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  1. The silence and the look in their eyes is deafening.... may the live audience return soon...
  2. I wonder if it were Tamisha Guy? She seems to be tagged here: (not an instagram person myself) https://www.instagram.com/p/B0KO_EbgFfT/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  3. So sorry to hear this. Her classes at Purchase were fascinating, particularly Post Modern Dance History and Performance Art.
  4. Oh wow, he asked permission, was demied, and did it anyway! Shows something of his personality!
  5. Yes, in this slow time, the silver lining is perhaos more time to read. Was it Perrot who sued Petipa (and won!) for intellectual property theft, or was it St. Leon? I think Perrot? Wishes she had the books in hand... [edited to add] it was Perrot. https://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/11/arts/dance/looking-for-the-real-petipa-in-classical-ballets.html
  6. Good to know... Ratmansky has been good, I believe, in carrying the story. I don't get to see much these days, but in the little I have seen has been brushing up of old classics, he's done an excellent job with telling the story...
  7. That is still a long ballet... Romeo & Juliet carries two hours... is the story strong enough to hold the audience that long?
  8. A lot of "flu" going 'round... perhaps someone was under the weather in the program proofing department...
  9. My daughter went with a crowd from BU's honors college opening night and they all adored the Forsythe and Glass Pieces. I was surpised Agon was less well received, but I think their ears and eyes have been more trained for the other two... Remembe back when the repetitiveness of Philip Glass & Steve Reich was controversial? This generation grew up with that style of music as soundtracks for movies and tv advertisements (different sure, but more similar than 12 tone) And the Forsythe sure speaks to the Instagram generation. Balanchine's Agon lines are best delivered clean cool and with
  10. So very post modernist, it interests me that Robbins tried his hand at that... I see more Balanchine descent in Forsythe than in Tharp.
  11. So happy that my daughter me (nice role reversal) to see Boston Ballet's rEVOLUTION on Friday, Feb 28. i was really looking forward to Agon, one of my favorite Balanchine ballets... and I was looking forward to seeing Forsythe's In the Middle, somewhat elevated.... as I had never seen his work live before, only on the flat screen. I was mildly curious to see Glass Pieces, but not particularly, as the video clips I've caught in the past never particularly piqued my interest. But wow!! Glass Pieces!!! Boston Ballet really gets this piece! And Lia Cirio, wow, just wow! I've seen
  12. A Brisé is a glissade through fourth that is "broken" by a beat... so the carriage of the weight/jump is different from an assemblé. I would say there is more floating upward elevation in an assemblé battu than in a brisé which more of a traveling step along the ground. Brisé volé is a little different, but that really isn't an assemble as it is landed on one leg, not two assembled together.
  13. I was thinking not of that film, but rather the photos...( I wouldn't have called a resemblance from the film either)... more the small head and the neck line more in evidence here... https://ballet.blogberth.com/2018/07/19/tsiskaridzeolga-spessivtseva-as-giselle/
  14. Would really like to have more of the pantomime explained... what was the thing where they strike 3 times on their arm as if hitting chimes... what was that broken cross sign made in Act II? I missed the foreshadowing of Giselle's weak heart during the peasant dances. Why did Loys send all the peasant girls away before the aristocrats arrived? I appreciated what the camera was trying for in the arabesque voyagé crossing but wished they perhaps had more practice at it as perhaps with a little tweaking it would have succeeded better. Was the lighting was adjusted for the video, was it bright
  15. Oh god yes, the lillies... they should have taken them off their plastic stems amf put them on florists wire... something... anything... I had forgotten but my companion and I both deplored the lillies... and yes, the veils... the willis did have them on but the losing of the veils happened so much in the wings that it was pretty unnoticable... I can understand why getting it to happen like they did at Paris Opera might be beyond Boston's means, but what happened here was almost pointless... POB veils at about 18 seconds in: re the talented Hilarions... are
  16. Apologies for taking so long to report back... Oga was a delight... if you ever wanted to explain the difference between the movement signature a principal and someone only able to support a corps de ballet role, show them Oga's work with steps below 45 degree extensions... so beautiful!!! No tricks to distract, just beautiful movement. Truly a charming Giselle. Her Albrecht, Derek Dunn, I could watch execute jumps all day... that one diagonal run of Brisés would have been worth sitting through an entire performance of mundane work just to catch. I enjoyed seeing the will
  17. Oh, yes, I'd love to see the A & B cast, but I can only go to the first Saturday Matinee and I'm delighted that the Giselle looks so promising...
  18. I'm looking forward to seeing Chisako Oga debut in Giselle. I was worried about a Saturday Matinee cast, the only time I could make it, but I am quite looking forward to seeing her take on the role... she is young but charming and promising in what I could find of her online.
  19. They have put on some wonderful exhibits... thanks for the "heads up"!
  20. I believe I arrived at the dance department at Purchase as a student the year BJ Sills arrived as a professor. I believe she learned to teach on us, and I believe she eventually became a good teacher because she was willing to work at it. She was the first teacher I had ever encountered who taught from a notebook, (and not the last, though I could number them on one hand). It may have been what helped her improve. I can tell you almost none of the freshmen female dancers considered themselves to be modern dancers when they first encountered Ms. Sills. The conversion to modern dance
  21. I enjoyed White Crow... I took a 20 year old who knew almost nothing about Nureyev and it touched her... i had little hope for the movie, after all who could match Nureyev's charisma, but I thought it was well done. One get's the turmoil involved... I thought it interesting how the actor tried to portray Pushkin... seemed close to the youtube clips... but Lifar made out like a bandit...
  22. Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo! This is a huge loss!
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