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  1. Revisiting this ballet and this cast yesterday was not just an experience, but a true blessing. All premiere nerves seemed to have worn off everyone and the one major casting switch (Gregory Dean danced the role of Des Grieux instead of Marcin Kupinski) was a thoroughly positive one. Whereas it was the love story between the two leads that made the experience so intense and interesting last time, both Matiakis and Bozinoff had developed nuances to their portrayals of Marguerite and Armand at this point, so that besides a beautiful love story, the two character's individual story arcs came
  2. Lady of the Camellias being my favourite ballet, I was happy to see it return once again, finally, to the Old Stage. I went to see the premiere of the second cast this Saturday and can with an ecstatic heart report back that not only did I rediscover my love for this ballet, but this cast made me love it all the more, all the fresher and all the brighter. Never have I seen the two main characters portrayed so lovingly and sympathetically and never have I had a difficult time deciding whether to look at Armand or Marguerite, when they were both on stage at the same time. This time I did. K
  3. Eva Kistrup's review: http://danceviewtimes.typepad.com/eva_kistrup/2018/09/killing-carmen.html I had a unique experience at the ballet last night. Unique in the sense that for the first time in my almost ten years as a ballet-goer, I left at intermission. The act I watched of Carmen had no connection to the original story (as I experienced it) beyond the beautiful music and a vague Spanish setting that the extremity of the costumes didn't really emphasize. In the photo material for the ballet, I had found the costumes at least appealing, but on stage they didn't w
  4. I attended last night's repremiere of Hübbe and Schandorff's new version of Giselle and it was an experience that truly made up for the traveling time between Aarhus and Copenhagen - and doing said traveling on a workday. The premiere cast was as following: Holly Dorger as Giselle Jonathan Chmelensky as Albrecht Emma Riis-Kofoed as Myrtha (she's only a corps dancer!) Jón Axel Fransson as Hilarion Astrid Elbo and Elenora Morris as two wilies Silvia Selvini and Alexander Bozinoff in the peasant pas de deux Christina Michanek as Bathilde
  5. The site for Jewels has been updated with an amazingly beautiful photo header of Holly Dorger in Diamonds costume... It seems casting for Emeralds (I think) has gone up for all dates as well, although Rubies and Diamonds casting still hasn't been announced. I have tickets for the premiere on the 22nd of April and am so amazingly excited for this ballet, that I can barely wait. Is anyone else planning on going for this?
  6. It very much did, Drew. At least if you ask me. It was a generally smooth, well-danced and entertaining program. Pleasing on the eye.
  7. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to revisit the Ballet the Luxe program yesterday and from seats way up front, so the experience was an entirely new one, although the cast was (for the most part) the same as the premiere cast. Yesterday the Queen also attended and it was quite the buzz amongst the audience, like it often seems to be. Seeing Sebastian Haynes and Amy Watson up close in Flower Festival made me appreciate them in the piece even more and the music was beautiful this time around, too. Especially Haynes did an amazing job with some stunning jumps and leaps an
  8. Giselle (w/ Ida Praetorius and Andreas Kaas in the leads) was broadcast on DR K yesterday and seems to be available from the DR K website here: https://www.dr.dk/tv/se/opera-og-ballet-det-kgl-teater-tv/-/giselle-ballet-fra-det-kgl-teater I'm watching this from Denmark, so I don't know if there will be any issues with watching it from other locations around the world...
  9. I always feel extremely privileged to be able to follow the ballet as closely as I do. I'm happy to share my experiences with the people of BA!
  10. On the 17th of this month, I watched Giant Steps at the Old Stage and was very enamoured with this collection of modern masterpieces. The programme starts out with McGregor's Infra, followed by Kylián's Falling Angels and finishing off very strongly with Khan's Vertical Road. Of the three, I will have to pick Infra as the weaker link, while both Falling Angels and Vertical Road were strong, genuine and intense dance experiences, but this is not to say that Infra wasn't an entertaining piece of choreography, its very specific setting - centering on the London terror atta
  11. I went to the premiere of this gala programme and thoroughly enjoyed myself. From start to finish, the quality of the dancing was excellent and it was lovely to hear the audience embrace the format so loudly with lots of cheering and applause, too. Of the three acts, I thought the first act with its Bournonville focus was the weakest link where Jon Axel Fransson and Kizzy Matiakis in the Wilhelm Tell PDD made for the best part with lots of high spirits and solid dancing. I think I would have loved Amy Watson and Sebastian Haynes in the Flower Festival PDD, if I didn't think the orc
  12. I know Corpus is now its own company, but I didn't know where else to post this review and since Interpassivities does employ dancers from the Royal Danish Ballet, I thought the subject was well-suited enough to go here. If this is wrong, please feel free to move or delete it! That said, I witnessed something akin to a miraculous event, when I attended the combined efforts of Jesper Just and Corpus, the performance “Interpassivities” in A-salen yesterday. Within the white/black/grey color scheme of the room, six dancers (Susanne Grinder, Ulrik Birkkjær, Alexander Stæger, Jon Axel F
  13. I watched Dans2Go last night and had a very enjoyable evening all-together. The highlight of the evening was definitely Starpov's Beginning and Ending which I loved almost everything about. I thought it was a moving story that the choreographer had wrapped in great costumes and embraced with lovely music, his pas de deux's especially were sublime, both the PDD between the fiancee and the writer and later, the PDD between the writer and the guardian figure. Sebastian Haynes as the writer was a sight for sore eyes, the elements of dancing that the writer had were wonderfully executed
  14. I really look forward to catching this programme and am kind of crossing my fingers that I'll be seeing the first cast in Other Dances, Crandall especially looked absolutely stunning in the trailer. I'm curious about the choice of costume for Konservatoriet and although I can understand the critique it's earned (that the clothes don't lend to the dance style, etc.), I personally find the idea of updating the dance school setting to modern day with everything it entails very unique and interesting. Whether it works on stage, I suppose I'll get to see.
  15. Dans2Go premiering tonight on Gamle Scene. Anybody going tonight or at some other point during the run? I'll be seeing this mixed bill on the 18th of next month and I just can't wait. It'll be my first introduction to Konservatoriet (in part) by Bournonville, but I do look forward to seeing some of his choreography brought back this season and casting looks really interesting. Victorine is danced by Lena-Maria Gruber tonight and Caroline Baldwin in second cast. Eliza is danced by Camilla Ruelykke tonight and by Holly Dorger in second cast. The ballet master is Alexander Stæger and
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