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  1. "Funny" you should mention this. The mention of Garcia's name has had me thinking that dancers (particularly male dancers) at San Francisco Ballet who decamp for other pastures are rarely seen with the company again, even as guests. The only one I can think of who left and then returned in some capacity is Aaron Robison.
  2. I'll play . . . I would add Ashley Wheater to the pool of candidates who have worked under Helgi Tomasson and have since acquired directorship experience. But he is secure at the Joffrey Ballet and wouldn't gain all that much moving up a little further on the hierarchy of American ballet companies. Not only do Vanessa Zahorian and Davit Karapetyan know the repertory by heart but they would bring a certain glamour to the directorship. Karapetyan also has a lot of contacts in the Euro dance world. But they seem settled with their academy in Pennsylvania. I would throw in Felipe D
  3. Bumping up this thread because I don't think the late, great Diahann Carroll got a remembrance when she passed on in October 2019. Here, Carroll's character, Dominique Deveraux, meet Alexis Colby (Joan Collins) for the first time: Alexis Colby and Dominique Deveraux - Shade Fest - YouTube Also bumping up this thread because Dynasty turned 40 years old on January 12th! To celebrate, here's a fun feature about the Filoli estate in California, which served as the exterior of the Carrington mansion on Dynasty, and whose interior inspired the soundstage sets used on the show: Bobbing
  4. I didn't mind the defile with the masks although I would have liked for the House of Chanel to have created special masks for the event. I don't know how I feel about the ending bows with no applause -- weird or haunting (or both?) (Shallow person that I am, I definitely missed the applause-o-meter for the etoiles and premieres.) In the Night worked best within the context of the deserted opera house. Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude showed off new etoile Paul Marque to perfection. And Hugo Marchand has the rock star hair going on!
  5. Actress Diana Millay, who played the supernatural Phoenix during the present day and in 1897 on Dark Shadows, died on January 8th at the age of 85. In this clip, she unwisely antagonizes Angelique: Laura Collins Tries to Kill Barnabas~1897 - YouTube
  6. If the 'Guest Star Era' of 2010-1015 (roughly) didn't sour McKenzie's relations with the ABT Board, then I don't think there has been anything since (up to and including the Sarah Lane situation) that would have put him in jeopardy. For the sake of argument, though, let's say that McKenzie retires after 30 hears at the helm. Before the company hires one or more artistic directors, I think they need to answer the following questions: What kind of company does ABT want to be in the 21st century? What financial resources does the company have at its disposal to realize this visio
  7. For New Year's, I watched Holiday Inn (1942) - which has Christmas and New Year's content! To say that Holiday Inn is problematic would be the understatement of the year. The blackface "Abraham" number really is as terrible as its critics have said. What makes it especially bad is that everyone working at the inn when "Abraham" is performed is in blackface -- the band, the waiters and waitresses, even the coat check girl! The other thing that bothers me about Holiday Inn is the relationship between Marjorie Reynolds' character on the one hand and those of Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire
  8. danceviewtimes has reviewed the livestreamed performance: To Everything There is a Season - danceviewtimes
  9. The Limon company livestreamed a performance from Kaatsbaan last Saturday night and they dedicated the performance to Betty Jones. The livestream also included a brief feature about her long career as a dancer with Limon and as a teacher of the technique. I didn't write about the performance because this thread attracts so little attention that there was no point to it. I registered for the livestream so I'm still able to access it on Vimeo until Wednesday. I don't know if it's freely available on Vimeo otherwise -- it might be.
  10. I rewatched Words and Music (1948) which, technically, isn't a Christmas film. But M-G-M did release it in December 1948 as one of the studio's big releases for the holiday season. If it's possible for a bad movie and a great movie to co-exist in the same "body," Words and Music shows how. The "bad" part is the highly fictionalized story of songwriters Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. The outright fabrications and omissions (i.e. Hart's sexuality) aren't helped any by Mickey Rooney's over-the-top playing as Hart and Tom Drake's stolid playing as Rodgers. The mawkish (and ludicrous) ending
  11. David Vaughan David Vaughan (dance archivist) - Wikipedia
  12. From a 1984 Dance Magazine review of Bugaku: "Why is it that almost every choreographer has to do a Japanese ballet? There's a whole set of cliches none of them escapes: flexed feet, stamps in second position, turned-in knees, curled fingers. They're all in Bugaku, which seems to be deeply offensive in its vulgarity and its exploitation of the woman, who is put into a series of ungainly positions; the man promenades her with her bottom uppermost, in fact he does everything but put her in a half nelson. Inevitably, Heather Watts, who always gets the living pretzel roles, was cast as the br
  13. I just read the news on various Instagram accounts. Not a surprise in terms of talent and the POB was fairly depleted in terms of male etoiles anyway. Now as for Mr. Alu . . .
  14. The New York Observer has picked up on events at Miami City Ballet: https://observer.com/2020/11/ballet-companies-body-shaming-kathryn-morgan/
  15. The New York Times has published an obituary for Betty Jones: Betty Jones, Founding Member of Limón Troupe, Dies at 94 - The New York Times (nytimes.com)
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