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  1. Dance Magazine has published this tribute to Betty Jones: Former Limón Star and Teacher Betty Jones, 94, Has Died - Dance Magazine
  2. The Limon Company has announced on its Instagram account that founding company member Betty Jones has died. Jones was a key member of the company for two decades -- she was the original Desdemona in The Moor's Pavane -- and taught the Limon technique for decades. Daniel Lewis wrote of her: "In the rocky period after Doris [Humphrey's] death, a quiet, steady development in Limon technique had been taking place at Juilliard with Betty Jones, Ruth Currier, Lucy Venable and June Dunbar adding some of their own ideas and helping Jose refine the technique. Betty Jones became the principal tutor
  3. Well, their most recent publicly available IRS Form 990 (dated May 2019) lists $304.5 million in net assets. But, in fairness, nearly two-thirds of that amount is restricted and, with little to no revenue coming in, they could blow through a fair share of the remainder in no time if they kept expenses like salaries on the books.
  4. Clotilde Vayer is set to become the new ballet director at Teatro San Carlo in Naples, succeeding Giuseppe Picone: https://www.danzaedanza.com/it/news/nuova-direttrice-al-san-carlo.html https://napoli.repubblica.it/cronaca/2020/10/30/news/clotilde_vayer_nuovo_direttore_del_balletto_del_teatro_san_carlo_di_napoli-272455189/ "NAPLES Clotilde Vayer is the new director of the Corps de ballet of the Teatro di San Carlo. Announced by the Neapolitan opera foundation itself, Vayer, current maître de ballet associée à la direction de la danse at the Ballet de l'Opéra in Paris, will take
  5. I haven't but it's on my to-do list. The Brussels period is the part I'm interested in reading about. It was a creative period for Morris (perhaps his most creative) but it a disaster of sorts in terms of his relations with the Belgian audience. And I'm not sure that he has ever recovered in Europe in terms of his works finding their way into company repertories.
  6. Next up on my viewing list this Halloween season was the 1981 slasher film Just Before Dawn. Truthfully, though, Just Before Dawn isn't exactly a slasher film even though it came out at the height of the slasher craze in 1981. It has more in common with a movie like Deliverance than it does with something like Friday the 13th. SPOILERS AHEAD Synopsis: Five college-age campers decide to go camping in a heavily wooded mountain area. Despite warnings from forest ranger George Kennedy (whose ranger station is the last outpost of civilization) about not entering this remote area, the camp
  7. With the President of France announcing a new lockdown today, I imagine this program won't make it to the stage in November. And what of La Bayadere in December?
  8. The company definitely has an age problem with its male principals. Not only are Ask la Cour and Gonzalo Garcia retiring but they have another cohort of dancers who will be at or near 40 by fall 2021: Jared Angle -- apprentice (1998)/corps (1998) Amar Ramasar -- apprentice (2000)/corps (2001) Daniel Ulbricht -- apprentice (2000)/corps (2001) Andrew Veyette -- apprentice (2000)/corps (2000)
  9. I was thinking about that today. To be able to say, "I can remember going to see Garbo in Camille when I was in high school!" My favorite Marge and Gower Champion dance and one of my favorite 50s era M-G-M musicals moments:
  10. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/22/arts/dance/marge-champion-dead.html?searchResultPosition=1 Sad to see another member of 50s-era M-G-M musicals leave us but, at 101, she certainly had a rich, full life (with its share of heartbreak.)
  11. I moved on to something "lighter" this Halloween season with one of my favorite Charlie's Angels episodes, "Haunted Angels" from Season 3 (original air date: 10/25/78). Synopsis: When wealthy Claire Rossmore's nephew, Martin, was killed in a motorcycle accident on her estate, she turned the estate into the 'Rossmore Institute for Psychic Research' in the hope that a team of psychic researchers could make contact with him. The team does make contact but only after Claire gave them an ultimatum that she would not fund the institute for more than another year unless they reached Martin.
  12. I treated (hohoho) myself to a Christopher Lee-Peter Cushing "double-feature" this Halloween season by watching Horror Express, which, like Dracula A.D. 1972, came out in 1972. (In fact, they were both released in September of that year.) Horror Express has that Hammer Horror period feel to it even though it wasn't a Hammer Studio production and instead was filmed in Spain. Lee and Cushing play rival scientists travelling through tsarist Russia on the Trans-Siberian Express. Also on board is the discovery Lee made in Manchuria -- a primitive human who has been frozen for millions of years
  13. With Tommy Rall's death, five of the seven brothers in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers are now deceased: Howard Keel (2004, aged 85), Jeff Richards (1989, 64), Matt Mattox (2013, 91) and Marc Platt (2014, 100). Jacques d'Amboise and Russ Tamblyn are still living. They were both born in 1934. Of the brides, Jane Powell (91), Julie Newmeyer (Newmar) (87), Ruta Kilmonis (Lee) (85) and Nancy Kilgas (90) are still living.
  14. While Rall had a fine career, he came along too late to have a really big career in movie musicals. By the time he entered M-G-M's orbit in 1952, the studio system in general and the M-G-M musical in particular were going into decline. With M-G-M shedding expensive long-term contract stars as their contracts expired, there was no longer much interest on M-G-M's part in developing careers for younger performers like Rall. Once, a performance like the one Rall gave in Kiss Me Kate would have opened up opportunities for him. Instead, he was cast in one more musical -- Seven Brides for Seven Broth
  15. I've started my Halloween season by rewatching Hammer Studio's Dracula A.D. 1972. This is the seventh film and sixth sequel in Hammer's long-running Dracula series, primarily starring Christopher Lee as the title character. The innovation with this entry is that most of the action is set in the then-contemporary London of 1972. Thinking that Dracula movies set in the 19th or early 20th centuries had run their course, Hammer jumped forward in time in an attempt to rejuvenate the franchise -- with mixed results. SPOILERS AHEAD Dracula A.D. 1972 has a dynamic start with Dracula (Le
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