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  1. silvermash

    "The great malaise of the Paris Opera Ballet" !!

    well in fact, the reason mentioned for POB administrative action is the usurpation of unionist position. It should be easy to dismiss if it's wrong.
  2. silvermash

    "The great malaise of the Paris Opera Ballet" !!

    Yes but it has been organised in emergency after the cancellation of the US tour... These pieces are easy to travel with little or no stage set...
  3. silvermash

    "The great malaise of the Paris Opera Ballet" !!

    Yes, lifetime contract + POB lacks male soloists and plenty of needs next year (Cinderella and Lady of the Camellias, both in December, Swan Lake (2 Etoile roles), Robbins bill, etc. ) Lorieux comes back with experience so he may be needed…
  4. silvermash

    2017-18 Season

    a problem with fire stage curtain... They had to veryfy all the cables and changed some of them
  5. silvermash

    The Green Table

    The Green table will be given by Ballet de l'Opéra national du Rhin as part of their next season in Mulhouse, Colmar and Strasbourg. http://www.operanationaldurhin.eu/en--dance-2018-2019--spectres-europe-opera-national-du-rhin.html
  6. silvermash

    "The great malaise of the Paris Opera Ballet" !!

    Well there is a management team. An artistic team with a chief ballet master, associate director (and a couple of ballet master) and a dance administrator.
  7. silvermash

    "The great malaise of the Paris Opera Ballet" !!

    It was her choice, it just gives an insight about who she is and how she can think...
  8. silvermash

    "The great malaise of the Paris Opera Ballet" !!

    Although she had said when she was asked about it at first (that is when Hervé Moreau was supposedly already retired) that she would dance with Josua Hoffalt, I don't think that in the case of her retirement show, it was a surprise, that Madame Dupont asked for Roberto Bolle because as I said before, she was known to choose her partners and to avoid series when she could not. By then, as a dancer, she didn't care about the effects it could have inside the company, and for the audience. And although she now may be paying the price, I don’t think she cares either. The best question is what Lissner has in his agenda? In choosing Millepied then Dupont?
  9. she should. It's extremely difficult to keep high level without performing regularly full length ballets and attending company classes.
  10. well usually, galas are for money, being in a company is for art sake
  11. silvermash

    "The great malaise of the Paris Opera Ballet" !!

    Madame Dupont was quite good to manage her career, one might have thought she would be good for others... It's partially true for her favorites. I think she should have a broader view on what is a manager of 154 people and if she could understand that, well maybe...
  12. silvermash

    "The great malaise of the Paris Opera Ballet" !!

    and what does it have to do with her management skills? Madame Dupont was fairly known for choosing her partners even before her retirement show.
  13. silvermash

    "The great malaise of the Paris Opera Ballet" !!

    Well, nothing really new unfortunately, necessary changes after the departure of Brigitte Lefevre were done in a complete amateurism and the dancers are paying a high price. Personally, I don’t read Le Figaro which by the way seems to have become a gossips newspaper. Anyway, it is fairly well known that Madame Bavelier has something against the current management and the past few years has already seen smaller outbursts like that while when Le Figaro was the official sponsor of the opera, she was scarcely reviewing the shows, having only promotional articles before the beginning of any series. Does she miss something?
  14. silvermash

    Annual Concours - March 2nd & 3rd

    Yes, the jury couldn't agree on one dancer... Up to me and most of the people around me, the best was Charline Giezendanner but she's not really in the favour of the direction, so perhaps there was a problem with that...
  15. silvermash

    Annual Concours - March 2nd & 3rd

    Nothing was really that obvious from the concours today, for Pablo Legasa as well as for Paul Marque, no one else stood out... it's is a consensual result up to me. Sébastien Bertaud is an artist who always delivers his full artistry during the concours, unlike some others. He is a true artist and a pure joy to watch.