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  1. https://www.miamicityballet.org/2021season This has been announced today. Ratmansky's Swan Lake will be in Feb./March
  2. Ivy, thank you for your wonderful review! I loved Wozzeck! When I first became an opera lover maybe some 28 years ago Wozzeck interested me somewhat b/c I studied the Georg Büchner play Woyzeck. The play was left unfinished and is actually fragments, but it matches the fragmented and deteriorating state of the character. It is a prime example of Naturalism that showed the plight of the working class and showed how environment can influence an individual. Alban Berg did what no one else could have done. He created an opera based on the play. Well, having studied the play and knowing Wozzeck wa
  3. I have actually seen Parish mess up so many excellent ballerinas during partnering especially during turns. I have witnessed him almost cause Anastasia Kolegova to fall onto the floor, and she is a rock solid technician, and she has no such problems with Korsuntsev or Shklyarov. During paddle turns for years the moment he put his hands on the ballerina's waist she practically stopped or slowed down considerably. He has gotten better as far as that is concerned (paddle turns), but I have seen the exact moment people are discussing concerning Batoeva and her leg hitting him causing her to put he
  4. Palmer House is a historic hotel within walking distance (minutes) to the Auditorium Theater. The lobby ceiling is beautiful.
  5. Here's what the Mariinsky website (very easy to google) says about this Paquita: ABOUT THE PRODUCTION Continuing to revive titles that are significant for the playbill of St Petersburg ballet, the Mariinsky Theatre is presenting a new version of Paquita. This is not a revival of the 19th century production, created in Paris by the ballet-master Joseph Mazilier and which was performed in St Petersburg from 1847 with choreography by Marius Petipa. Choreographer Yuri Smekalov is working on a new three-act ballet using his own libretto based on the plot of the novella
  6. I do think you have to suspend disbelief a little during the Nikiya/Gamzatti cat fight. However, remember that Gamzatti (at least in the Mariinsky version) is basically saying that Nikiya is nothing but some lowly person (you can really watch and rewatch it and you will see this) and being pretty aggressive toward Nikiya. So tempers are flaring and when people get hot headed they do things they normally wouldn't. I believe in the reconstruction that the Mariinsky did a while back Nikiya comes back as a ghost or spirit and tries to mess up the wedding ceremony, so she's not a complete innocent,
  7. Drew is giving good advice. I noticed that the reconstruction is being played nowadays whenever Sleeping Beauty is being performed at the historic Mariinsky Theatre. When Sleeping Beauty is played at the M-2 theatre it is the Sergeyev version. Somova has danced the reconstruction. And, of course, Novikova has too. I think I would lean toward Novikova like Drew says, but Somova is delightful too. Some people have held perceptions of her young years against her, but she is, in my opinion, a different ballerina nowadays.
  8. How sad! Too young to die! I enjoyed the costumes and sets of the MCB Nutcracker!
  9. Once again, nothing is black and white. There are shades of gray. Life is complicated. And the reality is that people have bills to pay. So, yes, sometimes people sleep with someone they normally wouldn't to get a job or keep a job, but THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT for the boss to demand or request sex. Why is the person who feels harassed often the one who was wrong in some people's minds? Shouldn't people in positions of power control themselves? Or are they simply dogs in heat? And when multiple people come out to speak against someone the old adage fits, "Where there's smoke there is fire."
  10. I have told this story before on BA, but after reading this thread I feel I need to tell it again. I was taken advantage of by a doctor after a long illness in college. I was at my wit's end being misdiagnosed by many people and I was GRATEFUL to finally get the right diagnosis and the right medication by an emergency room doctor who then suggested a doctor for a follow-up. Frame of mind plays a role. I am giving my story so that some people on this thread know that it is not just black and white. I went to the follow up doctor who helped me completely recover. I was grateful to the eme
  11. Sad so many men treat women like playthings. I liked him as a tenor (in his prime he was magnificent like molten lava flowing out of his throat when you heard him live). By 2010 he was still impressive for his age and longevity, but really pushing it....a shadow of his former self. Then, when he switched to baritone roles he went from a magnificent tenor to a very mediocre baritone. I don't understand why he is tarnishing his artistry remaining on the stage. I feel like he was hogging and taking roles that would have been given to younger up-and-coming singers who can actually sing barito
  12. Since it is a rather large theatre I sat in the orchestra each time in different areas. I liked the aisle seat on the left set of seats in maybe the 6th or 7th row (can't remember exactly). There are two center aisles dividing the center orchestra seats from the left and right side orchestra seats. My favorite seat was the aisle seat on the left (between the left side and the center orchestra). It was close enough to the middle to see the whole stage, but it was at a slight angle since it is off to the side so no heads were in the way. But I am 6 feet tall so maybe others would have had head
  13. Yes, it is very obvious when you are there that the train station serves as the entrance and coat check. After leaving your coat you step into a very modern, large house which sits where the different tracks used to be. It is sort of a feel that you are entering an old building but it becomes very state-of-the art once you step through. It is a very interesting concept that combined the old with the new.
  14. I think another reason that the Mariinsky tours at Christmas (Western Christmas) is that the Vaganova Academy does a lot of Nutcrackers at home (St. Petersburg) and it is probably the time of year less tourists want to travel to Russia due to the cold. The tour is usually always around our Western Christmas, because Russians don't celebrate until January 8 (Orthodox Christmas....same with orthodox Greeks). So they are able to still enjoy their Christmas with family once they return home.
  15. Baden-Baden is sort of the Palm Beach of Germany, in my opinion. It has a very similar feel (attitude)......quiet playground. There is a lot of money and is a resort town (with amazing baths, casino, luxury hotels, sporting options nearby, etc.) I have only visited twice, but my suspicion is that the Festspielhaus (a privately funded opera/concert house.....unheard of in Germany or most of Europe) offers good contracts and pays well, so the Mariinsky signs up for an annual winter tour. They probably have a contract of some sort with the Mariinsky. The Festspielhaus is quite big (a renovated ol
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