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  1. A couple of years ago I saw Mariinsky performa La Bayadere at the Kennedy Center. it warms my heart that Ivanova stood out for you as she did the same for me. My husband, who knows very little about ballet, said she was one of his favorite dancers on stage. She was a shade and in the pas de quatre in the Act II Grand pas. She truly does shine. Not only is she radiant to look at but she is a beautiful dancer with lovely feet and legs.
  2. Apologies as I am coming rather late to this discussion. I happen to love that Marianela Nunez was mentioned. Also Obratsova and Krysanova. I would like to add Tereshinka to the list as well. It is a difficult thing to choose just one current female "Ruler of ballet". There are so many aspects that go into it that everyone has mentioned. For me personally I think Tereshinka is quite versatile. Perhaps the romantic style may not be her strong suit though. Thank you as this is a most interesting discussion!
  3. Thank you for the update! Glad to hear that she's not injured. Congrats to her and her husband!
  4. This may be a bit off topic but does anyone know why Anastasia Stashkevich hasn't done any performances for a while. She is not scheduled too either. Perhaps she is pregnant? Hope she's not injured. I like her.
  5. Thank you so much for sharing this! Big congrats to Kristina on her promotion! Very well deserved. Her leg and feet...divine!
  6. Thank you for the info about Anna. After you mentioned the recent debuts in smaller roles I had to check it out. I imagine you are are indeed correct that she has gone as far as she will go. I have always enjoyed watching her in featured roles and variations and I guess that is what I will continue to enjoy her in.
  7. Congratulations to all of those who have been promoted! That is too bad about Volchkov. I see he has some performances coming up so hopefully he will still continue to dance often. Hopefully Anna Tikhomirova and Ksenia Zhiganshina will be promoted soon.
  8. @ksk04YAY! Thank you for sharing that the casting is up. Already got tickets for Sat evening and I am thrilled with the casting. I had seen Kondaurova and Baoteva in La Bayadère in Dc and they were amazing.
  9. ECat


    Welcome @JanLevNYC!!
  10. @Kathleen O'ConnellThank you for sharing this exciting news! I love the San Fransisco Ballet podcasts so hopefully this will be equally as interesting.
  11. Thank you @nanushka for the clarification. For a minute I thought maybe he was either injured or performing elsewhere for the fall season. On a different note, I wish they'd bring back Rodeo. I love that ballet.
  12. Speaking of Hammoudi, I do not see him cast in any of the fall ballets.
  13. @variated I have not seen enough of Akane Takada but I imagine that she is a beautiful dancer indeed! Oh I didn't even think of her and I must agree that she is indeed a great classicist! Great choice!
  14. @sandik I have not seen her live either. Just many beautiful cinema appearances and Youtube videos.
  15. I am coming to this conversation quite late but I'd like to throw a nomination out for Marianela Nunez.
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