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  1. Fakirs exist in both the Hindu and Islamic religions, they are mendicant monks and in many cases dervishes. They are not necessarily lower caste, in fact in Islam there are no castes. All that unites them are vows of poverty,
  2. There is no equivalent to the English letter H in the Russian language, the closest you get is X, roughly pronounced kh. H in Russian script is pronounced N, e.g. Nureyev in Russian script is written as Hypeeb. To give you an example, Hamlet (play and ballet) in Russia is known as Gamlet. In his 'Complete Book of Ballets' Beaumont refers to Gamsatti, the only difference I can find
  3. To the best of my knowledge this was created as a one off for a gala, a sensational piece, I remember it still. Wayne Eagling was labelled as a MacMillan dancer, but he always looked very at home in Ashton's ballets, e.g. Fille and Cinderella. Papillion was very much crafted to match Eagling's unique abilities, I rather think Sir Fred admired Eagling as much as MacMillan did. Hard to say, but he always seemed very happy dancing Colas, so I imagine that ballet at least will stay in the rep.
  4. I am so very sorry to hear this news about Steven Macrae, he has had a number of injury problems and this must be a dreadful blow to him despite his stoical reaction. In my view he is is unique and in many ways there is no one who can replace him, I accept the show must go on, but I may well finish up returning my tickets. However I would much prefer the elegant, ever classical Hirano to the lumbering Reece Clarke.
  5. If they're just doing Carmen it's going to be a very short evening.
  6. Really? I wouldn't describe former partners Carlos Acosta, Ivan Vasiliev or Sergei Polunin as unobtrusive. I've always admired Osipova best when she's been paired with dancers that match her emotional intensity on stage.
  7. They are done to death though. Empty seats at Mayering and rows of empty seats for Manon last Saturday.
  8. A bit off topic but a jolly good read about temple dancers in modern India. Note the reference to the high caste of the surviving dancer. Had Nikiya married Solor she may have been marrying beneath herself, though as a warrior Solor would have been the same caste as Gamzatti as the princes were traditionally from the warrior caste. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/profaned-dancing-returns-to-the-temple-1525034.html
  9. I'm getting a flurry of emails from RB fans but speculation is just that, nobody has any inside information on this. I'm gutted that we're not getting the Ratmansky. Dances at a Gathering fell flat when it was revived a few years ago, I'd rather hoped they'd drop it. Looking on the bright side there are a number of young men who would look good in Prodigal Son. It would be a wonderful first leading role for mega talented Joseph Sissons.
  10. That is quite extraordinary, there should be an explanation for such radical changes. Not happy about this at all, anyone know what's happening?
  11. I agree, once he had been exposed, other women came forward with their complaints, up to and including rape. He was in line to be the next French president, that never happened, ironic that the two incumbents of the post since that incident have been useless, with the lowest approval rating in history. Macron currently has a mere twenty per cent last time I looked, though his mishandling of the yellow vest protesters may have driven him down further.
  12. Good point. Strauss Kahn was finally caught out in the US despite a history of abusing women in France.
  13. I asked an expert regarding the Italian fouettes. He says the DQ dances them in the choreography attributed to Petipa used by the Maryinsky however they weren't in the Bolshoi's traditional Gorsky version despite certain Dulcineas choosing to perform them, e,g, Maximova, N. Pavlova. So it seems who dances what is now a matter of choice at the Bolshoi, as last week's Don Q's proved.
  14. That's pretty much what I expected, European attitudes do tend to be a lot different in these cases.
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