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  1. Oh how I wish this ballet would make it to The States! I adore almost anything I encounter about the life of Frida Kahlo, so I imagine Broken Wings would not disappoint! Has anyone here seen it?
  2. Hmmm...my understanding is that Zhang Yimou was the director of the film that the ballet is based on, and Wang Xinpeng and Wang Yuanyuan are the choreographers of the ballet. If you saw it in 2005, I'm thinking it's most likely the same version as that's the same year it premiered (at Kennedy Center).
  3. I felt like there was very little dancing for the principal male characters. The Peking Opera Actor had some opportunity to demonstrate his technical skills, but most of his and the Master's contributions were in partnering. Completely agree!
  4. Thanks to reading @YouOverThere's impressions, I flipped through the program again and discovered that a couple of pages were stuck together! So I have updated my post As I mention in the update, there is very limited casting information - so I still don't know who actually danced that evening.
  5. Although I had moments of "wow" during the evening, this production felt a bit incohesive to me. Here are some more of my thoughts - has anyone else seen Raise the Red Lantern?
  6. I imagine that only a handful of artists will join the cruises at any given moment. And it's possible that the onboard experiences are concentrated within a couple of days, not necessarily for the duration of the itinerary.
  7. Here's all the information I've put together so far. As I am also a travel agent, I am in contact with the cruise line directly to see if there is more information they will allow me to publish; I will update my article any time I get some new scoop!
  8. Oh, so sorry that you've had to endure so many surgeries I am so glad to hear that teaching has given you the opportunity to stay connected to ballet and to pass your knowledge on to others.
  9. I hadn't really thought about this in a while, but today was inspired to share what retirement was like for me. I am sure that many of you out there are retired professional ballet dancers - what was your process like?
  10. Well, after attending the performance last night, I think that Harlequinade is precious. The evening flew as I was thoroughly enjoying myself the entire time. If you're interested, here's my review Would love to hear the opinion of others!
  11. I'm going to opening night tomorrow and I can't wait! I refrain from reading other reviews until I write my own but look forwarding to perusing them afterword. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Will any of you in the UK have a chance to see this biopic of Rudolf Nureyev? I am envious and crossing my fingers that it comes to the States! Please share with us how it is
  13. I interviewed my dear friend Pablo Perez who is in his second year as Ballet Master for Carolina Ballet. We danced in the company together since its founding and have remained close since then. Does anyone else here in this forum know him?
  14. I imagine that there are many folks outside of England who love it! It's quite possible that I'm the anomaly
  15. I searched the forum to check if anyone else has seen or commented about Bourne's Cinderella but couldn't find anything. I went to the performance last night at The Kennedy Center, and I'm sorry to say that I was disappointed. I really wanted to love it considering the high praises I have heard from colleagues and reviews of his other productions. If you're interested, here are some of my thoughts about the show. And I would truly appreciate reading the opinion of others, especially from those who enjoyed it.
  16. In case you haven't heard the news yet...
  17. Yes, of course. It's definitely not a new topic; just glad to help keep the awareness about it going.
  18. A colleague of mine, Eugene C Barnes III, has decided to share a part of his journey related to substance abuse caused by pressures in the ballet world. This is a very serious topic and I applaud is courage; perhaps someone out there needs to hear his words to know s/he is not alone.
  19. As any new year approaches, there tends to be much buzz about losing weight. This inspired me to write about the specific emphasis that is placed on dancers to have just the right body. I hope we can keep this important conversation going.
  20. I had the opportunity to chat with Graham after about 20 years since last seeing him! I had the honor of being cast in several of his pieces while at Hartford Ballet and loved dancing each and every one of them
  21. Hi Amy, The first question asked what book "The Nutcracker" is based on, and that is "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King". Perhaps I could have phrased the second question more clearly to ask who the original author of the book is. Thanks for the feedback! Christensen's Nutcracker is still alive and strong; in fact, I saw Ballet West's performance just a couple of weeks ago
  22. I am so glad you wrote because I was wondering who the only person so far with a 100% is! Congrats And now you know a little more about me!
  23. The Nutcracker has been a huge part of half my life, but there are some interesting facts that I only just recently learned. So I decided to put together a quiz that includes questions about the history, music, and plot of the ballet. Hope you find it fun and perhaps educational, too!
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