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    Yulia Stepanova

    Thank you for livening this thread up. It is great news to hear that she is healthy and performing. Yulia is a gorgeous dancer/actress. Yes please - if anyone has any reviews I'd love to see them as well.
  2. It sounded that way to me, too. That must have been so hard for Lauren to separate from them. With regard to Megan Fairchild's interrupting, I do tend to agree that I would have loved to hear Lauren be able to delve deeper into her story. But I thoroughly enjoyed the interview regardless. Lauren sounds like such an insightful, kind, and honest person. Hearing her voice is delightful! May she have a wonderfully fulfilling life ahead of her.
  3. @Drew it was my pleasure! Chinara always stood out to me when she was with the Bolshoi and I am so happy for her that she is dancing in principal roles. Especially Marguerite in La Dame Aux Camellias.
  4. For the Chinara Alizade fans out there, myself included, here is a video from World Ballet Day with her being interviewed and some performance clips. Her segment starts at 06:10
  5. I've been so busy watching all of the World Ballet Day videos and absorbing all of the beauty. My favorite parts are watching the company classes. Bolshoi's livestream was phenomenal.
  6. @Buddy she is beautiful indeed! Other important roles she's danced include Gulnare in Le Corsaire and Princess Mary in A Hero of Our Time. https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/persons/ballet/1297/
  7. You make great points. Aaron Sanz is a favorite of mine, but I forgot that he was a soloist. Roman Mejia would be the next contender, in my point of view, but I didn't think about the height needs.
  8. Congratulations to Chun Wai Chan! That is great for him, but I am wondering why they would bring in an outside dancer who never studied at SAB when they already have plenty of great male cops men that could be promoted.
  9. @Buddy Here is a Youtube video just added showing the performance that @ellecatalano mentioned. Than you @ellecatalanofor bringing this to my attention. It is PHENOMENAL!
  10. @Buddy I hav eno doubt that they had a successful debut. Elizaveta Kokoreva especially as seen in this Raymonda variation. From seeing this, I'd say she has a bright future!
  11. I couldn't agree more! Those three ballerinas are absolutely the epitome of sunshine. It seems that every major ballet company has a few "sunny" dancers on their roster and these three definitely represent the Mariinsky. Twice I have had to good fortune to see Nadezhda Batoeva perform live. She was Gamzatti and absolutely dazzled with her steely technique and powerful fouettés. She was also the lead couple in Rubies. WOW! She has so much charisma and sass!
  12. @Syzygy Thank you os much for sharing this. What a wonderfully honest essay she has written. Hopefully her openness will inspire others to talk more about this prevalent issue. Just this morning I was listening to an older podcast episode of The Wonderful Dance and Ballet Podcast about this very topic. The episode is from 9/22/2019. Definitely worth a listen.
  13. I am in total agreement with you on Olga Marchenkova. In my opinion, Margarita Shrayner should be next in line. Congratulations to all of the promoted dancers!
  14. Yes - that was wonderful when Shipulina, Kaptsova, and Krysanova were all promoted within weeks of one another. Of course, Krysanova is a bit young than the other two. It is similar to when Isabelle Ciaravola was nominated Etoile at POB in her mid-thirties and Stella Abrera becoming principal at ABT in her mid-thirties. These are not common practices, but when it happens it can be inspiring for other ballet dancers.
  15. WOW! That is fantastic news! Congratulations to Denis Savin! It fills me with joy that Bolshoi promotes dancers regardless of their age as he has been with the company sine 2002. Very well deserved!
  16. Just watched her dancing Princess Aurora Act 3 variation. Yes indeed she sure looks like Maria Iliushkina! What a beautiful dancer Anastasia is. According to her Instagram page, she is a student at Vaganova. If the Mariinsky hires her, I'm sure they'll give her some soloist or leading roles to see how she does.
  17. According to Ruslan Skvortsov's Facebook page, he is now "ex" premiere of Bolshoi status. I so Hope that he will continue to dance as he is one of my favorite male principals with the Bolshoi. He is an amazing parter, too!
  18. Oooooohhhhh! I just watched it and her variation was fabulous! If anyone wants to see it, I found it on Youtube on Clara Arson's channel. Buddy thank you for all of your postings regarding Russian Ballet.
  19. According to this video, it seems that the Beautiful Svetlana Ivanova has retired. Svetlana always lit up the stage whenever she was on it. Each time I have seen the Mariinsky in person, she has always stood out with her delicate beauty, great technique, and gorgeous legs and feet. Wishing her a wonderful next chapter. She will certainly be missed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyQ5qFokTAY&t=0s
  20. That is fantastic news! Wishing a big congratulations to Maria! It is also nice to see that Ekaterina Osmolkina will be getting a Swan Lake this season.
  21. @miliosr Thank you for that link. One of my favorite things is to see company class! The Raymonda rehearsal boasts an impressive cast!
  22. Indeed! It must have been very fresh on his mind. It was nice to get his personal perspective and his trajectory.
  23. Thank you for mentioning that interview. Here is a link to it from 2006. http://auguste.vestris.free.fr/Interviews/JGBartEnglish.html
  24. Very interesting about the Indianapolis 500. It is true that the year is organized by money. Halloween items are already in the stores! Also thank you for the link to the SF Ballet survey.
  25. Thank you for your reply as it really make sense to me why this baller can be enjoyed all year round. When done well, the Nutcracker is truly magical. I remember seeing the Maurice Sendak version for PNB on television many years ago. That was probably my favorite.
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