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  1. Revisiting this ballet and this cast yesterday was not just an experience, but a true blessing. All premiere nerves seemed to have worn off everyone and the one major casting switch (Gregory Dean danced the role of Des Grieux instead of Marcin Kupinski) was a thoroughly positive one. Whereas it was the love story between the two leads that made the experience so intense and interesting last time, both Matiakis and Bozinoff had developed nuances to their portrayals of Marguerite and Armand at this point, so that besides a beautiful love story, the two character's individual story arcs came
  2. Lady of the Camellias being my favourite ballet, I was happy to see it return once again, finally, to the Old Stage. I went to see the premiere of the second cast this Saturday and can with an ecstatic heart report back that not only did I rediscover my love for this ballet, but this cast made me love it all the more, all the fresher and all the brighter. Never have I seen the two main characters portrayed so lovingly and sympathetically and never have I had a difficult time deciding whether to look at Armand or Marguerite, when they were both on stage at the same time. This time I did. K
  3. Eva Kistrup's review: http://danceviewtimes.typepad.com/eva_kistrup/2018/09/killing-carmen.html I had a unique experience at the ballet last night. Unique in the sense that for the first time in my almost ten years as a ballet-goer, I left at intermission. The act I watched of Carmen had no connection to the original story (as I experienced it) beyond the beautiful music and a vague Spanish setting that the extremity of the costumes didn't really emphasize. In the photo material for the ballet, I had found the costumes at least appealing, but on stage they didn't w
  4. I attended last night's repremiere of Hübbe and Schandorff's new version of Giselle and it was an experience that truly made up for the traveling time between Aarhus and Copenhagen - and doing said traveling on a workday. The premiere cast was as following: Holly Dorger as Giselle Jonathan Chmelensky as Albrecht Emma Riis-Kofoed as Myrtha (she's only a corps dancer!) Jón Axel Fransson as Hilarion Astrid Elbo and Elenora Morris as two wilies Silvia Selvini and Alexander Bozinoff in the peasant pas de deux Christina Michanek as Bathilde
  5. I don't know how relevant this is to the majority of BA users, since my blog isn't in English, but since I know there is/must be a few people on board who's from the motherland and can read it, I'll link to it anyway. If this isn't allowed, feel free to delete. My blog has two purposes. I write reviews of performances by the RDB that I've attended (and in the future, there might be ballet DVD reviews as well), mostly these are just the Danish and a bit more polished versions of what I write in here. However, the main purpose of my website is to write short, autobiographical, philos
  6. Just watched the wings-angle vlog Joy put up of her Gamzatti in the versus Nikiya scene and I was very impressed. I loved her interpretation of the character, I thought her dramatic skills were absolutely spot on for the first time ever when I've seen her and I'd pay good money to see her in that role. If I got to see her perform it in its entirety, I think there's a good chance she would become one of my favourite Gamzattis.
  7. I really enjoyed Joy here. She looked much more radiant than I've seen her previously and despite the small stage, the orchestra and an inferior partner, she actually made me really feel her Odile. She had a lot of very nice touches and lovely details. Well done, Joy!
  8. Serenade. The RDB's performance of this back in 2009 was my first live experience with ballet and it really was an eye opener. La Sylphide. One of the first ballets I saw (on DVD) and remains my favourite to this day. I'm not necessarily sold on everything Bournonville, but Sylphide is a gem. Swan Lake, though the first production of it that I actually liked was the Zurich Ballet DVD with Polina Semionova. To this day, I prefer the more modern and minimalistic versions than the traditional Russian masterpieces. La Bayadére. My first introduction to Minkus' music and it remains my absolut
  9. Yes! I saw some of those on her Insta and absolutely loved them. Besides being stunningly beautiful pictures, the sentiment is both creative and eloquent. I especially loved the first picture ik the green dress and the last picture in the bluish-white frilly affair. Wonderful!
  10. My favourite ending to Swan Lake will forever remain Hübbe & Schandorff's new version (for RDB) where (after Odette has disappeared off-stage, forever cursed to be a swan) Siegfried is forced by Rothbart to marry Odile. The entire political intrigue of it is wonderful, not to mention that there's something haunting about having to live with the consequences of your mistakes in life, rather than those mistakes necessarily leading to your demise. However, I also really liked the ending to Wright's production for Swedish Royal Ballet. It felt genuine and fittingly dark for the production.
  11. I'm so happy to hear this! Congratulations to her!!
  12. Thank you, NandiFlame, for putting into words (and so beautifully as well) what I have been thinking ever since seeing the general "consensus" about Joy on BA. Joy isn't artistically a favourite of mine, but then again - as you say - I haven't seen a full performance with her. There are glimpses of elements that I could definitely enjoy in her rehearsals, but it often drowns in all the rest. I admire Joy for keeping on fighting, for working so hard and for being willing to show all sides of herself at whatever cost. I only hope that she'll learn to walk the tightrope succesfully and not fall a
  13. I've been following Joy in her latest vlogs and taken a special interest in the role she's currently learning, the first wife in 1001 Nights. She says herself that she's really enjoying it and it shows in rehearsals. The style and the steps seem to fit her very well. I look forward to seeing how it progresses.
  14. Does anyone know of any novels based on or inspired by ballets? I'm not talking bunhead books with ballerina heroines, but books actually based on the plot of a ballet or inspired by a particular performance? I've heard of Lackey's The Black Swan and Claire Legrand's Winterspell (a Nutcracker retelling), but otherwise no. Anyone here have read or know of any?
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