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  1. Actually, Watermill is fantastic. I saw the revival a couple of years ago at BAM, starring Joaquin DeLuz. It's just an unusual piece, not easily grasped by average audiences.
  2. Thanks, maps. I see now. It appeared to me as if the Kennedy Center was the "company holding on international touring". Good. So the other international ballet offering (Mariinsky) is still on.
  3. As a season subscriber to the KC Ballet series, I received an email notice yesterday concerning the cancelation of the National Ballet of China's performances in January 2022. The bigger concern is this wording about the reason for the cancelation, as it may provide a clue to what's up with the Mariinsky Ballet's planned visit in April: Due to COVID-19, the company is holding on international touring until global conditions improve. The Kennedy Center and National Ballet of China are looking at rescheduling the 2022 engagement for a future season. Maybe global conditions will improve by late April, to allow the visit by the Mariinsky?
  4. Assuming that, by April 2022, the situation is such that the Kennedy Center is still requiring vaccines from all performers and the Russian vaccines are not accepted, I am wondering: Would the Mariinsky agree to perform masked (if that were an option)? Would we want to see it with the faces masked? I would not, sorry. Even if the ghosts of Pavlova, Karsavina and Nijinsky would be guests.
  5. I wrote to a couple of venues for which I purchased tickets - The Kennedy Center answered my email inquiring about any plans for masking dancers; partial quote: "...The plan at the moment is that the adult dancers will not be masked, since they will have followed all of the Kennedy Center’s vaccine mandates. The children dancing in the Miami Ballet’s The Nutcracker, however, will wear masks..." Sincerely, Linda Beers Ticket Services Miami's Nutcracker is the first subscription offering, to be followed by ABT in early April, as NBChina's own Nutcracker in January was cancelled. If the Mariinsky performs in late April, I hope that the Kennedy Canter accepts the Russian Sputnik vaccine as ok to allow dancing without masks. The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago has not yet answered my email. The city is under strict mandate for all persons entering buildings but no decision yet on performers. I'd love to attend their first program in mid-October, including an Arpino rarity, but don't want to see it with masked dancers...not to mention paying airfare & hotel for the experience.
  6. Thank you. I am very fine with masking up and being vaccinated. However, I am wondering if the dancers will be performing with masks? Maybe I am in the minority but I would not want to pay to see a ballet in which one of the most beautiful features of a human being is covered. Who wants to go into the Louvre Museum to see a masked Mona Lisa painting or Venus de Milo sculpture? During the height of the pandemic, it was a bit shocking to see some companies performing with masks on, such as Tulsa Ballet's livestreams. Yeah, I was grateful to experience a livestreamed show but, in all honesty, was not thrilled about having paid $35 or so to see three ballets with masked dancers and not having been told ahead of time. Maybe I just missed the warning that dancers would be masked. In sum, I'll wait until I know that dancers will not be masked during performances, before shelling out $$$.
  7. Contacted Kennedy Center about acceptable proof-of-vaccination documentation to enter the theatre. I was informed that showing my CDC card (actual or clear photo) + official ID (such as driver's license or passport) is good. Theatre staff will be checking that names on the CDC cards and IDs/names match, as well as your face & the face on the ID card. This will happen at an entry point into the theatre, such as front doors from the plaza or doors at each parking level. This is different from the line to enter each auditorium, where one shows the ticket. Allow time for both checkpoints.
  8. For those not aware, I recommend watching the 2003 documentary "Three Ballerinas" that explores the careers of Lucette Aldous, Marylyn Jones and Marilyn Rowe. it includes some rare footage of Aldous as a Cygnet with Ballet Rambert, as well as in leading roles performed in Australia after her return in the 1970s (beside Don Q) - Fool on the Hill (G. Lynne work), Carmen (R. Petit) and Sleeping Beauty. A teaser on Youtube: Three Ballerinas - YouTube I purchased my copy of the DVD at the Melbourne Arts Center but I'm pretty sure that it can be purchased via TAB's online shop, too.
  9. Buddy, you are correct in the ID'n of dancers and the five pdd's. The livestream included one very quick flash of a playbill, just before the initial number. I'm so grateful for the opportunity of seeing these ten wonderful ABT dancers perform live, that I'll overlook the less-than-optimal filming, missed entrances, missed start of Schevchenko's 32 fouettes in Don Q, etc. As a long-time ABT patron during their Met seasons, I was especially touched by seeing Forster as Romeo. Like many admirers, I'd waited for years to see him dance as a principal. I'm also glad that soloists Williams and Hoven got their chance to shine here, in the Gemma Bond piece. I'll admit to having a lump in my throat several times during this stream, camera quirks and all.
  10. By the dark-blue jazzy costumes, maybe Hurlin and Bell are dancing Let Me Sing Forevermore, the Jessica Lang-Tony Bennett ballet?
  11. I watched but kept wondering throughout most of the hour, "Is this film school or ballet school?" The young dancers seem very accomplished but these short films, planting gardens and such, did not showcase their balletic abilities, with the exception of the very first one (Bright Young Things) set in a ballet studio, choreographed by Joshua Grant, to William Lin-Yee's music.
  12. I remember when Jenifer Ringer and Nilas Martins led Gold and Silver Waltz/Merry Widow. Ringer was a lovely impactful presence. I'll stop there. 😁
  13. Me too...me three. I thought, "Hurry! Move the camera to the left to catch the corps sweeping in!" Despite this, I am delighted with the current stream of Vienna Waltzes from NYCB. Between this and the beloved 1983 PBS telecast-film, ballet fans now have two records of this exquisite Balanchine work, which is performed only by NYCB. The 1983 telecast often focused on principals, missing some interesting corps work, so no complaints here. Hint of a potential filming/streaming of another rare Balanchine work in this genre: the Vienna Staatsoper Ballet today announced that its upcoming 2021/22 season will include Liebeslieder Walzer. The Vienna troupe has, even before COVID, made its productions available online, for a fee.
  14. Thank you for this information, maps. I will likely do my subscription renewal before the June 4 deadline and hope for the best. I was a little concerned because Washington, DC, where the Kennedy Center is physically located, seems to be clamping down, such as the recent ban on dancing and standing at weddings.
  15. That is lovely, pherank. I am wondering if this might be a portion of Liang's untitled new full work for PNB, set to premiere as part of the last offering in PNB's digital series, next month? The new full work will also have music by Oliver Davis.
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