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  1. I gather that Yulia Stepanova has been out of action for some months. On her Instagram page she reported that this was because of injury; that was some time around last March. So I was glad to see her given main billing in several of the ballets advertised by the Bolshoi in October, November and December of 2020, including Carmen Suite, A Hero of Our Time and Symphony in C. Was anyone from BalletAlert at any of these performances? Or has anyone seen reviews of them? I'm just wondering if YS is back to her usual form as a dancer and actress. I do hope so.
  2. I think I know what you mean, Helene. However, I wonder if this issue — one's annoyance at an audience coughing — might be connected as much to what we are aware of, as it is to the frequency of volume of coughing. I speak for myself, of course. I have always preferred live music, theatre or whatever, over recordings; and it might be significant that a very high proportion of the recordings that I have bought are of live concerts. (I don't have a large library by any means.) When listening to them at home or wherever — away from the live performance in any event, I tend to be more aw
  3. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this; but here goes. POB is also putting up videos that concentrate on individual dancers, and parts of which (at least) appear to have been made before the Covid-19 crisis. Here's a lovely one about Héloïse Bourdon, dancing Balanchine and talking about his work. It looks as if the dance passages were filmed earlier; but the talk by Mlle Bourdon might have been done recently. If I'm wrong about any of this, please correct me. I've long thought she was a great artist. Her explanations of style, of Balanchine and so forth are entirely con
  4. In the UK you can sign up to an account that gives you access to one or two articles a month (or is it a week?). That's how I got in. I don't know if that's available in the USA. Pherank is right; and from my memories of trying to read without subscribing, I'm pretty certain that they do track your IP address.
  5. Thank you, YouOverThere, for posting that link to the Washington Post article. I was about to do it, a couple of hours after you. The way the article is organised into discrete sections is interesting, and raises some profound questions — all the more striking because most of them come from the Russian dancers interviewed for the article. The comments section after the article is good too.
  6. Hear hear! to the last posts from volcanohunter and pherank about sound. As someone whose serious interest in ballet was preceded by many years as a professional musician, the sound problems in so many video recordings of ballet can be deeply frustrating.
  7. Yes, volcanohunter's announcement earlier today (2nd April) is consistent with the published plans of Perm Opera Ballet Theatre. The company's Facebook page is listing a wide range of events just held and about to be held — streaming of recordings of ballet, opera, concerts, lectures, plus a few "private" events such as interviews that can maintain the required social distancing. I've found it hard to find a full list, for the main website does not have one. However, the Facebook page seems to present most things, with at least a few days' notice (you might have to put the URL through Google T
  8. Thank you, @Kathleen O'Connell. That's a lovely clip that you posted, which captures so well the musical, choreographic and dramatic characteristics of the production. Now, here's a lovely example of the UK and the USA being countries divided by their common language — I had to look up what "grok" means. It's so appropriate for things such as your "getting" (a VERY inadequate word) the Lilac Fairy, and for so many things to do with artistic insight. I wonder how many folks this side of the pond would know what it means . . .
  9. It feels odd (and perhaps it's futile) to be contributing to a thread some 15 years after the last contribution. But this DVD of the Dutch National Ballet's 2003 recording of Sleeping Beauty is still for sale and still selling. I'm not surprised, because I've just seen it and love it. I sympathise with Susanne and any others who generally find Peter Wright's productions too dark; but where I find him a consistent winner is in the way that dance and movement combine as drama. I also agree with those who are especially impressed by the Vision Scene, which surely is one of the great producti
  10. I'm coming late to this discussion. The comparisons some of us have made with "best" opera singers (or pianists, or organists, or cellists etc. etc.?) are apt; and there seems to be a general agreement that it is an impossible question to answer. It depends on what you are looking for. I'm insufficiently knowledgeable about ballet to make authoritative claims for any dancer. But I think there are revealing comparisons with music. So, as a musician I have often asked myself comparable questions, but posed slightly differently: e.g. "If you had to take one composer and leave all the r
  11. A revealing new video about YS's forthcoming leading role in Raymonda. I'm not in much of a position to offer a critique about what she says, even though it's subtitled into English. But what does strike me is that this is the thinking of a dancer-actress; and that's what communicates to me about her dancing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dm6L5AHVU3g I'd be interested to know what experienced members of this forum have to say about it, because — and as seems often to be the case with YS — the number of upticks and downticks on this video suggests that opinion varies.
  12. I just found this YouTube channel, which appears to be new. I think I'm right that one of the two videos is new, and the other is a year or 18 months old. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ITNMKKfCAvKR4BsAeS76g That points towards this site, which also seems to be new and to be very professionally done. http://www.yuliastepanova.com/ I cannot find either of these on this dancer's discussion forum; so I hope this is the right place to post.
  13. Thank you, Helene. As a new member of Ballet Alert, I want to thank you and everyone else here for such stimulating, informative and helpful answers to questions. A bit belated, but -- Happy New Year!
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