside the company talked to the search committee and Phillips Oppenheim, the recruitment firm it hired. Out of that came a five-page job description — a “wish list,” in the words of Barbara M. Vogelstein, the chairwoman for the school’s board and one of the leaders of the committee."
  11. I haven't been able to find a list of dances (typical with SCFPA), but Sasha De Sola and Vitor Luiz say they will be performing the Don Quixote Pas de Deux. Lunkina may be dancing the Sospiri PDD with Evan McKie. Skylar Brandt will be dancing the Flames of Paris PDD with Aran Bell. Beckanne Sisk and Chase O'Connell will be dancing Gerald Arpino’s Light Rain and Val Caniparoli ‘s Dances for Lou.
  12. pherank

    Keeping Up With SFB Veterans

    A new article about Carlos Quenedit joining Houston Ballet as a Principal: A member of Cuba’s ballet royalty laces up in Houston https://www.houstonchronicle.com/life/article/A-member-of-Cuba-s-ballet-royalty-laces-up-in-13153088.php "He arrives during a pivotal moment in his career, at 32, ready for a comeback after he thought his performing days might be done. He still winces a bit when he recalls what could have been a career-ending injury."
  13. If the Admins could pin this topic at the top of the topic list it will be easier to find in the future. ;) There are many recent 'retirees' who may still be performing, so if anyone has significant news about these ex-SFB dancers, please post the information here. Sometimes, the younger dancers actually return to SF(!) Kristina Lind has left Het Nationale Ballet to be a soloist with Bayerischen Staatsballett in Munich, Germany. Congratulations to Kristina on her promotion to the soloist level. https://www.staatsoper.de/biographien/detail-seite/lind-kristina.html
  14. Another worthwhile analysis of a dance work by Mr. Macaulay - hopefully this will start a trend. How a Mark Morris Dance Reimagines Love https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/08/arts/dance/mark-morris-love-song-waltzes-breakdown.html 'Mr. Morris’s dancers are barefoot. You watch them not for bravura combinations of arduous steps but for unvarnished truthfulness. Over almost 40 years — the Mark Morris Dance Group was formed in 1980 — they have exemplified something that Mikhail Baryshnikov, speaking in the 1980s, identified in Mr. Morris as “outrageous honesty.”'
  15. I agree that Kondaurova has become Mariinsky's "contemporary specialist". She's was never intimidated by this type of choreography, as many of her cohorts were (she should be a shoo-in for teaching contemporary dance at the Vaganova Academy). But obviously, things are changing - the Russian dancers are becoming more used to seeing and dancing this type of piece. It makes all the difference to have local choreographers work in a 'contemporary' manner. The dancers need to spend a portion of their year - every year - learning contemporary choreography from the source in order to accustom the mind and body to the new approach to dance/art. In the past, it was always a one-off: bring in a répétiteur to set, say, Forsythe's In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated on the Russian company. But this just bewildered the dancers, and they were mostly not believable or effective in the works.
  16. That brings up the age old questions - Is the dance subservient to the music, or an equal partner? What exactly are a choreographer's responsibilities towards dance and the audience?
  17. Big Red emerging from a bathtub - is that a play on Botticelli's Birth of Venus? 😉 I don't get the sense that the choreography was made to fit Ms. K's best attributes/abilities. It doesn't feel like a true collaboration between choreographer and dancer (even if it was). And that is a criticism I hear of the Isadora piece as well.
  18. Just think of it as an orchestral performance of Prokofiev - with "visuals". ;)
  19. Wow, that Operacast web page is a great service. But it looks like something out of 1997. 😉 Good luck to them.
  20. pherank

    Isadora starring Natalia Osipova

    Perhaps an even better description of the piece: A 'Cinderella' without Cinderella? Ballerina Natalia Osipova will make the music sing 'Isadora' http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/arts/la-et-cm-natalia-osipova-isadora-duncan-20180807-htmlstory.html
  21. pherank

    Favorite SFB Short Video Clips

    Sasha De Sola in Robbins' Other Dances https://www.instagram.com/p/BmHEEO7HroR/?taken-by=sashadesola
  22. Daniil Simkin posted this backstage video from the Festival - many familiar faces... https://www.instagram.com/p/Bl_AjnnnmvE/?taken-by=daniil
  23. The forum interface doesn't like the Program B table, so I will have to work on that...
  24. pherank

    Natasha Sheehan

    New in Dance Magazine: How This San Francisco Ballet Dancer Became An Instagram Foodie Star — Claudia Bauer https://www.dancemagazine.com/natasha-sheehan-2585833862.html The 2nd image in article (pulled in from Instagram) doesn't always show in the browser, so here it is:
  25. pherank

    Natasha Sheehan

    It's that time of the year when SFB and other ballet companies are trying to raise money for, among other things, their schools. New Corps dancer Natasha Sheehan talks about her experiences with the SFB school and as a trainee. Natasha is the latest female winner of the Erik Bruhn prize. When one considers that pretty much all winners eventually become principal dancers, she is one to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7WLr070ynY