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  1. I feel his talent would be worth seeing. Honestly, maybe it would do him good to work with more people outside of his usual realm. People who will call him on his BS, especially those who are just as talented as he is and probably have worked twice as hard or have had some of the same struggles but aren't acting out in this kind of way.
  2. As mentioned in the Illushkina thread, I am interested in discussing how the new crop of Mariinsky dancers have fared at performing Jewels. I'll try to post what videos I can find for reference. https://www.instagram.com/p/BtIl4xrg1Qn/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  3. I've seen these and I'd very much be interested in discussing how this group has fared performing this. In reading some other threads, I know the Russian companies often get a poor reviews, but I wonder if the younger group of dancers have improved those images. Not being in the know about what is correct, I would say that both Illushkina and Ionova do impress me with their lyricism.
  4. I can't answer but it sounds like you are talking about this part:
  5. Not that it's necessarily related, but isn't she from the same (training) group that Giselle Bethea is from? SO gorgeous line and potential (and competitive accolades) but not necessarily longevity. I see that there's a new crop that are getting some attention (Madison Penney and Tia Wenkman). Are they "doomed" to the same fate?
  6. Thank you for this. It was a great read and does lend some insight!
  7. Is he still with Osipova? If so, I wonder how she feels about all this. I think this is the interview where it absolutely seemed like she wore the pants in that relationship.
  8. I actually very much enjoyed this. Skylar's performance in particular is quite mesmerizing. Same for the previous week's performance to the modern Italian piece that was choreographed specifically for them. I think what I absolutely adore about Skylar is her versatility. She is one of those dancers that you can give any piece or genre and I feel she would do it well. Tiler Peck is another person who comes to mind that I feel this way with. Marinela Nunez too. And even many of the upcoming younger artists in foreign companies seem to exude this as well (like Maria Khoreva and the some of her fellow graduates).
  9. Unwise or not, I do find his reasoning for his tattoo "obsession" to be fascinating. In interview clips I've watched, he alludes to the concept of freedom over his own body in the ballet world. One might say that all of his tattoos are unwise choices for employment in traditional ballet companies.
  10. FYI the second episode is up. She starts at about 1hr in. Also, duh me....I was watching on the kultura site that did not have the translation. Yay for youtube so now I can know what's being said.
  11. Anyone know what the judges were saying about their performance? And if Skylar was being scored, how do you think she would have placed among the female competitors? Also, she posted this on Instagram. I can't believe she did that performance after so little prep.
  12. https://tvkultura.ru/ I don't think I could watch the show "live" but eventually I was able to click on the where it has Zakharova and watched that way.
  13. Has anyone been watching this? I can't understand any of the Russian while watching, but I was able to finish the first episode last night online on the Russian Kultura site. Whenever I've watched videos of Skylar in the past, it's been limited to what she posts on Instagram and also some youtube videos that aren't necessarily the greatest quality. I've never attended a live performance with her but have read some comments here. I was a fan before but after watching the clips, I'm even more so now. Out of character, she's quirky and seems so down to earth. And then in character (Giselle), she's so dainty and expressive with her big doe eyes. Again, I have never been to a live performance, but could easily see how her performance could carry to an audience.
  14. Yeah, I don't think the statement about who else is in that company is correct, but I'm less interested in that than I am about the fact that she is a soloist (even though she's listed as a corps member on the website).
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