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  1. I will miss seeing Amanda Clark's dancing, as well. In addition to her corps roles, she was a lovely Princess Florine in Sleeping Beauty. She was also memorable at Jacob's Pillow. She performed in 3 Movements and Sum Stravinsky. She always had an elegance and warmth in her movement quality that drew my eye to her dancing. Best wishes, Amanda.
  2. I was at Wolf Trap last summer. It was a wonderful experience. This entire evening was meant to celebrate our national parks and in particular those in the Pacific Northwest. It began with a film of majestic Mt. Rainier National Park. Next up was Robust Love by Trey McIntyre performed by OBT. Alison Roper was outstanding. Films of the San Juan Islands and the Cascade National Park were also shown on that impressive large screen. Band of Horses performed to the delight of the audience. Dirty Goods closed this performance. Andrew Bartee incorporated video of the dancers at Olympic National Park and then choreographed a piece to music of The Chromatics. It was stunning. The night was warm, the stars were out, and the dancing and music brought a little of the Pacific Northwest to the East coast.
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