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  1. You can find the full listing of SF Ballet's classes for this season here: https://www.sfballet.org/season/events. If you're specifically looking for seminar style classes, they live under "Audience Engagement."
  2. The company brought its own conductors as well
  3. The company brought 3 soloists, but not the full orchestra to DC.
  4. Liam Scarlett did not participate in Unbound, so that at least is a non-Unbound ballet
  5. We've also got a new podcast: To the Pointe (and its mini version Demi-Pointe) both available on the website (sfballet.org/explore/podcasts) and anywhere you listen to podcasts (Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Overcast, etc). We'd love to see you at any/all of these events this season--we're trying some new things (including our Exploring Serenade class in February) and would love your participation and feedback.
  6. This is Natasha Sheehan's second year in the corps de ballet and Wona Park's first.
  7. It’s complicated But all that also to say that the length of the highlights video is decided well before the livestream occurs and is not up to the video editor nor decided entirely by the company. Rights holders often don’t want full versions up, and many dancers also don’t want unedited rehearsal and class footage online.
  8. Different companies have different contractual obligations with regard to the period of time that lifestreams can stay up and with the length of the highlights videos. These matters are negotiated with the various unions that work with the companies as well as with the rights holders for the ballets and the music.
  9. Except for the Dawson and Rhoden rehearsals, all the dancing at SFB was live, including the Ochoa rehearsal.
  10. For those who are interested: Meet the Artist and Pointes of View Lectures for the past 10 seasons are now up on iTunes. Please listen away! A few more from the 2017 season will hopefully be added soon.
  11. That link will not take you to the feed; going directly to the FB page will and it should be at the top. In addition, it will be here: https://www.sfballet.org/season/events/unbound-2018/unbound-live
  12. A few notes/corrections --The next livestream is scheduled for August 18. --Liang's music is by Oliver Davis. --the rehearsal pianist was Ronny Michael Greenberg.
  13. Or, if you're up to 2 shows on Saturday, Friday April 27-Sunday April 29 is C, D, A, B and Friday May 4-Sunday May 6 is B, C, D, A.
  14. Dawson seems to have been in Seattle this week:
  15. Thanks @PeggyTulle and @pherank! I will be organizing the Meet the Artist, Pointes of View, Ballet 101s etc, alongside longtime adult education coordinator Cecelia Beam, as well as working on a variety of other new projects. Podcasts are high on my list of to-dos, but there likely won't be any changes there until next season--but stay tuned! I have some big ideas for those. And the blog does still exist under "Articles" in the SFB website's "Explore" tab: https://www.sfballet.org/explore/articles-videos. Posts right now are a bit more educational rather than "behind-the-scenes" but there are some dancer blogs from the fall if you scroll back!
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