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  1. How wonderful! I can’t wait. The digital offerings have kept me centered during this awful time. Thank you, California.
  2. Where is the Tribute to Balanchine on the website? This is so frustrating.
  3. Dear Alexandra, Happy, happy Birthday!! 🤗
  5. Good day, Everyone. I emailed Lincoln Center and this is what I received: What’s interesting is that this is available for only one week per the response. But ehen I watched MSND on Sat night, it clearly indicated we could watch it through some date like July 14, which if true is really generous. Did anyone see the same on Sat night?
  6. Hello, Everyone, I hope you are well. There is no link on the Lincoln Center at Home website for this ABT 5/21 performance. Glad there is a link here, but does anyone know what the problem is? And many thanks for posting the link, Dale.
  7. Miliosr, thank you for this perspective, which illustrates how companies variously respond to crises, depending on their personal circumstances, fortunes and leadership.
  8. This is so very sad. What a terrible situation. This is so true. My brother has to apply and he says its a nightmare. So sad.
  9. Yes, I was so happy to see this in the email I received, despite the sad, but anticipated, season cancellation. I will make a donation to the relief fund. I can well imagine, sadly, that the SPAC season will be cancelled, too, depending on how things go as we move through spring. I hope everyone on BA is staying healthy and safe, and hoping the stress of this pandemic is mitigated by seeing our ballet videos, reading, walking and keeping busy with our households projects and our hobbies. And being supported by our housemates and keeping in touch with our loved ones who lives far and near. Sending all BA members best wishes and hugs.
  10. I’m coming in for Wednesday night’s performance, so I will be very interested to see Roman dance. I’ve never seen La Source, so I am excited, especially because of Ashley and Joseph Gordon. And Firebird is a favorite of mine.
  11. Agreeing with everyone here. I find this production to be grim and unattractive. I do like the swan’s tutus, and I love the dancing, but overall it’s a very dark and flat production. I have the same feelings about Martins’ Romeo and Juliet, Per Kirkeby having designed those sets and costumes, too. That said, I did find some good things to like about it, as I’m sure you will, too, especially O/O. I haven’t seen it in about five years and I will most likely take in two performances at SPAC this summer, especially if there are two casts, but it’s doubtful there will be two casts.
  12. Thank you so much for posting this, FPF. Given there is Balanchine in two programs, I’ll probably go to more than three performances this year in addition to SL.
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