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  1. Thanks for your interest and response, A1EV3. I'm in the middle of traveling and watching ballet performances, but will try to respond at another time. What you say here is very appropriate. I'm still searching for a good connection in any of the paintings that I've seen.
  2. Hi, Jack, and thanks for the added information. I, who probably prize peace and quiet more than anything at a hotel, get an inner court room at the Congress, which has worked just fine. I'm really looking forward to the performances, having missed them completely in London this summer. And as you notice I got a good head start. Again, a reminder that general public tickets go on sale tomorrow, Friday.
  3. Annaewgn, tonight they were Renata Shakirova, Maria Shkiliarova and May Nagahisa and they all did very well. It was a very, very fine evening. I might call it monumental in feeling. Alina Somova was an excellent example of how with maturity comes artistry. Her character/portrayal was outstanding. Her characterisation was so developed that I hardly recognised her. Her dancing was very well crafted. Again, I might use the words monumental — and absolutely brilliant. And, yes, once again — Kimin Kim. Three nights ago he was performing in St. Petersburg. Tonight, I think that he was here. I did notice flashes of light crossing the stage and sailing overhead. He was amazing as usual. Considering all the ground that he had to cover in the last several days, even more amazing. His characterisation was excellent. He also had herculean feats to perform and he did these, yes — amazingly. As hoped for, Nadezhda Batoeva once again crafted a completely new and highly impressive package to complement Alina Somova and then performed a very fine and lovely duet. The Shades were mesmerizing. Very fine performances by everyone. I also recall that I saw a La Bayadere at the Mikhailovsky when I was in St. Petersburg this year. The company might not be comparable to the Mariinsky or Bolshoi overall, but it was a delightfully fresh, vibrant and embraceable evening that I considered one of the most enjoyable that I’ve ever experienced.
  4. It’s amazing that he can perform at all. 2 1/2 days and how many miles?! But as you say, Tutu, this “Is” Kimin Kim. I wish him the best. There’s a near full moon tonight over Costa Mesa, but I still haven’t seen any eclipses forecast. 😊
  5. An interview with Yuri Fateev about the Southern California performances. Thanks, Dirac. https://www.ocregister.com/2019/10/11/mariinsky-ballet-brings-the-classics-to-southern-california/ Added: Sunday, Kimin Kim was still in St. Petersburg perfoming Le Corsaire with Oxana Skorik. They both looked great as usual on video. Tomorrow, Wednesday, he will be performing La Bayadere in California with Alina Somova. That’s a lot of distance to cover in two days. I wonder if he needed an airplane ? 😊
  6. Discussion of ticket sales that started yesterday for pre-sale and for general public sales starting Friday, can be found here. https://balletalert.invisionzone.com/topic/45095-bolshoi-swan-lake-chicago-tickets-june-2020/
  7. Since the date has been corrected at the original posting of this event, "Bolshoi Swan Lake Chicago Jun 2020", I'm going to continue my general discussion there. https://balletalert.invisionzone.com/topic/44624-bolshoi-swan-lake-chicago-jun-2020/ I'm also going to change the title of this one to "Bolshoi Swan Lake Chicago Tickets June 2020" from "Bolshoi Ballet Swan Lake Chicago June 10-14, 2020" .
