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  1. Thank you all so much for your replies to my question. I see on the Bolshoi website that they plan to perform it this September. https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/timetable/ It must be an American tradition to perform it yearly during the holidays.
  2. Hello Fellow Ballet Alerters! Mariinsky and Bolshoi tend to perform Nutcracker throughout the year. Most other companies tend to keep Nutcracker for the holiday season. Does anyone know why this is? Thank you!
  3. This is a super fun compilation. Not sure if anyone has posted it here yet or not.
  4. Thank you for the news @volcanohunter. This was inevitable and I hope that Edward Watson gets the retirement performance that he hopes for. He has been of my favorite male dancers with the Royal Ballet. Dramatic roles seem to be his forte and he has moved me on many occasions. Royal Ballet dancers will be very lucky to have him as a coach!
  5. Lately, I have been reading through many older threads here and I just love this one. Some of my favorites include (in no particular order): -Diana Vishneva -Ekaterina Kondaurova -Anastasia Kolegova -Julie Kent -Ekaterina Shipulina -Yulia Stepanova -Yumi Kaneko -Maria Vinogradova -Maia Makhateli -Anna Tsyganova -Susan Jaffe -Aurelie Dupont -Irina Dvorovenko -Marianna Tcherkassky -Moira Shearer There are so many beautiful dancers that it is hard to choose!
  6. Just finished the Royal Ballet's stream of The Sleeping Beauty. It was fantastic! Just as fantastic as Romeo and Juliet. Fumi Kaneko made a beautiful Princess Aurora. Her Rose Adagio was absolutely stellar. Fumi is also very beautiful. She reminds me a bit of Julie Kent in terms of her facial features. Every variation she danced was pristine and so well rehearsed. Gary Avis stood out to me as one of her foreign suitors in the Rose Adagio. Any ballerina would be lucky to be partnered by him. Frederico Bonelli was princely and performed his role well. First Artist Genna Storm-Jensen was the Lilac Fairy and did a beautiful job. Her variation in the prologue was excellent. All of the fairies were excellent. The corps de ballet looked great. Matthew Ball and Yasmine Naghdi almost stole the show with the Bluebird Pas De Deux. These two are some of the most exciting Royal Ballet principals in my opinion.
  7. Sarah will very much be missed. What a beautiful woman and dancer. She exuded such warmth and gravitas. Best wishes to Sarah for her next chapter!
  8. Just finished watching Snowblind and I loved it. This is the first time I am seeing anything choreographed by Cathy Marston. Had I not read about it first, I would have been a little confused in terms of the corps representing snowfall and the elements. Sarah Van Patten was so powerful and poignant in her portrayal. Mathlide Froustey was very well cast as the young caretaker and was expertly partnered by Ulrik Burkkjaer. This ballet is a dramatic one indeed and may not be loved by all audiences, but I truly enjoy these types of ballets. I thought that the choreography was very effective in showing the depth of emotions that the characters were going through.
  9. Happy Birthday Alexandra!!!!! Thank you for this wonderful place to discuss all things ballet.
  10. Oh aren't they wonderful?!?! Megan just put up an interview with Indiana Woodward which is very interesting.
  11. Agreed on all points, but I did watch the interview with Hammoudi. The video where Isabella Boyton interviews Cynthia Harvey was almost unwatchable and I was unable to get past 10 minutes in. Perhaps I have been spoiled by Megan Fairchild's excellent interviewing skills, but Boylston was lackluster. Cynthia Harvey is a legend to me and needed a better interviewer. ABT is going to need to start upping their level of videos...
