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  1. Two of London's landmark buildings, the Royal Albert Hall and the south bank Globe were in serious risk of closure so the money came just in time, the weekend before theatres throughout the country staged a demonstration by way of decking the facades with ribbons. The last great disaster to hit was the second world war and in Britain at that time there was a surge of artistic activity in the ballet world despite conscription taking out a generation of male dancers. Having done a lot of reading during lockdown I can't help thinking that if someone of the calibre of Mona Inglesby was around today, a way would be found to get those dancers stuck at home onto some sort of stage. Theatres bombed? No problem. Dance in cinemas, dance in factories, dance in holiday camps. There has to be a way to get people back on a stage. No danger in dancing a solo. Or a pas de deux with a co-habiting partner. A challenge for clever choreographers to keep dancers apart? Open air seems the solution, the restrictions on theatres opening on the continent wouldn't tempt me into a theatre, only single tickets sold, no interval, no refreshments, no toilets and an orderly departure strictly supervised by ushers. Then there is the question how much will this cost? Prices will have to surge to make up the loss from all the empty seats. Not sure audiences will embrace that particular aspect of 'new normal'.
  2. Right now money to keep venues open is the priority. We are told there is no possibility of theatres opening this year. However with outdoor activities being approved of I'm surprised no one has shown any initiative to stage outside performances. Not ideal of course but with stewards to maintain social distancing it is actually a possibility. Might even bring in the so badly needed fresh audiences.
  3. We may have to wait for a viable vaccine before theatres re-open, 6-18 months is the general opinion.
  4. The Opera House has now notified patrons that the entire season is now cancelled.
  5. Can't speak for middle America but they definitely noticed in Britain. Quite a lot of detail on this libel case on line, but here are the bare bones. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberace_v_Daily_Mirror
  6. Perhaps to you, but not to anyone else.
  7. Asking to keep ticket money is one thing but not sure that in the current circumstances it's wise for some patrons to do so. One of the regulars I know is likely to find himself unemployed after all this and perhaps the world in the aftermath is a more frightening prospect than the actual virus.
  8. Most of this is bewildering to me. I used to know a former Trock, he had a great sense of humour and I always naively imagined that was the primary requirement, 'Drag' has always been popular this side of the pond but has a very different form. Here's the Irish version. Used to work the other way too. Vesta Tilley is still remembered as Burlington Bertie and a few years later Marlene Dietrich dressed as a man and kissed a woman in a nightclub before joining the camp followers and following the legionnaires across the desert. In the end it's all just entertainment. Isn't it?
  9. Here in the UK we applaud the medical profession on Thursdays, we come out of front doors, stand on balconies or lean from windows to clap, shout and cheer, next time I do this I'll be thinking of doctors and nurses worldwide. We're all in this together. https://www.theguardian.com/world/gallery/2020/mar/26/clap-for-carers-applauding-the-nhs-during-coronavirus-in-pictures
  10. All sorts of things get brushed under the carpet at the RB and inquiries tend to be damage limitation jobs. This outcome is pretty much as I expected.
  11. No, the government wants the population to catch the virus to develop 'herd immunity'. Worrying if like me you're over seventy with asthma. The Astana Ballet in Kazakhstan plans to perform as usual without an audience and live stream the performance. Good idea.
  12. Covent Garden remains open as do all theatres in London though there is some evidence that ticket sales are declining in the West End. ROH has very elderly audiences compared with other European houses, especially for ballet and I think they should consider closing the House during the day when all and sundry wander in and should open an hour before performances, strictly for ticket holders only.
  13. Domingo's London performances have now been cancelled. The timing is a disgrace, they sold the tickets and then made the decision. People will have booked flights to London to see him, were I one of them I would be seeking compensation. My in box is overflowing with email messages of anger from outraged opera fans this morning. Putting aside other considerations the ROH can't afford ill will in a season where attendances have dropped off a cliff. The sheer dishonesty of promising a singer, getting in the money and then announcing that he won't be singing is downright theft in my opinion..
  14. The Grigolo incident caused bemusement, as he appears to have touched an extra's prosthetic belly during a curtain call in front of a couple of thousand people. The RO is struggling to sell seats this season and the truly ghastly, highly unpopular production of Lucia scheduled later is unlikely to sell at all without Grigolo. Domingo is still singing throughout Europe and despite his declining vocal abilities and the unsavoury accusations still has a massive fan base partly made up of travelling fans. Don Carlo is likely to be a sell out. I smell hypocrisy too.
  15. Just heard the news that the great Kirk Douglas has passed away. He was 103, so a terrific innings. May he rest in peace.
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