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  1. Regarding the name and ties with New York City... Didn't NYCB become NYCB when they took New York City Center theater as their home? Before that the group was Ballet Society and Ballet Caravan?
  2. I would like to know what the Dress Rehearsal "horsing around" consisted of... if a child is endangering others by out of control behavior, a director may make sudden physical contact to make it stop... We aren't told what it was that triggered the "grabbed by the back of the neck" response... Obviously it was over the top on Martin's part... but I'd still like to hear the event described by a witness rather than the one who triggered the response. If he was misbehaving back then, why is his testimony taken as flawless truth now? Surely there would be other children there who would
  3. I don't know if it is refreshing that Nutcracker could be unfamiliar, or depressing!?
  4. The theme seems to be snowy white... yet it is Waltz of the Flowers we hear... i wonder if there was a last minute change in plans...
  5. http://www.syracuse.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2017/11/upstate_ny_native_performs_ballet_for_melania_trump_at_white_house.html above is an article about one of the dancers... not sure age 22 qualifies one as a student in the same way as ABT fan meant.
  6. It may be important to note that the finishing training is quite significant... it is as if at each level of advancement the student is capable of learning much more finesse than at the previous level... it is not as if one is just adding the top floor to a skyscraper. In the US, the level of selection at age 9 is not the same as it is in say Russia... The intense selection happens later, perhaps around age 14? There are benefits to this sytem too... sometimes not all talents are apparent at a very young age... it is hard to spot the artist in the child.
  7. Sounds like mission creep... sounds like their focus was fractured in many different directions... how many of the dropped names visited Charleston?
  8. I am a great admirer of Novikova... thought her dress was stunning, but missed the "tap on the back: wrap it up" cue of an earlier Bolshoi live stream... thought that was charming.... here they were clearly talking in her ears, but she coped well. I had a little difficulty following the Ratmansky interview... what was the new part he inserted in the third act? Was it the entire pas with the feathery fans? They kept saying what it was but my French is too basic to catch the term... Pas de What? Was the first act tempo a little faster than it had been rehearsed?
  9. I believe Novikova said something hopeful about upcoming availability on DVD....
  10. I would like to see more Possokhov.... there were astonishing moments in the choreography... and some gorgeous dancers... and I'd like to see this production live in the theater, but I can't imagine that set will ever travel to the US. I agree about the storyline, clearly we all needed to know the Lermontov novel well to be able to follow what was going on. I'd like to know how the live-stream came through in other parts of the country... for us the music frequently dropped out... but mainly I'm wondering about the quality of the [well shot, well directed this time!B
  11. Miliosr... doesn't the length make it kind of an odd duck for a revival project (do patrons expect a full evening for an expensive revival)? I would love to see Tudor's take on Shakespeare...
  12. I remember the Smuin one as well, Natalia, though I only saw the broadcast... I thought it was quite successful (but I was teenager at the time, I don't know what I'd think now...) I'm a little surprised no one else does it...
  13. I was only able to get for a bit of Friday... The room was packed,more people than chairs... And afraid I did not take notes... Here are some random memories/thoughts... One thing I wondered was perhaps addressed during sessions I missed: under Stalin, it could be fatal to have Western connections... The exchanges started in the neighborhood of three years after Stalin's death... Was there a reluctance to be associated with a venture like this? Perhaps the new regime might also turn against those with Western connections? The bribes that were required in the USSR to get the e
  14. The index link has sadly gone inert... Found this nice thread when a friend posted a link to a video of that charming solo Ashton choreographed for Fonteyn at 60. So, that dance they do together before Ashton leads her offstage, is that the Fred Step? would be a fun game some August (or Nutcracker seige) to see how many quotes we can find in the piece. I think I see Ondine, maybe Firebird and surely Juliet?, but do not know the Fonteyn repetoire well enough to see more.
  15. Does she think they pay for bad reviews too?
  16. There seem to be fewer students than I would have imagined... and I'm surprised by the mukluks...
  17. Oddly, all the subject heading are shown lined up vertically as if in a column only one character wide... Until I click in far enough to read all the comments, then they suddenly align in a normal horizontal layout. It is a little hard to read. Not sure if this is because I am reading on an old iPad or what.
  18. Thank you, Mussel!!! Mearns is a revelation every time I see her dance... always every movement seems to motivate from deep within... so subtle and yet such a difference!
  19. There is a freedom in portraying the magical, come to think of it...
  20. The definition of "key employee", linked to above, states "Officers, directors and trustees are not considered key employees." Is Artistic Director not a director as defined by the IRS? Tax law details are such an arcane field!
  21. I agree with Sandik, it sounds like the trailer to Wim Wenders' Pina Bausch film.
  22. It worked for Rite of Spring, at least publicity wise.
  23. This is one of those things where we need a "like" button! I wonder what the cost was. I wish there were programs like this all over the world.
  24. If the move is beautiful, perhaps the skirt should be made opaque... Balanchine liked extensions but not used indiscriminately. I can't remember any pictures of oversplits in his dancers when he was alive...
  25. It would help a lot if this could be the new model... artistic integrity upheld but artist allowed to give financial benefit to whomever seems right.
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