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  1. Thank you MadameP for clarifying. Perhaps it was wishful thinking on my part to have Khiteeva at the level.
  2. There have been some roster changes at the Mariinsky. I'm may have missed a few but here is what I found: Tamara Gimadieva and Camille Mazzi have been promoted to Coryphee. Congratulations to them! However, Alexandra Khiteeva (Khiteyeva) and Anastasia Petushka have been demoted to the Corps de Ballet. Perhaps this is a common practice with the Mariinsky, but can anyone tell me why? Both of the ladies are very fine dancers who have danced many solo roles successfully. There seem to be other dancers in those coryphee and second soloist ranks who barely perform at all.
  3. I couldn't agree more! She is so generous with her time and knowledge and her English is excellent. I wish her a long, healthy, and successful career.
  4. WOW! That is exciting news for Victoria. Thank you for the update. She is beautiful dancer and I wish her much success at the Bolshoi! It looks like she'll be making her debut as one of the Big Swans in Swan Lake.
  5. Sadly, I have not seen Katherine Williams in a featured role but I have taken class with her and she is a beautiful dancer.
  6. Misty does not have anything on the calendar on her website. Hopefully she isn't injured. The only thing I can think of would be that she is pregnant. Of perhaps she is guesting somewhere else.
  7. Yes you are correct! Thank you for pointing that out. Lauren King joined the corps in 2004, Pazcoguin in 2003, and Smith in 2006!
  8. Gretchen Smith has always seemed like a special dancer to me, but she joined so many years ago that a promotion probably isn't in store for her.
  9. Well I must admit that there is a lot of coarseness and language. I assume it is a generational thing. Personally, I found her to be hilarious but I can absolutely see how it would put many people off. In all honesty, I am sad that the book isn't longer. She gives so many details and information about things I've wondered about in the ballet world. I'm looking forward to hearing people's views as well! I imagine some strong reactions.
  10. You sentiments are totally understandable. Before I started reading her book, I formed opinions based on excerpts. But when reading them in their proper context, it takes on an entirely different meaning.
  11. If preordered, one has access to the book before its launch date. As not to give spoilers for those who have not had a chance to start the book yet, I'll keep my initial thoughts brief. Pazcoguin writes in a conversational style and is often humorous. I love the details, the chronology, and the information she gives. I'm really liking this book. What does everyone else think?
  12. Well said Nanushka. It would be impossible to judge her as none of us actually knows what happened. There are also so many factors that would go into this sort of situation. Many people here have listed some possible factors. If she had gone to management, which side would actually be taken? Ramasar outranks her. Gina seems like a smart woman to me and I'm sure she knows she'll be lambasted for not speaking up earlier on this issue. If it is not true, why would she put herself through that? Socialization for ballet dancers who have spent their entire lives insulated in their ballet worlds might not have the emotional tools to set boundaries. Just some things to thing about...
  13. In my opinion, while his ballets are beautiful, the choreography is often too complicated. Yes, it is very impressive that the POB dancers can dance his choreography well, but I find myself concerned about the steps more than the actual storyline.
  14. I suspect the no intermissions will also effect casting. It would be very difficult to change costumes, hair pieces without an intermission. The good news it that the nights will end earlier.
  15. What a wonderful story! I love to hear about dancers being thrown in last minute and having much success!
  16. This is such a great thread that I'm only seeing for the first time. Perhaps we can get it going again. My very very first love or role model was Cynthia Harvey in Don Q with Baryshnikov. To this day she will still be my favorite Kitri. The camera got such great close ups of her sassy facial expressions. Then I saw her in the ABT mixed bill in both Les Sylphides and Paquita. If I hadn't seen Cynthia first, it would be Gelsey Kirkland or Alessandra Ferri.
  17. I want to wish a huge congratulations to May Nagahisa as well as Olesya Novikova. Novikova's promotion was long overdue and very much deserved. When I saw the Mariinsky perform La Bayadere in DC a few years ago, Nagahisa was still listed an apprentice and was one of the 3 shades. She blew me away. Rock-solid technique and a beautiful stage presence. Then I saw her again in the pas de trios from Emeralds in LA and again, she stood out. She has definitely got something special. Batoeva is another special dancer. She was Gamzatti in DC and almost stole the show. She and Filip Steppin (who needs to be principal) performed the pas de deus in Rubies. WOW! They had such wonderful chemistry and were outstanding.
  18. Congratulations to all of the dancers on their promotions!!!
  19. WOW!!!!! That is fantastic news!!! Very well deserved. Congratulations!
  20. My heart goes out to Leah who has been an integral member of PNB. She is a beautiful dancer and she will be greatly missed.
  21. Good points for sure! I hope that their rep brings in the revenue that they are hoping for. But I do agree that nothing they're performing warrants a plane trip.
  22. Is it just me, or does the 2021-2022 rep seem a bit boring? Perhaps one less full length and another mixed-bill.
  23. Congratulations to Ms. Park! Very well deserved.
  24. I cannot agree with you more about the heavier make-up for Iliushkina. It was beautiful and elegant, yet still allowed her innocence to shine through. I would like to see her as Juliet.
  25. @MeritWow! Thank you for making such a comprehensive list of dancers birth and possible retirement years. I would LOVE to see Pagliero and Ould-Braham before they retire. @Buddy how lucky you are to have seen many amazing dancers. I also love Moussin.
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