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  1. As always, thank you for sharing your insightful and well-written articles. This one in particular, hit the nail on the head with the way I am feeling. Personally, I would much rather see (and pay for) performances from the company vaults or dancers performing existing works, than avante-garde videos of new works being performed in apartments or various locations. Perhaps I am old fashioned in my taste in ballets, but it is what I prefer. I do love getting to peek behind the curtain into some of my favorite dancers' lives, but often what they share on social media eliminates the mystery fo
  2. Hello @Buddy! The video of her in Les Sylphides is mesmerizing. She truly understands the romantic style and uses her arms and hands so beautifully. It would be wonderful to see her as Giselle and La Sylphide.
  3. Yes! Of course! I'll email it to some of my ballet friends.
  4. This is my cynical side speaking here, but it sure seems like a great way for Mariinsky to get people to buy extra tickets in order to distance themselves from other audience members.
  5. Thank you @aqualia2008!!! This is fabulous! I especially love the clip from Le Corsaire.
  6. This is very sad news. A wonderful dancer and coach she was. May she rest in peace.
  7. ECat

    Yulia Stepanova

    Thank you for livening this thread up. It is great news to hear that she is healthy and performing. Yulia is a gorgeous dancer/actress. Yes please - if anyone has any reviews I'd love to see them as well.
  8. It sounded that way to me, too. That must have been so hard for Lauren to separate from them. With regard to Megan Fairchild's interrupting, I do tend to agree that I would have loved to hear Lauren be able to delve deeper into her story. But I thoroughly enjoyed the interview regardless. Lauren sounds like such an insightful, kind, and honest person. Hearing her voice is delightful! May she have a wonderfully fulfilling life ahead of her.
  9. @Drew it was my pleasure! Chinara always stood out to me when she was with the Bolshoi and I am so happy for her that she is dancing in principal roles. Especially Marguerite in La Dame Aux Camellias.
  10. For the Chinara Alizade fans out there, myself included, here is a video from World Ballet Day with her being interviewed and some performance clips. Her segment starts at 06:10
  11. I've been so busy watching all of the World Ballet Day videos and absorbing all of the beauty. My favorite parts are watching the company classes. Bolshoi's livestream was phenomenal.
  12. @Buddy she is beautiful indeed! Other important roles she's danced include Gulnare in Le Corsaire and Princess Mary in A Hero of Our Time. https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/persons/ballet/1297/
  13. You make great points. Aaron Sanz is a favorite of mine, but I forgot that he was a soloist. Roman Mejia would be the next contender, in my point of view, but I didn't think about the height needs.
  14. Congratulations to Chun Wai Chan! That is great for him, but I am wondering why they would bring in an outside dancer who never studied at SAB when they already have plenty of great male cops men that could be promoted.
  15. @Buddy Here is a Youtube video just added showing the performance that @ellecatalano mentioned. Than you @ellecatalanofor bringing this to my attention. It is PHENOMENAL!
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