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  1. I watched the video for the first time last night. The dancing seemed to build brilliantly as the plot (and potential message) became more incomprehensible. I thought that the choreography in the final third to be possibly equal to Yury Grigorovich at his finest, for instance, Legend of Love. Does anyone have any thoughts about the plot and potential message? If there’s already a discussion or any good references, please post them here. I would certainly watch it again just for the highly inventive and exciting choreography that is performed equally well. The video can be seen in Marqee tv’s seemingly very good selection, available for a ’30-day free trial.’ https://www.marquee.tv/collections
  2. “12 Places to Watch Dance Online” — The New York Times https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/07/arts/dance/stream-dance-online-virus.html (Thanks to Jan McNulty at BalletcoForum)
  3. https://mariinsky.tv/e 1:17:30 -- Probably the best I've seen Alina Somova captured on video ! (quite good here as well -- 39:40) 1:59:00 -- Oxana Skorik (Princess Florine) April 5th Sunday 19:00-22:00 Pyotr Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty ballet-féerie in three acts with a prologue and an apotheosis Libretto by Ivan Vsevolozhsky, Marius Petipa after tales of Charles Perrault Choreography by Marius Petipa revised version by Konstantin Sergeev (1952) Set and costume designer: Simon Virsaladze Musical Director and Conductor: Valery Gergiev Princess Aurora: Alina Somova Prince Désiré: Vladimir Shklyarov The Lilac Fairy: Kristina Shapran The Diamond Fairy: Sofia Ivanova-Skoblikova Carabosse the Wicked Fairy: Igor Kolb Princess Florine: Oxana Skorik Bluebird: Alexei Timofeyev
  4. I've moved this post to Video Broadcasts. https://balletalert.invisionzone.com/topic/45481-video-broadcasts/?tab=comments#comment-425297
  5. This video broadcast will probably be terminated within a few hours based on past broadcasts. There’s so much good stuff, but I’ve mainly been concentrating on Olga Smirnova and how she handles Pierre Lacotte’s more complex, often charming and very entertaining footwork. Click on video two posts above for access. For a quick example — 1:05:10 Anna Tikhomirova’s(?) very brief performance is also very charming. — 48:00 Added: Although Evgenia Obraztsova doesn't have the long sculptural lines and dramatic impact that make the other four principals so prominent, she does have a lovely, contained beauty and her handling of the more demanding choreography is quite impressive, as it is with everyone. If there's a contest it would be between David Hallberg and Semyon Chudin who both do extremely well. David Hallberg is as entertainingly charismatic as I've ever seen him. More Olga Smirnova can be seen here -- 6:50 16:35 40:20 58:00 1:30:00 1:52:00
  6. I’ve decided to take a break after an hour and a half, knowing that I can start from where I left off with the rebroadcast. So far, a slightly qualified (bandits, etc.), delightful. In these very sad times, it’s still good to be able to smile somehow, never forgetting those who’ve suffered, and hoping that in the 'greater scheme of things' there’s some justice and ‘lasting light’ to all this. Life goes on and we hope for the best. “Count Pepinelli (Igor Tsvirko), captain of the dragoons, falls for the charms of the Governor’s daughter, Marchesa Sampietri (Olga Smirnova). But, alas, the latter is betrothed to Prince Frederici (Semyon Chudin)…. “Prince Frederici (Semyon Chudin) is about to ask Spada (David Hallberg) for his daughter’s (Evgenia Obraztsova) hand…. Got it ? 😊 Can’t imagine anyone wanting to give up Olga Smirnova, but for Evgenia Obraztsova, with her fine performance, well maybe. It’s great to see five outstanding principals equally cast. They’re all excellent. Have a fondness for Lacotte's exceptional abilities as well.
