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  1. thank you @sf_herminator for the link to Misa's interview. In 2018 I had the pleasure of seeing her as the dewdrop fairy in Boston Ballet's Nutcracker and she blew me away. Her musicality, phrasing, jumps, speed, and lightness were so beautiful. San Fransisco Ballet has quite an impressive roster off dancers.
  2. Thank you for the update! I am delighted that Eleonora can have a proper retirement performance dancing some of her favorite ballets.
  3. Thank you so much to all of the board administrators and ballet fans who add so much to this site. Ballet Talk brings me so much pleasure on a daily basis to be able to be "in the know" about so many different ballet dancers, companies, and to have access to the extensive knowledge of so many balletomanes. I have deep gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this and to those who continue to keep it running so well. Ballet Talk allows us to have the stats and info the same way that sports fan have about their favorite players and teams.
  4. This is a sad situation all around. But I do think that Misty Copeland could have handled this differently by directly calling out the company versus posting a photo of young ballet students. In my opinion, Misty has every right to be upset and speak out about it but these students probably had no idea it is upsetting to many people and most likely were just very excited to be performing in such a big ballet.
  5. Maria Bulanova is still listed as dancing in the the role of Zarema in Fountain of Bakchisarai on January 25 of this year. Oh I hope it is a mistake that she has been removed as she has been given some great roles and is a lovely dancer.
  6. Thank you for sharing the video @Buddy! She is so lovely. The way she uses her hands is so feminine and beautiful.
  7. Josette I saw her Emeralds in LA as well and she was breathtaking. I'm delighted to hear that you had the pleasure of meeting her and that her personality was a genuine as her dancing. What rank was Alina Somova when she debuted her Swan Lake? From what I recall it was very early in her career.
  8. Thank you for the news @Ashton Fan. A big congratulations to Reece Clark on his promotion!!! It makes me happy to see Mendizabel getting a shot at the role of Titiana as I have always admired her dancing and acting abilities. Last Spring I saw the Royal Ballet in LA do Mayerling and she was Empress Elizabeth. She was fantastic!
  9. Thank you @Princesspanda for starting this topic as I did get tickets to Program 5 and will be traveling there to see it. In my opinion, SF Ballet is always worth the trip. Thank you to everyone else who has provided more info.
  10. Thank you for sharing your review. I enjoy reading all of your writings so please continue to share them! Agreed. It was disappointing not see see an actual review from the Times on NYCB.
  11. Marta I found these two reviews: https://www.danceviewtimes.com/2019/12/nutcracker-at-65.html https://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwdance/article/BWW-Review-New-York-City-Ballets-THE-NUTCRACKER-20191223
  12. This would have to by my favorite as well due to my own personal nostalgia, my love for the beautiful pas de deux for Kirkland and Baryshnikov, and the Buffoon Pas de Quatre. Sadly this version did not allow for showcasing as many dancers as other productions. I think the Nutcracker is a great opportunity to show off lower ranking dancers. I also happen to enjoy the Motion Picture Nutcracker from PNB with the amazing Maurice Sendak designs. The cast for that ballet was amazing. Of course I think the best version would be Balanchine's. More recently I have become a fan of Mikko Nissinen's version for Boston Ballet. It features a Clara who is professional level student.
  13. The same thought crossed my mind as well. Schevchenko looked divine in the Swan Lake footage but it would seem to make more sense to be showing Nutcracker footage.
  14. Here is a nice interview with Christine Schevchenko speaking about the Nutcracker and her new book "The Style of Movement". https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/video/4253710-dancer-christine-shevchenko-talks-the-nutcracker-playing-in-costa-mesa/
  15. Hello Ballet Alert People! This seemed like a fun discussion to start. What ballets (full length or one act) would you like to see added or brought back to specific company's repertoires? This could be totally realistic or a fanciful wish. Here is my list I will start with: MARIINKSY - Coppelia, Manon, Onegin PARIS OPERA BALLET - La Fille du Pharoan, Les Sylphides BOLSHOI - Fancy Free, Dances at a Gathering ROYAL BALLET - La Dame Aux Camelias
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