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  1. Are we witnessing a new creative dawn for dance on film or the desperation of a ballet world in quarantine? Here's the editorial I just published on The Ballet Herald.
  2. I just watched - for the first time - and reviewed Roméo et Juliette. I think it's absolutely stunning and think it's worth treating yourself to this weekend
  3. I had an opportunity to get inside the head of Tulsa Ballet's Artistic Director Marcello Angelini to find out what it's like having to balance economics and sensitivity in order to keep his company alive and strong, especially during these challenging times. I hope you enjoy my interview with Marcello - his insight is priceless!
  4. I love hearing about ballerinas who also want to be scientists As what happened when I interviewed Jordan-Elizabeth Long, only a couple of questions led to an essay-length response. Hope you enjoy reading Eastlyn's as much as I did!
  5. Hi Everyone, I have just published a story titled The Professional Ballet Community Adapts in a Pandemic World: Artistic Leadership, Dancers, and Educators Share Their Thoughts About the Past, Present, and Future in which 35 professionals of the ballet world respond to the following questions: 1. How have the events of the past year influenced how directors, teachers, choreographers, and dancers approach their jobs? 2. Although we all wish we had an eight ball, we know the future is unforeseeable. That being said, relative to the ballet industry, what predictions can we make for
  6. Here my review of the Paul Taylor program - I loved it!
  7. What started as a couple of questions for Jordan resulted in an essay that I couldn't help but share. Her honesty as she shares her journey through this pandemic is uplifting and inspiring - I hope you will have a read and enjoy it as much as I do
  8. Thank you! And wasn't it sadly strange to see an unmasked, full orchestra? I feel like we're referring to things that were the norm in a distant past; in some ways it feels so long ago yet because we're still living this pandemic so deeply, it's not history.
  9. Midsummer is absolutely gorgeous! In general, I love this production and to see SFB perform feels like such a luxury. Here's my review. Has anyone else watched it yet?
  10. Before today, I had never seen any of Leonid Yakobson's works. Thanks to Boston Ballet I now know that I really like them 🙂 Have you seen any of these?
  11. Over three years ago at a session of ABT's National Training Curriculum for teachers, I had the pleasure of admiring Trisha Wolf’s clean technique and gorgeous feet as we challenged ourselves in a Level 1 ballet class. Afterward, we remained connected through social media and I ended up learning something new about her: she is an accomplished pianist.
  12. There is no excuse to not watch The National Ballet Canada at least once over the next few months...they are providing programs to stream for free! I'll be writing short reviews of each as they become available which may help you decide if it's your cup of tea 🙂 Here's the review for Modern Masterpieces.
  13. I can't remember a moment in my life when ballet was *not* a part of it. So I love hearing about how those who enter the dance world later in life stumble upon it. And am encouraged when their passion leads them to decide to not only stay in it, but to become even more involved. Here is an editorial we published today that many may be able to relate to.
  14. It would be wonderful to see them in person! Do you have a favorite from the three programs so far?
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