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  1. John Clifford recently posted this lovely rehearsal video of that 1945 version pas de deux (including the now-Symphony in C second movement ending) as taught by Franklin to Julie Kent and Nikolaj Hübbe.
  2. I love the idea--I've ordered a bunch that have been discussed here, and this does eliminate some searching--and it's easy to see when I check for new posts. (One can get back to Amazon's home page by clicking on their logo at the bottom of the mini-store listings.) Question, though--does BT benefit from clicking on the mini-store like it does when one clicks on the Amazon bannerhead at the top? I would like my shopping to benefit BT whether or not it's a ballet-related item I'm looking to purchase.
  3. I also caught part of "Ballerina" on the Disney Channel while flipping through the channels one restless night a few years ago. It was broadcast in two parts on consecutive nights, so I only saw the second half that I'd happened upon. I too got a kick out of it, corny as it was. (I understand the cast also found it rather entertaining when they saw the final product.) Do send a bulletin to the board if it ever materializes again--I'd love to see the whole thing!
  4. I'll chime in with those who recommended the Renoir films, especially Rules of the Game--it's one of my all-time favorites, too. Good luck (hope your VCR doesn't let you down after all this!), and we look forward to your review upon your return!
  5. It is a rather odd review, isn't it--from Nilsen's descriptions of Agon and Serenade to this unfortunate typo (his or the editor's?): "Ballet Arizona imported star dancer Nikolaj Hübbe from the New York City Ballet for the lead roll." I am glad to read of the company's overall success; sounds like Andersen's doing a great job.
  6. Hi Alexandra--When you have a chance, could you re-send with the link or excerpted article? It doesn't appear to have come through. Thanks!
  7. I agree with those above, especially "Serenade" and "Rubies." I'd also add "La Bayadère" (POB/Nureyev production), the harem scene in "Abdallah," and DTH/Holder's "Dougla"--always stunning....I'm sure I'm forgetting others!
  8. Also from Mme. Hermine's Links, news that several TWB dancers are staging union benefit performances: Playbill article A similar article also appeared in the February 24 Washington Post: Washington Post article "The dancers say they have invited Artistic Director Septime Webre, Executive Director Jason Palmquist and the Washington Ballet board members. Yesterday, Webre said he would attend at least one performance to support the dancers." Let's hope the latest developments as reported by these various sources result in progress for all concerned--dancers, management, and the Washington B
  9. According to the company's website, I'm sorry to report that tomorrow's performance has been cancelled: PRESS STATEMENT Issued December 14, 2005, 5:00 p.m. Despite the utmost efforts of The Washington Ballet to satisfy the concerns of the dancers of The Washington Ballet – including agreeing to sign an Interim Agreement to enable the parties to continue bargaining without interruption – the American Guild of Musical Artists, AFL-CIO, which represents the dancers, has informed the company that it will strike The Nutcracker beginning on Thursday, December 15. In light of this tragic news a
  10. Alexandra Ansanelli is appearing with Suzanne Farrell Ballet at this week's Kennedy Center run; I'm sure others will chime in with more details on that thread, but I thought it might be of interest to this discussion as well. Quite a pleasant surprise for those of us in DC, that's for sure!
  11. Alas, I'm not having any success, either, even using Real Player. What a shame (for me)--it sounds like a fantastic opportunity. Enjoy!
  12. Not to get too off track from the real topic of discussion...I wouldn't blame the wardrobe person either--Romeo is dressed in the same monk's (floor-length and hooded) garb as more than a dozen others and enters in near-darkness with that procession; it is also quite dark and crowded backstage as the scene begins. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I've ever seen a dresser tell a dancer when to remove warm-up gear. Indeed, it was an unfortunate oversight but not hard to understand how it happened. (In the present instance, however, it does stike me that black wool with a pink tutu and tigh
  13. I came across this old thread while perusing the board and thought it might be interesting to reread in light of last week's run...some wishes do come true!
  14. It sure didn't look like Hubbe or Kolpin--and it definitely wasn't Arne Villumsen--but I couldn't be certain it was Greve. Irma looked more like Henriette Muus, and her friends seemed to be Petrushka (sp?) Broholm and Claire Still or Karina Elver. The Harem Queen looked like Caroline Cavallo. (Had the lights been dimmed and the focus sharpened, it might have been easier to put names to faces.) I was a bit disappointed the video wasn't allowed to run long enough to watch for credits, and Hans' plot description would have been helpful for those who were unfamiliar with the ballet prior to wa
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