  8. Presale tickets became available today. Open to everyone tickets go on sale Friday. I posted information here. https://balletalert.invisionzone.com/topic/45095-bolshoi-ballet-swan-lake-chicago-june-10-14-2020/?tab=comments#comment-419533
  9. Presale tickets became available today. I don’t remember how to get access to this offer, but I got a message today on the internet and did get tickets. The closet seats are in the Back Orchestra starting around the 14th row. In this section there were a lot of seats available. I didn’t check other sections. Open to everyone tickets go on sale Friday. This might make some seats available in the Front Orchestra, I was told by the theater. Prices may go up as well. They didn’t know when casting would be announced. It will be at the Auditorium Theater. Here is some contact information. 312.341.2300, or by email at info@auditoriumtheatre.org The Congress Hotel is across street. I stayed there maybe fifteen years ago and thought that it was fine. The man at the ticket office said that he thought it would be fine also. If you do want to stay there don’t get a room in the back of the hotel which faces the elevated train nearby and would be very noisy. The man also said that there’s a Hilton nearby that is recommended. Added: This link posted previously by Mussel might get you presale access. https://tickets.auditoriumtheatre.org/production/2402/19-20-bolshoi-ballet/ Also see: https://balletalert.invisionzone.com/topic/44624-bolshoi-swan-lake-chicago-jun-2019/
  10. Well, it all starts Wednesday, and I’m getting excited. Here’s the list again. Wednesday, October 16 at 7:30 p.m. Nikia – Alina Somova Solor – Kimin Kim Gamzatti – Nadezhda Batoeva Thursday, October 17 at 7:30 p.m. Nikia – Maria Khoreva Solor – Vladimir Shklyarov Gamzatti – Anastasia Nuikina Friday, October 18 at 7:30 p.m. Nikia – Ekaterina Kondaurova Solor – Timur Askerov Gamzatti – Ekaterina Chebykina Saturday, October 19 at 1:00 p.m. Nikia – Alina Somova Solor – Kimin Kim Gamzatti – Nadezhda Batoeva Saturday, October 19 at 7:30 p.m. Nikia – Maria Khoreva Solor – Vladimir Shklyarov Gamzatti – Anastasia Nuikina Sunday October 20 at 1:00 p.m. Nikia – Ekaterina Kondaurova Solor – Andrei Ermakov Gamzatti – Ekaterina Chebykina The first thing that I think about for Wednesday, Somova/Kim/Batoeva, is fireworks. Kimin Kim of course. Then Alina Somova, who can perform wonders dance-beauty-wise and drama-portrayal-wise, and Nadezhda Batoeva, who can rise to any occasion. I’ll never forget Nadezhda Batoeva's debut as Odette/Odile (Swan Lake) when she performed as if she’d been doing it all her life. Then there’ll be the palace scene when Alina Somova as the Temple Dancer heroine, Nikia, faces off against Nadezhda Batoeva, the Raja’s Daughter, Gamzatti, in what can be a reference for dramatic excellence. Following that Nadezhda Batoeva has to quickly change gears and dance one of the most beautiful duets of the evening. Then Alina Somova has to become an ethereal vision for the rest of the evening. Night three, Yekaterina Chebykina must hold her own alongside Yekaterina Kondaurova, at times one of the most compelling stage presences that I’ve ever seen, in the palace encounter. Then Yekaterina Chebykina will have to perform the lovely duet. It will be a real test of her versatility. All Timur Askerov has to do is sail through the air, which he does beautifully, in search of Kimin Kim’s afterglow. He’s also a very solid and supportive partner. Andrei Yermakov will be taking his place Sunday and should be just-fine to excellent. Maria Khoreva, is without doubt the rising star. According to the casting, she appeared in the Washington DC Paquita more than either of the other two lead ballerinas, three times. She has an outstanding mix of youthful brightness and veteran excellence. Vladimir Shklyarov will also be found in the cosmos alongside Kimin Kim. Anastasia Nuikina, whom I’m least familiar with, and I believe also has fine aerial features, will be of new interest to me. I think that I’ll like her. Reports back will depend on internet access and the weather. This is still Southern California and the surf might be up, but I’ll do my best. 😊 Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out They leave the west behind And Moscow girls make me sing and shout That Georgia's always on my my my my my my my my my mind I been all around this great big world And I seen all kinds of girls Yeah, but I couldn't wait to get back in the States Back to the cutest girls in the world I wish they all could be California girls (A Beatles/Beach Boy Sendoff) "I wish they all could be California girls" -- Next week they will be !
  11. One of mine too. Good to hear. Thank you. I can remember telling her at a reception at the beginning of her career, that I thought that she was a beautiful dancer. I've been telling her that even since at ongoing receptions.
