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  1. So sorry to be reading this. Loved her in many ballets, especially in Namouna (title role). My first thought was that she is way too young to retire but, no, she graduated SAB in 1998 - almost 20 years ago. Yikes, time flies! She participated in the memorable joint performance by SAB and Vaganova Academy students at BAM around Jan or Feb 1998.
  2. The only clue in the mailer about Other Dances casting is the photo of Gillian (alone) on the back, in her OD costume...a far more balletic photo than what's on the cover.
  3. My first thought was "Hooters Ballet Theatre." Let's see a basic professional-ballet look. I thought, for a moment, that I had received a flyer for my local college's amateur year-end workshop.
  4. I've just received my flyer for the ABT fall 2017 season in the mail. Sorry to be so crude but...that has to be the least appealing cover photo for what's intended to be a ballet-marketing brochure. Good grief! They obviously were aiming for the least classical look possible! Yuk. (Those who got it know what I mean...it's not worth acknowledging who is depicted. I feel sorry for the man in the pic, who is a fine dancer and always looks good.) After seeing this, I've decided to completely forego the season & stay in Washington, DC.
  5. Husband & I weren't going to this but have caved in to one performance - Saturday night, whoever may be dancing. Presently it's supposed to be Kondaurova/Askerov/Batoeva....subject to change. The Shades will always be there.
  6. To think that next year marks Petipa's 200th birthday anniversary. I'll be in Moscow in May 2018...but most definitely NOT for this. Hopefully this will not eat into the dates for the Petipa Gala in late May & the planned reconstruction tributes later that summer. Forward with Petipa!
  7. I definitely saw one SL O/O in StP ca 1998 - at least a year before Zubkovskaya died. Her Siegfried may have been Ilya Kuznetsov....who usually danced Von Roth. It was an unusual Odette-Siegfried pairing. (My Russian playbills & albums are at home. I'm currently on work-related travel.) fauxpas, she may have gone to Alexander @ Steps, but...
  8. That was my heyday of living and working in St Petersburg. So glad that you asked this Q, Abatt. Short answer: No-Way-in-H***. Longer answer: Until her mentor Zubkovskaya passed away ca 1999, Part was given occasional chances at major roles (a couple of O/Os, Emeralds "walking pdd girl" role, a Muse in Apollo, etc.) and, of course, that great chance as the first Lilac Fairy in the SB-Vikharev revival in spring '99. After Zubkovskaya died, she danced very little and had gained noticeable weight (for a dancer). For ex., during a 2000 tour of Japan, she danced "Big Swan" to Gu
  9. Just asking, that's all. Trying to find a reason other than ABT's wish to promote others.
  10. Didn't Part have a reputation for being difficult to partner in extended lifts, not just because of her size? The same thing was written about tiny-sized Gelsey Kirkland...that she did not wish to employ the measures to assist the man with the lift, such as deep plié and certain "propulsion" weight-shifting methods. In other words, she expected the man to carry "dead weight" for artistic beauty reasons. If strong men had trouble with tiny Kirkland, imagine with Part (if such talk is true). I could also imagine things said to partners as they tried to work on lifts...maybe choosing
  11. Due to the brevity of the ballets being performed, as well as timing following their respective maternity leaves, you may get Alina Somova and/or Kristina Shapran in California. Shapran definitely back to performing at home; Somova not yet. Remember that Lopatkina returned to performing as Scheherazade in the SCFTA, following her long absence due to a combination of injuries and maternity leave...so maybe this will be Somova's return?
  12. The one Bolshoi dancer who I would have expected to see cast as Nureyev is missing: Artyom Ovcharenko, who played him in the recent TV docudrama.
  13. It's not just the height but the width (large bone structure). It was a problem with partners at the Mariinsky too. That's why she excelled in light-partnering "decorative" roles like Lilac Fairy...the Marie Petipa type. Very few stabs at O-O and other pure-classical roles.
  14. Isn't David Hallberg going to be splitting his time between ABT & Australian Ballet? He'll likely be transferring to a Vishneva-style "periodic Principal" deal. Lendorf may already have this sort of deal, since he splits time between the US & Denmark...although he seems to have been quite active this season. Definitely has pulled his weight.
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