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  1. You know, that's a really good point. Here's my best attempt at an answer. First, I have purchased tickets to see Mel Gibson films, putting money in his pocket. Mixed feelings? Sure. But in keeping with my first post, my intent was to judge the work. (I have found it lacking.) Second, Polunin seems more addled and even incoherent in his comments than focused. Gibson was drunk when he gave his most famous rant, but it was quite clear what he meant. I haven't read all of Polunin's posts, just summaries in newspapers, so I might be missing something. But what I read did not seem as cogently bigoted as Gibson's comments were antisemitic. Third, a dancer performing canon/repertoire pieces does not have much scope to inject bigotry into the work, whatever he says offline. I have a deep respect for the other contributors on this forum and thread, and the videos I have seen of Polunin are several years old, so I suspect the other posters may be right and it may not be worth a lot of trouble to see him perform. I would be interested to hear from Josette about her favorite male artists. My first post reflects my worry about a world in which judgment is summary, due process and proportionality are an afterthought, and the punishment is: . . . and no, the irony of the Putin tattoo isn't lost on me. Regards to all.
  2. Oh, that's sad to hear. The classical performances on Youtube look beautiful. Whatever it is that is going on inside him, whether it is mental illness, or substance abuse, or just inner turbulence, probably does have to have an impact at some point.
  3. Frankly he comes across in interviews as not just saying some BS, but unhinged. I don't care. I'm coming to see him perform in a wordless art. If we had seen Nijinsky interviewed, or posting in social media, I'm sure it would have appeared pretty unhinged too. But who would give up the chance to see Nijinsky perform? How many men are performing at the level of Polunin, and are in their prime today? It's a shame that POB and other organizations are running so scared on this. Do they not think the public can separate the art from the artist? Is there any art form in which someone's utterances are less relevant than ballet? My grandparents were survivors of Auschwitz but I can still enjoy Degas' paintings despite his anti-semitism. I can still enjoy Jean Cocteau's films. And so on. We need to get back to a world in which boards, executive directors and artistic directors treat their public as discerning adults, and stop responding to the angry adolescent puritanical spirit of the moment.
  4. pbl

    Marianela Nuñez

    Is Marianela Nunez guesting in the United States any time this year or next?
  5. Is Polunin guesting in the United States this year or next? I don't see any kind of calendar for him other than his FB page.
  6. I only have the opportunity to take my daughter to one performance of Giselle this season, and I was wondering if people could share their opinions on the contrasting styles, strengths and weaknesses of the dancers in the lead female role (Maslova, DiPiazza, Iseda, Pineiro, Torriente & Hughes). Of course it is understood that these are your personal takes - that is what I am hoping for, particularly with some feel for the differences. Thank you for sharing.
  7. Really appreciate any recommendations for who I should try to catch in the role of Giselle
  8. Is casting out for Giselle? If I can only make one performance, any suggestions for who I should try to catch in the role of Giselle? (And why doesn't the company release casting at the beginning of the season?)
  9. Hi everyone- I haven't been able to make it to ABT in a couple of years, and I have a few questions for the group: 1) Which principals and soloists should I aim to see, having been away? 2) Which performance of Harlequinade should I aim to see? 3) Which performance of Whipped Cream should I aim to see? And, for those who have already seen it once or twice, I'd appreciate your thoughts on the ballet itself. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, opinions and advice! Paris.
  10. Hi everyone- Where do I go online to find the casting for SL? How do I know when casting comes out for future performances and how do I search for it? Can anyone share recommendations for which dancers to try to see? I have been away from PAB for two years and with all the turnover I'd love to hear opinions on who to see. I've only seen one performance since coming back and I was really impressed with Alexandra Hughes. Please let me know who else to look out for!
  11. Is the casting for Nutcracker out yet? Can anyone explain why the casting is not announced far in advance as it is with ABT? Having been away for two years, with the company now so profoundly changed, I would really appreciate some recommendations for which dancers to try to see in Nutcracker, SL & G&G. And of course if there is some secret to getting the casting earlier (without major donations) please do share details. Thank you!
  12. I'm interested in recommendations for a single performance of SB. I've been away for two years and with all the turnover have no idea which performance to pick. Thank you!
  13. Is there some place where I can easily find out about performances by visiting ballet companies, in Philadelphia, or in nearby cities such as DC and NY? Just wondering if there is one site or publication which brings it all together. Thanks!
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