  12. This is an interview with Yuri Fateev, “Acting Director of the Mariinsky Ballet,” about the visit, the here-and-there and the future. (Posted yesterday by Dirac. Thank you.) Mariinsky Ballet Invited to Perform in Washington Next 2 Seasons Russia's renowned Mariinsky Ballet has already received an offer to return to Washington, DC in the next two seasons, Yuri Fateev said. "We received an invitation to come next season and the season after. We already have the concrete dates and will coordinate them tomorrow as well as choose the repertoire,” the acting director said. Mariinsky has delivered a number of classical performances on tour, so it might opt for modern ballet in the future, Fateev added. [If you want to know what this might be about] "My dream is to bring here an Evening of American choreography that includes three absolutely amazing ballets of American choreographers from different eras. These ballets are George Balanchine’s ‘Serenade,’ Jerome Robbins’ ‘In the Night’ and the ballet by now-living choreographer Twyla Tharp ‘Push Comes to Shove,’ that we did last year with her participation. I think that it would be interesting to bring here and show how Russians dance American choreography, and I think it would be interesting to the Americans too," Fateev said. [also] Young students of the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet also received a warm welcome. "They dance mazurka very nicely, complement the ballet with a cute children's choreography presentation performed very professionally. These are very difficult dances and we insisted on bringing our children here from Russia. This is the first time we bring the children to the United States. Despite the difficulties in the relations, we were able to bring even children," Fateev said. https://sputniknews.com/world/201910111077026150-mariinsky-chief-dreams-of-staging-american-ballet-with-russian-dancers-in-washington-/
  13. I like his choreography also, MadameP. It's consistent, solid, artistic and entertaining. I was also impressed for the first time with some of the other young Russian choreographers at this year's Mariinsky Festival. Maybe a substantial base is beginning there. Still, considering the great names that have emerged from the Mariinsky, both dancers and choreographers, there are big shoes to fill. Also the Mariinsky's strength is in the classical, whereas noteworthy invention is usually found elsewhere. The one Mariinsky choreographer that I do find the most inventive and world class within a certain range is Maxim Petrov. I hope that he continues to grow.
  14. YouOverThere, your post slipped in between my two. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the second time. Actually, in fairness to the Mariinsky, I've seen no mishaps of the sets that I can recall. And I have to say that I find many of the sets to be magnificent, both mechanically and visually. I love the mechanical swans in Swan Lake. There are two prop glitches that are almost a tradition. One is when Siegfried in Swan Lake throws an arrow that often doesn't come close to the target, but a mechanical one emerges stuck in the target anyway. The other is a replica dummy of Don Quixote getting caught in the windmill, which seldom seems to work as intended. These are almost traditions by now, along with some of the wigs, etc. that add a whimsical charm to repeated performances.
  15. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I hope to see the Mariinsky's La Bayadere in Costa Mesa starting next Wednesday and will try to comment on it if I have internet access. I wish that Viktoria Tereshkina would be there, as I think that she has matured exceptionally in artistic expression this year, and am very glad to hear good reports about her from Washington DC. But I am also quite happy with the casts that are being presented in Costa Mesa, especially the chance to see Alina Somova, who hasn't traveled much in recent years. I did see the current Mariinsky production of Paquita several times in St. Petersburg. I have a tendency to minimalize the plots in many of these 'classics.' I do go for the excellence of the performances, expression of some of the more timeless themes, such as Love and the over-all effect. In this respect I thought that the production and the performances were fine. Added comment: As for glitches, such as sets or props not working, for those somewhat more familiar with the company this can be part of the territory with a Mariinsky performance, especially with big sets on tour, and if I were Yuri Smekalov I wouldn't feel too upset about it, although on tour with unfamiliar audiences I can sympathise with him. After awhile it can even become part of the total charm of the company as the artists always manage to rise above company mishaps and give exceptional performances, making it all more than worthwhile. 😊
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