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  1. Happy Birthday Alexandra!!!!! Thank you for this wonderful place to discuss all things ballet.
  2. Oh aren't they wonderful?!?! Megan just put up an interview with Indiana Woodward which is very interesting.
  3. Agreed on all points, but I did watch the interview with Hammoudi. The video where Isabella Boyton interviews Cynthia Harvey was almost unwatchable and I was unable to get past 10 minutes in. Perhaps I have been spoiled by Megan Fairchild's excellent interviewing skills, but Boylston was lackluster. Cynthia Harvey is a legend to me and needed a better interviewer. ABT is going to need to start upping their level of videos...
  4. Oooooh thank you @Buddy! I love watching dancers take class and I'll definitely tune in for this one!
  5. Lauren was lovely Julie indeed and I completely agree with you about Tyler and his menacing characterization. It played really well. The carousel section with the entire corps was impressive. This isn't the kind of ballet that I would run out to see but it looked fun. Maria Kowroski - ahhhhh...I think I could watcher her dance all day. She has a very aesthetically pleasing body to my eye. The costume for Liturgy looked so beautiful on her. Jared Angle is such a great partner! Lovely pas de deux.
  6. Just finished Pacific Northwest Ballet's dress rehearsal of Swan Lake. Standout performances for me were Kyle Davis as the Jester, James Moore as Wolfgang, Leta Biasucci is the Pas de trois, as a cygnet, and Neopolitan. Angelica Generosa was also quite fantastic in the Pas de trois. Kyle Davis stole the show for me as the Jester - he is quite a turner! Leta is lovely in everything she does. In this version, Wolfgang dances in the first Act and has a comedic role. The corps de ballet looked really good. The cygnets really impressed me. PNB is more a neoclassical company so my thinking is that their Swan Lake needs to be viewed with the understanding that it won't be like a typical Russian or more classical version. For me, understanding this makes it much more enjoyable. Do I prefer a more classical version? Yes, but I love PNB so they will always get my support. Some of the costumes could be updated or changed - mostly in the 3rd act divertissement. The Princess costumes were a bit fluffy and a couple of them actually had midriff showing which I thought looked strange. But the swan costumes were beautiful. Onto our leads - Noelani Pantastico is a beautiful woman with a feminine body and she used it especially well as Odile. Her Odette was lovely, but I would love for her to extend her arabesques for just a second longer in certain places. Her Odile was great, strong fouettés. Seth Orza was a strong and caring partner. What a handsome dancer he is. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to see them both in Dances At A Gathering.
  7. Oh yes indeed I could not agree more! Mearns was gorgeous beyond words. Her solo gave me chills. The entire performance had such a great energy from all of the dancers. Wow - Russell Janzen is such a noble and gracious partner. His turns in second were glorious as is the way in which he used his hands and fingers so expressively. Heavenly performance in my opinion!
  8. @pherank The carpet design is gorgeous!!!! The Lacroix costumes for Gaite Parisienne danced at ABT are really beautiful. On another note, I just want to thank you @pherank for you in-depth knowledge of all things ballet. It is truly a pleasure reading and participating in this forum.
  9. Sadly, I agree with you. They used to be my absolute favorite company filled with my favorite dancers. It has been a number of years since I have seen them as I feel that their quality has gone down. Hopefully that can recover from this. They'll need to try something different than what they're currently doing as it doesn't seem to be working.
  10. After reading many other posts on Justin Peck's Pulcinella, I feel comfortable writing my thoughts. Typically, I try to only post positive things but now I feel safe sharing some of my more negative thoughts. His ballet that just streamed for San Fransisco Ballet (Hurry Up, We're Dreaming) really bothered me. This is my own personal preference, but I tend not to like ballet to music with vocals. There are a few exceptions, but this was not one of them. The costumes were not flattering either. Ok - back to Pulcinella - my only issue was the costumes. Tiler Peck's costume was the only one that I feel did not distract or detract from her dancing. The costumes made it hard for me to enjoy his choreography. Perhaps if all of the ladies were in tights without any designs it would have been easier on my eyes. The dancers were amazing in this and I'd especially like to single out Andrew Scordato. Was he the man who had the variation right after Anthony Huxley? If so, Andrew Scordato was just beautiful to watch. His clean and precise technique made me wonder why he has not yet been promoted? Other standouts were Huxley and Tiler Peck. They were all great. Unfortunately, I am not as familiar with Justin peck's ballets as I would like to be. But most of what I have seen of his has been very enjoyable. Perhaps I am old fashioned with my taste in music! Truly I am just very grateful to be able to stream all of this wonderful ballet!
