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  1. Hello! I'm desperately searching for this music, I read somewhere that is a waltz of Riccardo Drigo from Les Millions d'Arlequin, but I watched the video of the ballet and there is no trace of this music! Can someone help me? This is the video, at 2:04 Thanks a million!!
  2. Hi! Taking advantage of this period of quarantine in which the Paris Opera Ballet site made it available, I watched the Swan Lake by Nureyev, I found it fascinating from many points of view, especially for the role of Siegfried which has been deepened, and the way in which Wolfgang/Rothbart treats him. I loved the interpretation of Germain Louvet, I think the role of Siegfried suits him very much, and also of Léonore Baulac, but I preferred her Odette instead of her Odile. Have you seen this version of Swan Lake? What do you think about it?
  3. Don't worry, thanks anyway 😘You literally took away from me a doubt that i had for months 😂❤ Yes isn't it? I'm like obsessed by these videos of Vba, also for the wonderful music the pianist plays for the students 😍
  4. Thank you so much Tabitha! Yes, it's from Fairy Doll 🙂 If you know it, could you tell me the one at 47:13? 😊❤
  5. Hi everybody! I'd like so much if you could tell me the name of this music from this ballet exam. I'm trying to find it from months, but without success. It's from a ballet? The minute is 45:14. Thanks again!
  6. Thank so much you for your exhaustive explanation sandik, you have been really helpful to me! And nanushka, thanks for sending me these videos, I was looking for videos of this kind but without finding them! :)❤
  7. Hi everybody! I know I'm getting annoying, but now that I started ballet, every time I see a variation I want to know every step of it! But I have difficult on recognizing them, especially the jumps! I know that here you are all competent and experienced (as well as very kind in answering my questions:) ), so I'd like so much if you could tell me the names of these jumps (3:11, 3:52 and 6:37... maybe the 6:37 one is a sissonne...?) from the pas de trois of the act 1 of Swan Lake: Thank you!!
  8. Thank you so much! I think I've understand more now 😘😘
  9. Hi! When I do assemblé and brisé, they seem the same jumps to me, I think they're really similar, and I can't recognize the differences. Can someone please explain me the differences between the two? Thanks as always
  10. Thank you very much! I didn't know this jump at all, I'm very glad you made me discover it
  11. Hi everyone I fell in love with a jump that Kitri does in the first act of Don Quixote, but I don't know how it's called... can someone tell me the name please? The jump to which I refer is at the minute 2:39 of the video that I link you. I hope in a your answer, thank you as always!
  12. I completely agree with you, Helene. Your point of view is really deep I also think that Aurora "matures" when she's sleeping, as the Prince.
  13. Yes, I agree with the fact that is a competition, and so the characher of Aurora isn't the same that would be in the ballet, and I think that the dancer would change it if it was in a full production too Now I think this variation in a different way. Thank you for your answer
  14. Hi! In this period, I'm often watching the Aurora Vision variation, and I wonder if there is a specific way to portrait the characher of Aurora in this variation or it's a choice of the version of the ballet, it varies by the different companies etc... For example, in this video of the variation Laura Fernandez smiles and I don't find it appropriate in this part of the ballet, that is quite "sad". What do you think about this?
  15. Hi everyone, Can you help me please? I'd like so much to know from which ballet is the music of this exercise of the Vba. Here is the video: https://youtu.be/wAKfr15ceU0. The minute is 11:35. Thanks so much! 😊😊❤
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