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  1. Deborah Jowitt hs posted this: http://www. artsjournal.com/dancebeat/
  2. indeed, Rapp danced Don Quixote during the first run of the ballet, he was first-cast; Balanchine's appearances were special occasions.
  3. much admired NYCB dancer and revered S.A.B. teacher, Richard Rapp died on Jan. 14. The attached photo, showing Rapp (as the Hoofer) and Suzanne Farrell (as the Strip Tease Girl) is dated July, 1968, just months after the ballet entered NYCB repertory in May, when Arthur Mitchell performed as the Hoofer; it was likely used as publicity for NYCB's season in Saratoga Springs. (a few tributes to Mr. Rapp have been posted on Instagram and Facebook)
  4. It looks as if the woman seated next to Farrell is Susan Pillare.
  5. rg

    Henry Danton

    recent podcast with Henry Danton http://www.mpbonline.org/mississippiartshour/
  6. A friend of Don McDonagh and the late Leslie Getz has sent word that Don died yesterday, Tuesday, Dec. 10, in Manhattan.
  7. 6 months before Balanchine created THEME AND VARIATIONS for Ballet Theatre with Alicia Alonso and Igor Youskevitch, DANCE MAGAZINE featured them on its cover in the company's then 4-year-old staging of his APOLLO, with designs by Karinska. both ballets, as it turns out, are in ABT's repertory in the month of Alonso's death. (the muses alongside Alonso's Terpsichore are Nora Kaye as Polyhymina and Barbara Fallis as Calliope)
  8. ballet photographer and historian, particularly of Russian ballet, especially of Moscow's Bolshoi Ballet, died on June 15, 2019. She also had an abiding interest in the Gershwin brothers and in Vivian Leigh. the NYPL lists her book of Bolshoi Ballet photographs thus: The Bolshoi Ballet / photos. by Judy Cameron ; introd. and notes by Walter Terry. 1st ed. New York : Harper & Row, [1975] 178 p. : chiefly ill. ; 25 cm. Icon editions. "A Helene Obolensky Enterprises, inc., book."
  9. if memory serves, I believe that Morris was married at one point to a musicIan connected to TeIji Ito, who composed the score for Jerome Robbins's WATERMILL, or perhaps i'm just recalling that Morris once played with ensemble when WATERMILL was performed at the NYSTheater, or perhaps i'm miles off... since writing the above the following information has come in from a one-time colleague of Marnee Morris's: <<Marnee was married twice. First to fellow NYCB dancer Roger Peterson and then later to Teiji, and had a baby with him.>> no dates were given.
  10. rg

    Henry Danton

    i am in sometime touch with HD, so i can copy and paste this text and send it along to him. do you want me to wait for the contact info. before forwarding this message along to him?
  11. The originator of the "alphabetical" rendering of the classical ballet lexicon was Erika Goodman.
  12. The Jerome Robbins Dance Division of the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts might be able to help here. JRDD has any number of Swope photos in its digital file, see this link: https://digitalcollections.nypl.org/ good luck,
  13. what is the subject of the ON POINT article? sometimes ABT press kits included copies of ON POINT articles in its press kits for individual ballets...
  14. ON POINT was an in-house publication by American Ballet Theatre, it lasted any number of years, but has since ceased publication: it seemed to have been distributed to donors and/or ABT subscribers; and was not otherwise available for sale or subscription. I imagine ABT may have a complete set archived but i don't know if anyone in the org. is available to handle requests for photocopying particular parts of particular issues. The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts may have archived copies, but that's only a guess...
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