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  1. So, I'm bummed that The Kennedy Center ballet season is over, but glad that it closes with Miami City Ballet - as a company, they are super strong. My favorite piece by far this afternoon was Walpurgisnacht Ballet - I love the music and choreography Here's my thoughts about the whole program. Anyone else attend?
  2. I'm so excited that the Kennedy Center's Ballet Across America series this year includes two iconic companies; it opened last night with Dance Theatre of Harlem, closes with Miami City Ballet, and includes a collaborative one-night-only show sandwiched in between. I definitely experienced highs and lows throughout the performance and share my thoughts here. Anyone out there have insights that corroborate or conflict with mine? Would love to hear them as this is the first time I have seen DTH live.
  3. I know, right...Aren't they adorable?! I'm curious as to whether they are associated with the company in some way...
  4. Have you guys seen this cool campaign that Design Army has created to announce Hong Kong Ballet's upcoming season?! I love the innovation and aesthetics!
  5. Here's a fun interview with Isabella Boylston with CBS New York's Elise Finch.
  6. Thanks for sharing your opinion, @On Pointe! I look forward to seeing this film.
  7. It is so refreshing to see the ballet world represented on TED Talks! Here's the one Miko Fogarty gave, published a couple of days ago; her attitude seems so mature for such a young woman - Brava!
  8. I had the opportunity to interview Ms. Gutierrez on the heels of her announcement to retire from Alberta Ballet.
  9. Hi @cubanmiamiboy. I find your comments most interesting and insightful - can you link to what you wrote about the premiere? I'd love to read it. I myself have not seen this version, but a writer for The Traveling Ballerina was in Fort Lauderdale last weekend, so decided to check it out; here's her take on the performance. Do you share any of these sentiments?
  10. Oh - thank you for pointing that out! I had no idea - how did you learn that? Clearly, I am not as familiar with Mariinsky's dancers.
  11. Did you attend last night, Drew? Here's my thoughts about my first time seeing Mariinsky Ballet live. I went in without any judgement or concrete expectations and left looking forward to seeing them again in the fall for Paquita
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