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  1. I saw her 3rd Shade that tour too, she is quite lovely though in videos I’ve seen as well she has no presence. She seems quite nervous and shy all the time. I agree with Bulanova. She and Khoreva will be utterly stunning in a few years, and with a few more years of experience behind them I have no doubt I’ll love them. But right now I can’t stand seeing them in all of these roles. Khoreva and Nuykina have been cast to do leads in “La Bayadère” this summer. Not overly thrilled about that.
  2. Agreed. I would much rather see one of their seasoned, mature principals (Tereshkina, Kondaurova) or Leading Soloists (Novikova, Osmolkina) than any of the newbies who are getting all of these soloist roles. Though I can be certain that the KenCen October tour with 'Paquita' will be another Khoreva-Nuykina-Ionova-Nagahisa event. Which is sad, there are so many other dancers I'd rather see.
  3. Oh definitely they likely have understudies. And/or dancers who learned the part now to possibly perform in the future.
  4. I think Brandt and Lane will perform their respective roles in every show. Perhaps Alexei only wanted Lane and Brandt for Spring, at least for this round of performances.
  5. Spring Gala Casting is up: SERENADE AFTER PLATO'S SYMPOSIUM: Cornejo, Hammoudi, Forster, Royal, Shayer, Simkin, Gorak, Teuscher *SEASONS: Winter (Bell, Seo, Williams, Hurlin, Paris) Spring (Whiteside, Lane, Brandt) Summer (Boylston, Hoven, Scott, Maloney) Fall (Trenary, Royal) The other cast for "Seasons" is: May 21st & 22nd: Winter (Ahn, Teuscher, Fang, Giangeruso, McBride) Spring (Forster, Lane, Brandt) Summer (Abrera, Cornejo, Shayer, Klein) Fall (Hurlin, Hoven) *This is also the casting for the May 23rd performances of "Seasons" in the Ratmansky Trio.
  6. The 2019 Graduation Performances of the Vaganova Ballet Academy will be the 10th, 12th, and 16th of June on the Mariinsky Stage. The program is: -The Underwater Kingdom from 'The Little Humpedback Horse' -Pas de Six from August Bournonville's ballet, 'Napoli' -Character Dance excerpts from 'Laurencia' -The 3rd Act Grand Pas from 'Paquita' The Underwater Kingdom, 'The Little Humpedback Horse' (first ballet in video): Pas de Six, 'Napoli': 'Paquita':
  7. How charming! Their chemistry is stunning, and they're both great actors! I've always loved Shirinkina, and kept an eye on Timofeyev.
  8. Indeed, what a treat! I'd love to travel to Budapest one day! Definitely on my bucket list.
  9. It would appear that a handful of Mariinsky dancers are on tour in Budapest performing 'Cinderella', though I could be wrong. This seems to be a more low-key tour. https://bachtrack.com/dance-listing/erkel-szinhaz-erkel-theatre/prokofiev-cinderella/22-april-2019/15-00
  10. I heard somewhere that Tereshkina stayed behind because of her child, though I could be wrong on that one.
  11. Oh good to hear! If you're in SPB at the end of the month it looks like she'll be debuting the First Shade in 'La Bayadere'.
  12. Oh yeah-- I meant Wednesday! This week seems to be dragging on 😥
  13. Xander Parrish’s Instagram stories, and I also had friends who went. There’s been a big shift in casting for this tour, so I wouldn’t be surprised if more names are incorrect in the Soloist/smaller roles.
  14. May Nagahisa did not perform last night. While the program had her name, Maria Bulanova performed in her place.
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