  7. In 25 minutes -- here it is -- Marco Spada. Synopsis https://bolshoi.ru/en/performances/691/libretto/ 30 March 2014 Marco Spada, bandit David Hallberg Angela, his daughter Evgenia Obraztsova Marchesa Sampietri, daughter to the Governor of Rome Olga Smirnova Prince Frederici, betrothed to the Marchesa, in love with Angela Semyon Chudin Count Pepinelli, captain of the dragoons Igor Tsvirko Friar Borromeo, the monastery treasurer Alexei Loparevich Prince Osorio, Governor of Rome Andrei Sitnikov The Bride Anastasia Stashkevich The Groom Vyacheslav Lopatin Friends to Marchesa Sampietri Yulia Grebenshchikova Olga Marchenkova Anna Okuneva Anna Tikhomirova Friends to Marco Spada Ivan Alexeyev Artemy Belyakov Harlequins Anastasia Gubanova Daria Khokhlova Svetlana Pavlova Yan Godovsky Artur Mkrtchyan Alexander Smoliyaninov Servants to the Marchesa Alesya Gradova Elizaveta Kruteleva Svetlana Pavlova Anna Rebetskaya Yulia Skvortsova Anna Voronkova Bandits’ molls Anna Antropova Anna Leonova Victoria Litvinova Maria Zharkova Bandits Karim Abdullin Klim Efimov Dmitry Efremov Egor Khromushin Conductor Alexei Bogorad https://bolshoi.ru/en/performances/691/roles/#20140330190000
  8. Thanks, Pherank. Maybe she'd like to move to the Mariinsky. Yekaterina Kondaurova can't hold down the fort forever although I wish she would.
  9. Please keep us posted on what you find out.
  10. That would be great, YID ! Thank you !
  11. Something interesting is that 'Russian' ballet dancers, to me, don't generally look particularly 'Russian.' If I have a stereotype image of how 'Russians' should look, they don't fit it. They have a more 'international Western' look. But then, the folks I see on the urban streets also don't look necessarily 'Russian' to me either. When I'm in the Mariinsky theatres the audience doesn't seem or feel that different than at Lincoln Center. Or maybe we in the West are more 'Russian' looking than I think that we should be. 😊 Added: So maybe I should quit while I’m ahead(?) ? Here, for me, Sergei Filin looks ‘Russian' (facial expression) — Less usual. Svetlana Zakharova (facial expression) doesn’t. By the way -- Svetlana Zakharova, here -- Wow !
  12. “Kensington Palace shares sweet video of royal children thanking healthcare workers.” (Scroll down page if top video doesn't work to watch) https://www.aol.com/article/lifestyle/2020/03/27/kensington-palace-shares-sweet-video-of-royal-children-thanking-healthcare-workers/23963498/
  13. Hi Drew. Here’s what the Bolshoi site has to say about it. If you click on the ballets in my post, the third above, you can find much information about each performance. “In 1982, it was the 200th anniversary of the birth of composer Daniel Auber, and Teatro dell’Opera di Roma ballet troupe decided to time the ballet to his music by this date. The theatre management turned to Pierre Lacotte – a connoisseur of vintage ballet and master of restorations. It was decided to bring back to life the lost ballet Marco Spadaor the Bandit’s Daughter by Joseph Mazilier….” https://bolshoi.ru/en/performances/691/details/
  14. This is a mention of the April 4 broadcasting of Marco Spada. I’ve watched it on the internet and enjoyed it very much. Marco Spada "Created for the Bolshoi and not yet performed elsewhere, choreographer/designer Pierre Lacotte's reimagining of Marco Spada – a “lost” 19th century ballet set to an original score by Daniel Auber – boasts gorgeous sets and costumes, lively music and above all, spectacular dancing. "Rogai says: “Forget the preposterous plot about the adventures of a dashing bandit in 1830s Rome and revel in the virtuosity of a truly all-star cast led by David Hallberg, Olga Smirnova, Evgenia Obraztsova, Semyon Chudin and Igor Tsvirko, with a wealth of outstanding soloists in even the smaller roles.” " South China Morning Post (Thanks to Ian Macmillan at BalletcoForum) https://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/arts-culture/article/3077508/our-top-picks-bolshoi-theatres-free-youtube-screenings
  15. Here's a list of recommended online ballet performances from Pointe Magazine. https://www.pointemagazine.com/mark-your-calendars-for-these-online-ballet-performances-2645584131.html "Moscow theatre [Bolshoi] is streaming recordings of some of its top opera and ballet performances captured live on stage, including The Tsar’s Bride and Boris Godunov "UK’s National Theatre Live will likewise show recordings of live-captured plays, including Jane Eyre, Treasure Island, and Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night" (South China Morning Post) https://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/arts-culture/article/3077508/our-top-picks-bolshoi-theatres-free-youtube-screenings (Thanks to Ian Macmillan at BalletcoForum for both)
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