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  1. Regarding the name and ties with New York City... Didn't NYCB become NYCB when they took New York City Center theater as their home? Before that the group was Ballet Society and Ballet Caravan?
  2. I would like to know what the Dress Rehearsal "horsing around" consisted of... if a child is endangering others by out of control behavior, a director may make sudden physical contact to make it stop... We aren't told what it was that triggered the "grabbed by the back of the neck" response... Obviously it was over the top on Martin's part... but I'd still like to hear the event described by a witness rather than the one who triggered the response. If he was misbehaving back then, why is his testimony taken as flawless truth now? Surely there would be other children there who would
  3. I don't know if it is refreshing that Nutcracker could be unfamiliar, or depressing!?
  4. The theme seems to be snowy white... yet it is Waltz of the Flowers we hear... i wonder if there was a last minute change in plans...
  5. http://www.syracuse.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2017/11/upstate_ny_native_performs_ballet_for_melania_trump_at_white_house.html above is an article about one of the dancers... not sure age 22 qualifies one as a student in the same way as ABT fan meant.
  6. It may be important to note that the finishing training is quite significant... it is as if at each level of advancement the student is capable of learning much more finesse than at the previous level... it is not as if one is just adding the top floor to a skyscraper. In the US, the level of selection at age 9 is not the same as it is in say Russia... The intense selection happens later, perhaps around age 14? There are benefits to this sytem too... sometimes not all talents are apparent at a very young age... it is hard to spot the artist in the child.
  7. Sounds like mission creep... sounds like their focus was fractured in many different directions... how many of the dropped names visited Charleston?
  8. The index link has sadly gone inert... Found this nice thread when a friend posted a link to a video of that charming solo Ashton choreographed for Fonteyn at 60. So, that dance they do together before Ashton leads her offstage, is that the Fred Step? would be a fun game some August (or Nutcracker seige) to see how many quotes we can find in the piece. I think I see Ondine, maybe Firebird and surely Juliet?, but do not know the Fonteyn repetoire well enough to see more.
  9. Kbarber, it's been a long time, but I have this vague memory of being told once that an easy way to deal with PAL was to playback the DVD on a computer rather than to a TV. I don't think I've ever had a PAL DVD to test out this solution. Do you knowif it is a myth? [edited later to add: My spologies, I joined this discussion late and did not see the earlier post about the DVD not playing back on computer]
  10. Amy Reusch

    Kathryn Morgan

    Well Cecchetti was under 5 feet tall.... Dubrovska was considered freaky tall at 5'6"... Royes Fernandez told me that at 5'8" he was considered a tall dancer (founding principal dancer at ABT). In the late 1970s, ABT was still cutting girls from the scholarship audition line if they topped 5'6"... now I think a great many of the superstars of the 20th century would have been cut for not making the minimum height. So let's see, if 5'6" was freaky tall... would would be average, 5'3"? Here is a picture of Cecchetti teaching large-528148-enrico-cecchetti.jpg Gelsey Kirkland is 5'1" acco
  11. Amy Reusch

    Kathryn Morgan

    Those late 19th to early 20th century ballerinas were a lot shorter than the average ballerina today...those extra inches of height add up to a lot of extra weight for the guys to lift. I don't know that shorter men were correspondlingly weaker, not sure it works that way.
  12. Amy Reusch

    Joy Womack

    Where is the "amen!" button?
  13. I felt that whoever came to the theater in Texas to see "There is a Time" would have "gotten it" rather than felt they were seeing sn academic exercise. I cannot compare it to ARB's interpretation, not having seen that, but I felt the Southern Methodist students had bought into the piece. It is a beautiful piece. Thinking about ballet dancers and their general difficulties finding their "deep center", one would think ballet dancers trained by Tudor might manage it a little better... Not that Tudor's work requires the different center weight use that Limon does, but I believe his movement
  14. Same here, I remember her dancing as a child with MOMENTA! in Oak Park. It is wonderful to see an artist mature! Meanwhile, I attended Program F today and was happy to see the Limon repertory being tended to in different regions of North America. This was one of the Next Generation performances and it was interesting to see the students in various stages of development. The focus out of the youngest dancers, from Canada was quite extraordinary. [Canadian Contemporary Dance Theater in exverpts from "The Winged", coached by Kristen Foote". It's always interesting to see which dancers really
  15. Watching the late Plisetskaya in Don Quixote, I was mystified by the man with the monkey puppet behind her. It seemed a surprising amount of business to be going ehile the balletina was dancing. I have not read Cervantes novel, but the internet tells me there is a puppeteer character... Is that Ginés de Pasamonte ( at 2:11 in this clip? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wbgEHxGVOw&feature=youtube_gdata_player Or at 3:20 in the clip on this page (same exact clip but clearer) http://balletoman.com/552-don-quixote-plisetskaya-liepa.html
  16. Perhaps that would be interesting to see... Giving the ballet a softer quality... I've never begrudged men their turning on half pointe... Why would that be denied sylphes... But I would want to see Paquita on full pointe!
  17. I meant your repertory listing, not my index, but thanks! A budget filter certainly helps and I'm glad to see Dance/USA providing this service.
  18. I know a little of what you are up against... having started the first index of Dance websites [performed not social] as a service to the community at a time when most of us discussing ballet on the internet had not yet seen a webpage... By the time Google was invented, keeping up was already out of reach... But if it could be done, how exciting!!! Even if it were only put up once, it would be fascinating!
  19. Would you post that data once youmwebcrawled it together? I'd be interested to see it!
  20. "I find it interesting that three of the four surviving companies from the Dance Posters list are associated with techniques than can be methodically taught: Graham (Martha Graham Company), (Lester) Horton (Alvin Ailey Company) and Humphrey-Limon (Limon Company). " ~ Miliosr Is it because they cultivated techiques or because they built up an institution (in the form of a school) and that institution perpetuated the company?
  21. Not exactly the role for someone famous for sleeping.... Maybe they thought it gave a certain air of raciness, as if there were a possibility she would end up nude somewhere in the setting.
  22. I've always hoped the dogs would appear at some point.... Acteon has his gazelle moments, and Diane references a bow, but... Perhaps it should have been titled "Acteon's Dream"?
  23. Amy Reusch

    Les Sylphides

    Those sleeves look almost as full as the ones Royes is wearing in that video with Tallchief.
  24. There doesn't seem to be a Don Quixote forum, so I'm guessing this thread is it? I'm wondering about this production. Does anyone recognize it? Is it Tetsuya Kumakawa's own K-Ballet Company? I thought I could find some photos via google, but I am not having any luck.
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