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  1. John Clifford recently posted this lovely rehearsal video of that 1945 version pas de deux (including the now-Symphony in C second movement ending) as taught by Franklin to Julie Kent and Nikolaj Hübbe.
  2. Where's the common sense? Crinkly wrappers are bad enough, but the other night in the Kennedy Center's Opera House I was dismayed to see the woman next to me open and proceed to sip from a bottle of Diet Coke during the performance. Not only was there a risk she might somehow spill it, it was very distracting and obstructed the view of the people seated behind her. I don't begrudge someone discreetly stowing bottled water or soda in their purse while they are in the auditorium, but as well as theater policy it's a matter of respecting the performers as well as your fellow audience. (Bevera
  3. Nicole Graniero's bio is already up on Washington Ballet's website: http://www.washingtonballet.org/sitewide-bios/graniero-nicole
  4. Here's a press release in English (from Ballet News website): http://balletnews.co.uk/mikhailovsky-ballets-nacho-duato-to-head-staatsballett-berlin/
  5. Perhaps Max could dance Prince Gremin that evening....
  6. Great news! "A version of the exhibition originated at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum in 2010, but the National Gallery’s adaptation will include more than 50 additional pieces on loan from museums around the world, including Dansmuseet in Sweden and the National Gallery of Australia." http://www.washingto...0eb9_story.html
  7. Bintley's Still Life at the Penguin Cafe--penguins and a Great Auk.
  8. http://www.balletcompanies.com is a handy resource for company sites around the world.
  9. Looks like the Wilmington set to me....
  10. Among the songs for a medley/one-act, I'd love to see what someone could do with "Not a Day Goes By" (with or without the lyrics)....
  11. The stage floor itself probably exacerbated the noise; it appeared to be built up about three or four inches, no doubt to create a kinder surface for jumps, etc.
  12. Michele Wiles and Cory Stearns are scheduled to guest in the Wilmington (DE) Ballet/Academy of the Dance's production on December 19 and 20.
  13. I believe I saw "The Duel" performed a few times by Pennsylvania Ballet, probably late 60s or early 70s....
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