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  1. Thanks Drew. Yes Semenyaka was fantastic. Her bourrees were just breathtakingly smooth and beautiful. Also almost noiseless.
  2. Thank you, Sandik. Where I live, in southeast Michigan, it’s pretty hit or miss what companies that will come on any given year. That being said over the years I have been fortunate enough to see ABT a couple of times: a Julie Kent Giselle in th late 1990s and The Merry Widow with Susan Jaffe in the early 2000s. Also I saw a “Stars of the Bolshoi” program that is a treasured memory of Maria Bylova in Spring Waters. Chicago is not that far away and I did see a Bolshoi Romeo and Juliet there with Lyudmila Semenyaka in th early 1990s. Now that I’m retired and work conflicts are no longer an issue, I hope to see more (or as much as my limited budget will allow).
  3. Hello. My name is Kathleen and I am a long time ballet enthusiast. I was captivated at a young age at seeing Maria Tallchief on television. Although I took a couple of ballet classes (semesters) in college in the early 1970s I’ve never really been any kind of serious student much less dancer but I have great affection and respect for the art and all who dance it. My daily ballet fix I mainly get from YouTube. My favorite ballerinas are mostly the Russians with their glorious epaulment: Alina Somova, Nina Kaptsova, Kristina Shapran, to name just a few. I would dearly love to read a review of the July 12 Somova/Hallberg Giselle from anyone who was so fortunate to be there in person and is so inclined. I’ve. learned a lot reading the Ballet Alert Forum and would like to hear from others who also love ballet.
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