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  1. Eleonora Abbagnato has announced on her INSTAGRAM May 18th as the new date for her farewell . It will be a special evening including the Défilé and pieces by her favorite choreographers (Robbins, Petit, Neumeier, Preljocaj)
  2. well it's even worse for POB dancers because they are obliged to retire at 42 . Mr Philippe already made an exception for police forces so the whole idea that this new system is great is a lie since it's already not good enough for police.
  3. While this is true that this government is not interested in arts (whatever art form) I'm not sure they are that stupid. What they probbly aim at is to suppress the pension at 42 leaving dancers to jump in another job and to get a "normal"pension at 62-4 .
  4. Première danseuse Muriel Zusperreguy who has a duet with Alessio Carbone in Body and Soul will retire as well on November 23rd.
  5. I had a look at the Gala programme but this is not specified, just that it is orchestrated by Tony Aubin.
  6. Franceso Mura and Pablo Legasa to Premiers Danseurs
  7. From POB official release Hohyun Kang, Célia Drouy and Clémence Gross promoted to Coryphées Letizia Galloni, Caroline Osmont and Naïs Duboscq promoted to Sujets Sylvia Saint-Martin promoted to Première danseuse
  8. yes, from the official brochure, it's December 15, 21 and 22 at 10:30 and 14:30
  9. Same as for Iolanta 😉... There is a Sol Leon-Paul Lightfoot/Hans Van Manen new triple bill at the same time so it's fair enough ...
  10. From a Parisian perspective, the season looks far better than the previous years... Le Parc is a favorite of both dancers and audience. Balanchine Quatre Temperaments and Concerto Barocco haven't been danced for years : 2003 for Concerto Brocco, 2008 for 4 Temperaments, so it's not bad to give them a chance for the new principals and dancers... Mayerling is a dream for male Etoiles, For me the obvious one is Stéphane Bullion who was so great in the last run of La Dame aux camélias last December and in Onegin last year... These story ballets were also given i the past to the dancers who can act, I can see Premier Danseur Audric Bezard in it... Well, we'll see... I think Iolanta/Casse Noisette was the baby of Stéphane Lissner and it was fully booked a few days after the sales this season... It might be the same for Play although it's during the least favorable month of the season But, yes, the dancers have nothing to dance, so it's probably to please the audience.
  11. it was not specified in the official release. it just talked about the values supported by the institution.
  12. Virginia Gris is now chief stage manager at POB but this would be an interesting move...
  13. Only the 3d act was streamed on the 31rd but the whole ballet will be streamed later as well as in the cinemas
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