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  1. Mashinka

    Svetlana Zakharova

    That's very true, it's Sutherland all the way for me. You may be interested to hear I've just been given a ticket for a singing hologram of Callas, future for performing arts? Mind you if they could create a hologram of Fonteyn and Nureyev.....
  2. Mashinka

    Bolshoi Ballet Summer 2019 ROH London Residency

    I'm bitterly disappointed they are not bringing the Nureyev work particular after the taster in the Russian Icons gala, however the Hochhausers always get to decide the rep. To be blunt the last London Bolshoi season was sub standard, with a number of performances under par let down by some of the ballerinas so I very much hope they announce who they are bringing in advance. In addition to Krysanova I'm hoping for Alexandrova and Obraztsova, and a friend who went to Milan is positively raving about Alyona Kovalyova so I'm hoping she'll repeat her Nikiya here. As far as Swan Lake is concerned with the RB producing another dud, my memory of Grigorovich's Swan Lake turns golden in comparison, so if they field a good enough O/O I'd like to go back to it. Like to add I'm surprised to hear Mikhail Lobukhin dances Spartacus. With his amazing acting abilities I would have thought him better cast as Crassus. Who has danced both roles in that ballet? Off the top of my head I can only think of one.
  3. Mashinka

    Yulia Stepanova

    I'll start with a disclaimer and say that despite having seen countless productions of Swan Lake I do not claim to be an expert on Swan Lake. St Petersburg Ballet Theatre sadly doesn't credit anyone with staging their version, but it is closest to the Kirov in choreography and spirit in spite of minor differences, many purely logistical. The company's St Petersburg base means it has always relied on Vaganova School dancers, e.g. Kolesnikova, Glurjidze, Kolegova and the teaching staff from the beginning has been made up of ex Kirov A-listers. For example Alla Osipenko was a long time coach with the company, and my guess is one of them did the staging. It is always possible to contact Konstantine Tatchkin, the company's very amiable founder, on social media and ask him directly if he could supply details.
  4. After the Giselle that he was forced to abandon half way, this was a chance for me to see what the Osipova/Hallberg partnership actually looks like and I have to say they suit each other very well. Osipova has an almost impetuous element to her dancing that contrasts well with Hallberg, a cool dude by comparison. Since Acosta left the RB Osipova has danced with a variety of partners with varying degrees of success, I see no reason why Hallberg shouldn't partner her at the RB in the future as this is a partnership that deserves to be nurtured. As far as the programme goes, I had a few reservations about a couple of items, but they all showed off Osipova's versatility very well, the piece by Ratmansky was the audience's favourite judging by the volume of well deserved applause it received. A well balanced evening and a pleasure to see some Tudor danced in London again at long last.
  5. Mashinka

    Bolshoi Ballet Summer 2019 ROH London Residency

    Delighted about Bright Stream, surprised they're bringing Bayadere in the same season the RB's dancing it . What do we have to do to see Raymonda again?
  6. Mashinka

    Bolshoi at Teatro alla Scala

    Birdsall, thanks so much for giving us your thoughts, and thanks also to Laurent for some historical background. I recently read a theory that these old 'forgotten' operas are being revived to provide the opera audience with 'new' works as there is not much take up with contemporary discordant works. In London this summer we got to see the world premiere of Donizetti's L'Ange de Nisida (1839) in a concert version with professional singers. When the opera was first written the theatre company in Paris due to perform it went bankrupt the opera was never performed. Donizetti went on to use the best bits in later works. I sometimes go to student performances but they lack the polish of professionals, the odd choreography can't have helped the overall impression either, operas of that period were so dependant on lengthy ballet sequences. Agree Medee is wonderful.
  7. Mashinka

    Nureyev Production and News

    They change the name of the country but nothing else changes. Remember the Panovs?
  8. Mashinka

    Bolshoi at Teatro alla Scala

    If you would be so kind as to comment also on Ali Baba, I would be very, very, grateful.
  9. Mashinka

    Blackface in the Bolshoi's La fille de pharaon

    Looking at the present Bolshoi line up, I don't see a natural Spartacus in the ranks. A guest might be a good idea, Brooklyn Mack perhaps? Agree about Carlos Acosta, by far the best Spartacus this century.
  10. Mashinka

    Yulia Stepanova

    Haters? Rather a loaded term. Ballet is now too much of a minority art form to produce legends and though it would be fun to compile a list of present day performers that might have become legends in another era, I think the valid and objective views of others here would exclude Stepanova from such a list.
  11. That was not my point at all, but I'm aware that there are now more travelling fans that support various dancers. It has always been the case that criteria differs between ballet centres, what cuts no ice in London may go down a storm elsewhere and vice versa. Fonteyn by the way was born in 1919, so to have seen her when she was in her forties you would need to have been an adult by 1969, e.g. 70+.
  12. Mashinka

    Bolshoi Ballet Summer 2019 ROH London Residency

    I'd opt for the RB.
  13. Trust me, people who saw Fonteyn (most dead by now) loved line and musicality something in which Stepanova is mostly lacking. Funny the survivors from those days don't post. Looking at her IG profile, she appears to be from South Africa, I think I've made my point.
  14. Possibly, but a Londoner?
  15. In London? I very much doubt it.