  12. Oooooh thank you @Buddy! I love watching dancers take class and I'll definitely tune in for this one!
  13. Just finished Pacific Northwest Ballet's dress rehearsal of Swan Lake. Standout performances for me were Kyle Davis as the Jester, James Moore as Wolfgang, Leta Biasucci is the Pas de trois, as a cygnet, and Neopolitan. Angelica Generosa was also quite fantastic in the Pas de trois. Kyle Davis stole the show for me as the Jester - he is quite a turner! Leta is lovely in everything she does. In this version, Wolfgang dances in the first Act and has a comedic role. The corps de ballet looked really good. The cygnets really impressed me. PNB is more a neoclassical company so my thinking is that their Swan Lake needs to be viewed with the understanding that it won't be like a typical Russian or more classical version. For me, understanding this makes it much more enjoyable. Do I prefer a more classical version? Yes, but I love PNB so they will always get my support. Some of the costumes could be updated or changed - mostly in the 3rd act divertissement. The Princess costumes were a bit fluffy and a couple of them actually had midriff showing which I thought looked strange. But the swan costumes were beautiful. Onto our leads - Noelani Pantastico is a beautiful woman with a feminine body and she used it especially well as Odile. Her Odette was lovely, but I would love for her to extend her arabesques for just a second longer in certain places. Her Odile was great, strong fouettés. Seth Orza was a strong and caring partner. What a handsome dancer he is. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to see them both in Dances At A Gathering.
  14. Sadly, I agree with you. They used to be my absolute favorite company filled with my favorite dancers. It has been a number of years since I have seen them as I feel that their quality has gone down. Hopefully that can recover from this. They'll need to try something different than what they're currently doing as it doesn't seem to be working.
  15. @Buddy thank you so very much for sharing that Mariinsky link. I found the Misdummer Night's Dream to be very enjoyable. It was especially nice to see the beautiful Yana Selina and Zlata Yalinich who has gorgeous legs! Skorik looked lovely in this role.
  16. @volcanohunter thank you os much for taking the time to translate that. It sounds like he said nothing of much importance. Alina Somova is not my favorite Mariinsky ballerina but I did enjoy watching dancers in some of the other roles.
  17. Yes, I'd love to hear the translation for the introduction as well! Alina Somova is not one of my favorite Mariinsky ballerinas, however one cannot help but be charmed by her. Alina radiates a sincere innocence and radiates sunshine. She certainly shines as Princess Aurora. What I admire about her the most is how hard she has worked throughout her career to become the dancer she is today. She naturally has very long and hyperextended legs, extreme flexibility and most likely instability in her ligaments. One can only imagine how difficult it would be to wrangle those lovely long legs of hers. In my opinion, she lacked strength in the beginning of her career and didn't always have full control over her long limbs, but she has gained so much strength and stability and has become a world-renowned ballerina. Kudos to her!
  18. You could be correct as I do not know why she left. If she had gained weight, she certainly lost it as she looks like pure perfection to me. Chinara is very feminine, strong, and gorgeous.
  19. Oh thank thank thank you @Buddy for sharing this! Absolutely I remember Chinara Alizade and I always thought she should be promoted. Well it looks like she is more than prospering at the Polish National Ballet! What a treat to get to see her dance a principal role. Chinara makes an absolutely divine Princess Aurora. Her legs and feet are mesmerizing to my eyes. She also has such a beautiful face. What a lavish production indeed! This was basically a feast for my eyes!
  20. Oh I love this! Thank you VERY much for sharing!
  21. Oh my goodness that was hilarious!!! My favorite part was the "Cat Turd Beach". Thank you so much! Thank you so much Helene!!!
  22. Oh thank you @Helene! The Dolly Parton video looks like will be fantastic. Dolly is like a ray of sunshine! In the hopes of levity, I'd like to share a video I made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYR5BI4c5GA
  23. Bolshoi is streaming Swan Lake live right now!!!
  24. WOW! Thank you for sharing this. What a beautiful performance from the entire cast. From the principals to the corps - great ballet company. The dancer that stood out to me the most was Jeanette Kakareka dancing the walking pas de deus in Emeralds. It looked like she was ademi-soloist in Diamonds as well. Alina Somova was gorgeous, too. Very nice camera work.
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