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  1. Deflope

    Swan Lake -Plushenko/Filin

    Here are some vids of Plushenko and Filin rehearsing. https://www.instagram.com/p/BpJbYWmHsJm/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=rgdwu80kwqdb https://www.instagram.com/p/BpKIoyDHGlF/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1b1md9tgn4vb5
  2. I was lucky enough to win a lottery and did the two parts in one day option. I had read the published script and thought it was mediocre fan fiction, but the story really does come alive when on stage. Yes the dialogue is corny, but all the actors were great and the effects were amazing. In the movies, you assume it’s CGI, but when someone transfigured right on stage, you were like “how’d they do that”. The audience at the showing I went to was definitely comprised of fans. Lots of people in robes, lots of spontaneous reactions to references to the original series. As a fan of the books, I would say that yes, the plot is a bit silly and the way the original characters were presented doesn’t seem to jive with how they were presented in the books. And yes, Ron is still being treated as nothing more than comic relief. And yes, the big reveal is bad fan fiction. But it is still very entertaining and it did not feel like I spent 5 hours.
  3. Deflope

    Joy Womack

    Here’s a new interview. Once again, there are a lot of contradictions between what she said in the interview and what she’s said in her vlogs. https://www.pointemagazine.com/joy-womack-2611145625.html
  4. Deflope

    Swan Lake -Plushenko/Filin

    There have been teases on Instagram. The show has been put together with the help of Sergei Filin and Olga Smirnova will be taking part (not skating) It seems there will be both skating and ballet https://instagram.com/p/BoZfJQ_jgbu/ Link to tickets https://msk.kassir.ru/shou/evgeniy-plyuschenko-ledovoe-shou-lebedinoe-ozero
  5. Deflope

    Bolshoi Ballet Summer 2019 ROH London Residency

    Judging by this poster Vasiliev was supposed to dance. Crassus at the Mikhailovsky, although it’s a different choreographer. However it seems there was a different dancer in the role during the premier https://www.instagram.com/p/Blz2AL9AoTq/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1tkcalnrvlvxm
  6. Deflope

    Bolshoi Gala at Aspendos (Turkey)

    It’s Geraschenko as Basil. Skvortsov is Prince Desire
  7. Deflope

    Joy Womack

    And that’s the key here. Duhamel from what I understand consulted professionals and did extensive research before committing to the diet. I heard of one skater (a male) who suddenly switched to vegan without telling anyone or consulting a doctor. He developed chronic injuries due to a lack of protein and calcium. The thing that concerns me Joy seems to latch on to these fads like Keto vegan and that bizarre stem cell procedure she undertook a while ago and promotes them to her audience which seems to consist of young, impressionable dancers.
  8. Deflope

    Paley Center: Centennial Salute to Jerome Robbins

    I just clicked on the announcement. Cook and Calegari were replaced by Stephanie Saland. Judy Kinberg, who produced many of the “Great Performances” episodes, will also be there.
  9. Aren’t there laws for creating a hostile work environment though? Every year, regardless of where I work, I have to watch some webinar on harassment in the work place and they specifically warn about behaviors like for example audible locker room talk, making suggestive comments or playboy pics on your computer desktop
  10. Deflope

    Joy Womack

    I don’t think Joy was a competition kid, though she did a few. I saw her more as someone who lacked the natural talent of someone like say Diana Vishneva but worked extremely hard to get to where she is today. A fanatic to the highest degree really. Her solution to any setbacks seemed to be more time at the barre, time spent trying diet and medical fads, and just working herself to death. That mindset and fanaticism can lead to burnout, especially when things don’t exactly go according to plan.
  11. Not fall but April 3-6, Osipova and Hallberg will be performing https://www.nycitycenter.org/pdps/2018-2019/Osipova-Hallberg/?utm_source=wordfly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=DEV19MemPresaleOnSaleACQ&utm_content=version_A
  12. Deflope

    Yulia Stepanova

    Did she switch teachers? Semenyaka doesn’t mention her in this interview https://musicseasons.org/tot-kto-nashel-sebya-v-balete-fanatichno-emu-predan/ And noticed her with Kondratieva’s dancers
  13. Deflope

    RIP Denis Tan

    I remember a friend had the H stolen from his Honda and he was parked right in the university garage. Back to Denis Ten, this was one of the most beautiful men’s programs
  14. Deflope

    The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    I’m surprised Marchenkova hasn’t been promoted as her body of work has been stronger than Zhiganshina’s. But maybe she’s too old for Vaziev
  15. Deflope

    The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    I’m not a big fan of Tsvirko but after Lobukhin and Vasiliev, he was the lead most suited to the warrior roles, particularly Spartacus- strong, powerful, swaggering.