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  1. Unfortunately...I think it's a result of the social media world we live in now. As the ballerinas coming up the ranks get younger the more this will happen. Popularity I feel has always played a role in who's cast but now with social media, strategic posting will become the norm. I don't have a problem with it as long as the talent backs the posting.
  2. Skylar just posted another video of her on instagram practicing Odette and she has now added Odette to the stories...she hashtagged #day3 so presumably she's been heavily practicing SL. She likely is the understudy for Copeland then.
  3. Brandt of course has her roles that seem like natural fits for her! Like Medora, Aurora (i do believe she will be great at that role!) but there were others like Giselle that people didn't think were natural for her. Well, look at how well her debut went! At the end of the day we just don't know how great these dancers can be at certain roles if they don't try! And even better for McKenzie, Brandt is using her own resources to seek outside coaching to learn these new roles. I think if she waited around for ABT she probably wouldn't have gotten Giselle, might not get SL in the future etc. Mckenzie in particular seems to me like an AD that needs to be shown some proof before he will cast you (unless you are Misty, Seo etc). Another thought I had is that nowadays, social media is a real thing that affects ballerinas! Look at Misty, yeah her dancing is not up to par with the other principles in classical roles & she shouldn't be getting O/O's at all but she's there because of propaganda and clever usage of it. Khoreva is a young promising dancer herself but I'm sure without her social media followers wouldn't have advanced nearly so fast up the ranks. Social Media is now a big factor in this society and soon I think it will start to impact which ballerinas are "famous" if it hasn't already. And finally, she's just investing in her future using her own resources and there is NOTHING wrong with that!
  4. I love sky but yeah because everyone spends $$ to rehearse swan lake(that she's never done b4) for fun! I would rather see Sky in Swan Lake than Misty though..so I'm okay with it.
  5. Exactly what I was thinking! I guess it makes sense since Copeland is paired with Cornejo right? I thought Skylar did great for her first few times running through it! I'm sure she will be great if she gets the chance!
  6. I saw on Skylar's last instagram post with Aran Bell that she is hoping to perform Giselle in DC next year...so hopefully that is true and we will get to see her debut in it next year!
  7. I actually messaged Skylar about posting the Giselle videos to her story which she replied immediately being like GREAT idea. She's such a sweet and talented ballerina I hope to see her as Giselle one day!
  8. So is stella not getting sleeping beauty this year? I didn't see her on the list but I wasn't sure.
  9. I see Stella retiring before Gillian, and even then she might want to stay on a few more years since she had such a short time as principal. Unless of course, McKenzie treats her the same way as Part. Gillian, still has fabulous technique and barring injury I think she could dance for a few more years(have you seen her insane turn videos on instagram?). I can see her start to retire certain roles or perform less in a season but for now I don't think she has any intention of retiring. Though, I would love to see Brandt and Trenary get promoted soon! Brandt is just electric and I would love to see her as Medora, Aurora, Kitri!
  10. But didn't he literally JUST promote her to principle 2 seasons ago? Like why promote her if you don't want to cast her in anything? But maybe Lane will leave instead...if I'm Lane I would leave.
  11. I hope I'm allowed to post videos in here! But here are two videos I found of Zakahrova-Rodkin and Kovaleva-Tissi. Please keep discussions about the video civil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6JRIjwydjg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWuoyM4OD-o
  12. Glad you enjoyed it! I've been following along on instagram trying to see videos and there are some videos on insta stories and posts that I have downloaded. If anyone wants to see it feel free to PM me! Also, Carla Fracci and miuccia prada and other fashion designers were also in attendance last night which is pretty cool! From what I have seen on social media, it seems that Tissi and Alena have grown closer over this last year. They often hang out together (via insta stories) and his family often comments on her instagram which leads me to think they are actively trying to build a relationship which can only be good for us ballet viewers! Since, Kovalyova is so tall her partners are quite limited so a good relationship with Tissi is important I think! I think for Tissi, it was special for him because he's from Italy, this was where he danced until he came to the Bolshoi so it was a homecoming of sorts for him so I'm sure it was very emotional for him. In the clips I've seen, he looks better here than he did in their debut! Also, do you still have a way to view her debut? I would love to see it to compare it to the little tidbits from this time to see the improvement you speak of. Thanks!
  13. I see on Instagram (Grishkoworld posted) & on the official Bolshoi website that Alyona has been promoted to first soloist & Jacopo Tissi to Leading soloist! Congrats to both ❤️ . I'm pretty sure Alyona has been promoted because she was a soloist last year correct?
  14. I follow Brandt on instagram, and her latest story today had the caption "When Basillio shows off for kitri" and she was sitting off to the side. It seems like she is at least understudying Kitri? (Does she not have a performance of Kitri?) Also, if you guys follow Sarah Lane she just posted videos on her story of her rehearsing Don Q!
  15. Did anyone get a chance to see Gillian Murphy's Juliet? I know is the past that hasn't been one of her "signature" roles but i was wondering if it maybe got better this year?
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