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  1. it was not specified in the official release. it just talked about the values supported by the institution.
  2. Virginia Gris is now chief stage manager at POB but this would be an interesting move...
  3. Only the 3d act was streamed on the 31rd but the whole ballet will be streamed later as well as in the cinemas
  4. He was not slow in his rise regarding the Concours. He was Premier danseur at 25 I think, which is fair enough. So in a way, he had no problem rising through the Concours. But he was only named Etoile at 33. To become Etoile is the sole decision of the Paris Opera Director. So it took more time to rise to Etoile than to rise to Premier Danseur
  5. Yes I think the "director cut" was the main complain about this production as the choreographers had no word to say about the whole scenario. Everything was written by Tcherniakov, (even the costumes were imposed) and the choreographers had just to fill the spaces indicated. Cherkaoui had the easiest part with the pas de deux, I would not blame Lock or Pita. Pita, up to me is the less interesting because Lock at least could impose his movements that I personally like a lot...
  6. Yes, Swan Lake is in OpĂ©ra Bastille. it works well there. In Nureyev Swan Lake, Rothbart is a very important character and quite often the most interesting of the evening. In any case, it's important that the 2 male dancers are matching well.... Usually the casting for these 3 main roles are known about at least one month before, albeit injuries among the selected dancers but it will come after the winter break... Considering it starts mid-February, the dancers will start rehearsing in December so perhaps we will know it tentatively earlier or at the last minute 😉
  7. The Tribute to Jerome Robbins has been filmed for cinema and TV broadcast with the following cast: Fancy Free Eleonora Abbagnato, Alice Renavand, Aurélia Bellet Stéphane Bullion, Karl Paquette, François Alu Alexandre Carniato A Suite of Dances Paul Marque Afternoon of a Faun Hugo Marchand/Amandine Albisson Glass Pieces Sae Eun Park/Florian Magnenet It is available on culturebox though it may be only available in France? Tribute to Jerome Robbins
  8. You must understand that it was not a farewell, it was just the Défilé and Josua Hoffalt was kindly awarded the right to have this last walk on stage. When you leave the ballet the way he did, you are not entitled to have a farewell and that's why he didn't participate to the Défilé the day before. And that's why it was kept silent to the public and that just the current Etoiles were surrounding him.
  9. Well, you first said she stayed in the wings which is not true and then now you said, ok, she came but she didn't stay center stage. Why would she have done it? She's just the AD, she's not anymore a dancer of the company. Only dancers are on stage the day of the défilé. No one stayed by Josua but the other Etoiles.
  10. Hum, full stop! I was there last night and Aurélie Dupont did come with flowers and kissed Josua Hoffalt. She was the first to come onstage after the défilé.
  11. well in fact, the reason mentioned for POB administrative action is the usurpation of unionist position. It should be easy to dismiss if it's wrong.
  12. Yes but it has been organised in emergency after the cancellation of the US tour... These pieces are easy to travel with little or no stage set...
  13. Yes, lifetime contract + POB lacks male soloists and plenty of needs next year (Cinderella and Lady of the Camellias, both in December, Swan Lake (2 Etoile roles), Robbins bill, etc. ) Lorieux comes back with experience so he may be needed

  14. a problem with fire stage curtain... They had to veryfy all the cables and changed some of them
  15. The Green table will be given by Ballet de l'Opéra national du Rhin as part of their next season in Mulhouse, Colmar and Strasbourg. http://www.operanationaldurhin.eu/en--dance-2018-2019--spectres-europe-opera-national-du-rhin.html
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