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  1. Paris Opera director Stéphane Lissner has announced he will leave the head of the company at the end of December (he was due to finish the 20-21 season and leave in July 21) and that he has decided to close both Opera houses for renovation work until the end of November (Bastille) and end of December (Garnier) https://www.operadeparis.fr/en/news/stage-renovation-work-at-the-paris-opera-from-july-2020
  2. POB dancers to thank people working during the lockdown https://youtu.be/OIiG14Ggmu0
  3. Paris Opera Ballet has "closed'. It has stopped morning classes and all rehearsals for at least 15 days.
  4. Following shows are cancelled Manon, from March 13 to April 3 George Balanchine, from March 12 to April 10, Don Giovanni: from March 21 to April 24 The Ballet School production: from March 25 to 30 no information about Alan Lucien Øyen new work which is supposed to start April 11
  5. this was already offered for a week by Paris Opera : you could be redunded of your ticket just by calling or sending a mail telling you're unwell.
  6. it is available from the official Paris Opera Twitter . If you follow the link, you have more details on the 3 shows concerned so far
  7. And the Balanchine bill had already been cancelled 4 times because of the strike
  8. There was a rumour of having Raymonda instead of La Bayadère but perhaps it requires too much soloists just like the Kylian bill at the same time... Kylian is a favorite of POB and Petite Mort and Sechs Tänze are new to the repertoire
  9. 2020-2021 season is out. Due to budget constraints Pierre Lacotte's full length Le Rouge et le Noir after Stendhal is cancelled 22/09/2020 Gala: Défilé/ Shechter/Robbins/Pite The Art of Not Looking Back/In the Night / Seasons’ canon 25/09-17/10/2020 Shechter/Robbins/Pite - The Art of Not Looking Back/In the Night / Seasons’ canon 27/10-14/11/2020 Cherkaoui/Eyal/Ashton – Sheherezade(New Work)/Après-midi d’un faune(New Work)/Rhapsody 4/12/2020-01/01/2021 Kylián - Petite Mort/Doux mensonges/Stepping Stones/Sechs Tänze 10/12/2020-02/01/2021 La Bayadere (Nureyev version) 4-27/02/2021 Ohad Naharin - Sadeh 21 9/03-16/04/2021 Angelin Preljocaj Le Parc (instead of new work Le Rouge et le Noir) 29/03-7/05/2021 Roland Petit Notre Dame de Paris 30/05-26/06/2021 Roland Petit - Le Jeune Homme et La Mort/Carmen/Le Rendez-vous 9-30/06/2021 Romeo and Juliet (Nureyev version)
  10. Really? I don't see who you are talking about then. People from this government are more resigning because of conflicts of interest...
  11. Well it not quite the story. It's Macron's candidate for the election of Mayor of Paris and videos of him masturbating were shown on a website and later on twitter. He withdrew his candidacy.
  12. The strike is not finished but as it is now. The trade unions are only calling the cancellation of Premieres and the shows happening the day of a national strike. These days are decided by the National Unions sometimes from one week to another, so difficult to forecast. The two first shows of Balanchine triple bill have been cancelled but it finally started last Monday.
  13. Eleonora Abbagnato has announced on her INSTAGRAM May 18th as the new date for her farewell . It will be a special evening including the Défilé and pieces by her favorite choreographers (Robbins, Petit, Neumeier, Preljocaj)
  14. well it's even worse for POB dancers because they are obliged to retire at 42 . Mr Philippe already made an exception for police forces so the whole idea that this new system is great is a lie since it's already not good enough for police.
  15. While this is true that this government is not interested in arts (whatever art form) I'm not sure they are that stupid. What they probbly aim at is to suppress the pension at 42 leaving dancers to jump in another job and to get a "normal"pension at 62-4 .
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