  11. Concerto DSCH was really enjoyable. My favorite is the adagio section. The music is heavenly and I love the choreography. Watching Sara Mearns and Tyler Angle gave me goosebumps. I completely agree with everyone who has mentioned how well Tyler is partnering Sara. They seems to have a beautiful and passionate connection here. They also look good together in terms of size. Every time I watch Sara Mearns perform, I find it was satisfying. Some may say she overdoes the emoting but I happen to love it. She is so passionate and fills the music with glorious movement and expression. This entire performance was stellar!
  12. @pherank Thank you so very much for taking the time to answer my question. Well then hopefully Mira will deepen this plies going forward - but that is just me nitpicking. Overall her performance was great!
  13. These videos that NYCB has been streaming have been so enjoyable! Everything I have seen Megan Fairchild in sparkles and she is an absolute delight. I did prefer in Ballo Della Regina last week. It seems more suited to her strengths, but I did still enjoy seeing her in Rubies. It had been mentioned earlier that the length of her legs can be a bit less aesthetically pleasing here, but I think she did the absolute best that her physically allows. Fantastic debut for Mira Nadon as the Tall Girl. She nailed those penchees really well. Her grand plies in 2nd position seemed shallow with her feet too close together. Perhaps I've grown accustomed to seeing other dancers with a wider and deeper 2nd position there. Does anyone know which is the way it was intended to be?
  14. I love that you mentioned the "team of horses" section as I found Taylor Stanley to be so enthralling that my eyes were riveted on him. What a wonderful debut! After watching Patricia Barker dance the Polyhymnia role, I found Brittany Pollack to be a bit lacking in her variation. Barker's jumps were much more explosive and powerful. With that being said, I still enjoyed Brittany. In fact, all of the dancers were fantastic in this performance.
  15. @Buddy thank you so very much for sharing that Mariinsky link. I found the Misdummer Night's Dream to be very enjoyable. It was especially nice to see the beautiful Yana Selina and Zlata Yalinich who has gorgeous legs! Skorik looked lovely in this role.
  16. @volcanohunter thank you os much for taking the time to translate that. It sounds like he said nothing of much importance. Alina Somova is not my favorite Mariinsky ballerina but I did enjoy watching dancers in some of the other roles.
  17. Yes, I'd love to hear the translation for the introduction as well! Alina Somova is not one of my favorite Mariinsky ballerinas, however one cannot help but be charmed by her. Alina radiates a sincere innocence and radiates sunshine. She certainly shines as Princess Aurora. What I admire about her the most is how hard she has worked throughout her career to become the dancer she is today. She naturally has very long and hyperextended legs, extreme flexibility and most likely instability in her ligaments. One can only imagine how difficult it would be to wrangle those lovely long legs of hers. In my opinion, she lacked strength in the beginning of her career and didn't always have full control over her long limbs, but she has gained so much strength and stability and has become a world-renowned ballerina. Kudos to her!
  18. You could be correct as I do not know why she left. If she had gained weight, she certainly lost it as she looks like pure perfection to me. Chinara is very feminine, strong, and gorgeous.
  19. Allegro Brilliante was absolutely breathtaking! Tiler Peck dances with such speed and clarity, her musicality is great, and she's got artistry. A great American Ballerina! What I found impressive about Rotunda was the way in which Justin Peck moves his dancers around the stage, the way the dancers beautifully handled this very fast and very difficult choreography, and the general color scheme. I do agree with what many have said about the costumes being unflattering. In my opinion, the only dancer who really looked fantastic in her costume was Brittany Pollack. She was also quite delightful in her pas de trois. Mearns is always exciting to watch. Very much looking forward to Apollo!
  20. Oh thank thank thank you @Buddy for sharing this! Absolutely I remember Chinara Alizade and I always thought she should be promoted. Well it looks like she is more than prospering at the Polish National Ballet! What a treat to get to see her dance a principal role. Chinara makes an absolutely divine Princess Aurora. Her legs and feet are mesmerizing to my eyes. She also has such a beautiful face. What a lavish production indeed! This was basically a feast for my eyes!
  21. WOW! Allegro Brilliante was FANTASTIC! IMO Tiler Peck is one of the greatest American Ballerinas of this generation. The speed with with she attacks her steps combined with her gorgeous musicality, precision, clean technique, and artisty is just astounding. It was a wonderful performance from all oft he dancers.
  22. Oh I love this! Thank you VERY much for sharing!
  23. Oh my goodness that was hilarious!!! My favorite part was the "Cat Turd Beach". Thank you so much! Thank you so much Helene!!!
  24. Oh thank you @Helene! The Dolly Parton video looks like will be fantastic. Dolly is like a ray of sunshine! In the hopes of levity, I'd like to share a video I made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYR5BI4c5GA
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