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  1. @Buddy thank you for always keeping up to date on all things Russian Ballet! A big congratulations to all of the new Mariinsky dancers!
  2. Here is a great video of her with ABT somewhere between 1983-1985 dancing in Paquita.
  3. Wow! I didn't realize that Alice Renavand joind the corps de ballet in 1997. I assumed she was in her early 30's. Emilie Cozette will be due to retire very soon as well.
  4. You've made a great point! No doubt Ganio will be superb in any role that he dances.
  5. David Zaleyev is a gorgeous dancer and I will keep him in my prayers. May he have a quick and complete recovery and a very long ballet career. Maria Iliushkina continues to impress me. @Buddy I completely agree with you that she has a wonderful balance of youthfulness and artistic maturity. There is a regalness about her while still have a since of innocence and purity. I would LOVE to see her as Giselle and Juliet. She would also make a lovely La Sylphide. There are videos of Baoteva's Giselle with Sergeev and he is fantastic in them. His makeup was too heavy, but hopefully that will be fixed this time around.
  6. Your post made me want to look ay the Bolshoi site and you are absolutely correct-Maria Allash has danced that role the most by far! Alexandrova and Shipulina have had their fair share, but Allash is danced it the most by a long shot. Luckily, Kovalyova will have Denis Rodkin as a partner. Hopefully his height and experience will aid her in the control of those gorgeous long legs of hers.
  7. I'll also add Yulia Stepanova. She debuted that role in 2017. Viktoria Tereshinka calls this her favorite role so it must be quite an honor to be cast as Mekhmene Banu. I wish Kovalyova much success on her debut!
  8. Hello and welcome @William Hood! Your question motivated me to look at the POB webpage. It says that Mathieu Ganio was 17 when he joined in 2001, so he getting a little bit older. But, I imagine that his age is not slowing him down. It is interesting that he is performing Tybalt, but not Romeo this June-July. Hugo Marchand is dancing Romeo. Marchand joined at age 18 in 2011, so he is only about 28. I'd love to hear from some other people as this is a fascinating topic.
  9. @Drew You are in for a very special treat with the Mariinsky performing Jewels. They performed that in Los Angeles a couple of years ago and it was fantastic. I had the pleasure of seeing Maria Iliushkina in the second PDD in Emeralds. This was my first time ever seeing her and she was truly "lovely" as you say. She has a delicateness and fragility about her while still being a strong technician. I was especially taken by her doll-like features. She really is beautiful.
  10. @Buddy The videos up of Giselle with Skorik and Kim and indeed beautiful! I especially love their chemistry in the ACT 1 excerpt. Kim is such a strong and attentive partner. The lines that Skorik can achieve are sublime. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to see so much ballet on the internet. Dancers and companies I may or may not ever be able to see in person. How lucky we are to live in this age on ballet on Youtube!
  11. Ooooohh! Thank you for sharing this @California It looks like a great reason to head up from Los Angeles to see them in all their glory!
  12. Thank you @On Pointe for sharing this video of Bella Jones. What a gorgeous dancer she is! It's hard to believe that she is only 13 and doing this difficult variation so maturely. If I was a director, I'd keep my eye on her for sure.
  13. There are many jobs where masks are worn for countless hours at a time such as doctors, nurses, grocery workers. If they are able to deal with wearing a mask for long durations, it really should not be an issue for us to mask up for a couple of hours in order to do our part to keep others safe.
  14. @Buddy Thank you for always keeping us up to date on all things Mariinsky! Lady of the Camellias happens to be one of my favorite ballets and I would love it if Mariinsky performed it. My dream casts would be: Marguerite- Viktoria Tereshinka, Ekaterina Kondaurova Armand-Vladimir Shklyarov, Andrei Yermakov Prudence- Nadezhda Batoeva, Renata Shakirova Gaston Rieux- Philipp Stepin, Xander Parish Manon- Olesya Novikova, Anastasia Kolegova Des Grieux- Konstantin Zverev, Ivan Oskorbin Olympia-Svetlana Ivanova (if she was still dancing) Elena Yevseyeva, Viktoria Brilyova
  15. Amanda McKerrow and John Gardner would be a viable choice I think.
  16. WOw! Thank you for sharing this. I had never heard of it before.
  17. This article is so important and I wish I had access to this type of knowledge when I was training in ballet. At that time there was no internet and only reviews in the newspaper and movies such as The Turning Point and Dancers. My fears surrounding food, body image, etc. were very isolated and I felt alone. It would have been very helpful to know that other dancers, professional dancers have the same fears and that every body is shaped differently. In my ballet school, which was a serious school that put out several ABT principal dancers, a couple of girls were told to lose a few pounds, but they told me that I could not return for the next semester until I gained some weight. That was very responsible on their part. I just feel grateful that articles like this are more relevant and that prominent dancers are speaking out about body image. It is a great thing that body sizes and athleticism are even being addressed. Hopefully some young ballet students can avoid the pitfalls that I went through.
  18. Absolutely! The role of Raymonda seems like one of the great tests of a ballerina's technique and stamina. Iliushkina already has Odette/Odile under her belt, so I imagine this will be a success for her. I would also like to see her as Princess Aurora.
  19. Thank you for the link @Buddy WOW! Maria Iliushkina has a big debut as Raymonda. Hopefully lots of videos will be posted. She will surely be delightful in this role.
  20. As always, thank you for sharing your insightful and well-written articles. This one in particular, hit the nail on the head with the way I am feeling. Personally, I would much rather see (and pay for) performances from the company vaults or dancers performing existing works, than avante-garde videos of new works being performed in apartments or various locations. Perhaps I am old fashioned in my taste in ballets, but it is what I prefer. I do love getting to peek behind the curtain into some of my favorite dancers' lives, but often what they share on social media eliminates the mystery for me.
  21. Hello @Buddy! The video of her in Les Sylphides is mesmerizing. She truly understands the romantic style and uses her arms and hands so beautifully. It would be wonderful to see her as Giselle and La Sylphide.
  22. Yes! Of course! I'll email it to some of my ballet friends.
  23. This is my cynical side speaking here, but it sure seems like a great way for Mariinsky to get people to buy extra tickets in order to distance themselves from other audience members.
  24. Thank you @aqualia2008!!! This is fabulous! I especially love the clip from Le Corsaire.
  25. This is very sad news. A wonderful dancer and coach she was. May she rest in peace.
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