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  1. Graci per I bei ricordi. Riposare in pace.
  2. My earliest memories of Jacques go way back to his student days at SAB. He was 13 then, tall and skinny with straight black hair that was always in his eyes. He stood out from the rest of the boys by his sheer exuberance, and looking like he belonged on a sandlot instead of a ballet studio. Eternal rest, Jacques.
  3. Good News!! He was a disaster to the Company I once loved. A bit of forward thinking please.
  4. I never saw Doubrovska dance professionally (she was long retired by the time I went to performances) but as a student in NYC in the mid 40's she taught at the School of American Ballet and I saw her teach many classes. She was in her early 50's at the time and still in good shape. She wore a knee length chiffon skirt and carried a long chiffon scarf and was perfectly coiffed! Those long legs were unusual at the time and she swooped them over the barre beautifully. Maria Tallchief (Company Ballderina at the time) was also in class but looked rather mousy compared to Felia.
  5. Thanks. At the time he left it was felt by the fan crowd that he 'sold out'. That crowd also felt the same way about Robbins!
  6. I first saw Tommy Rall when he was at a tender age. He was in the Corps of Ballet Theater and had an electrifying solo in "Graduation Ball". He performed a Tyrolean dance and always brought the house down---and it was a big House--the old Met in nyc. RIP
  7. That's one way of gertting the audience back in their seats !!
  8. Nijinska's Early Memoirs is my favorite "ballet" book. I cherish my copy and re-read its every few years. At the. time of her daughter Irina's death in 1991 she was in the process of editing a sequel. As far as I know, it wasn't completed.
  9. What an electrifying performer she was on stage! Rest in peace and thanks for the memories.
  10. That's the best way to be---'knowing nothing'. You are free to let the poetry of the movement and music wash over you. That was me so many years. ago when I saw my first performance (1944)
  11. One of my favorites! How I love 'The Heiress". My one claim to fame is that back in the 80's we used the same hairdresser in Manhattan!
  12. Belated!! but Happy Birthday Alexandra!!
  13. 'Ballet Imperial' was even better!! I can see Ananiashvilli's hand in that! She was a brilliant interpreter of the role with ABT.
  14. Thanks Helene. That was a bit of therapy I needed!! With some luck all those naysayers will move to Tuscaloosa!
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