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  1. That's one way of gertting the audience back in their seats !!
  2. Nijinska's Early Memoirs is my favorite "ballet" book. I cherish my copy and re-read its every few years. At the. time of her daughter Irina's death in 1991 she was in the process of editing a sequel. As far as I know, it wasn't completed.
  3. What an electrifying performer she was on stage! Rest in peace and thanks for the memories.
  4. That's the best way to be---'knowing nothing'. You are free to let the poetry of the movement and music wash over you. That was me so many years. ago when I saw my first performance (1944)
  5. One of my favorites! How I love 'The Heiress". My one claim to fame is that back in the 80's we used the same hairdresser in Manhattan!
  6. Belated!! but Happy Birthday Alexandra!!
  7. Loved the C.Colbert observation!!. I must look for it when I watch "It Happened One Night" again (for the umpteenth time). Happy to know we are on the same page with Lopatkina.
  8. I probably should have said refined performance rather than technique But surely in comparison Farrell is ahead for those viewers who haven’t seen too many interpretations I recommend they watch Farrell in the role and also Ulyana Lopatkina
  9. This was was the first time I saw Means in "Diamonds". I have been avoiding it for the reasons you cited above. I hoped she would get coaching from Farrell--if she did it wasn't apparent to me. The role calls for a more refined technique and the facial expressions must go.
  10. I was disappointed with Peck's Pulcinella. He used his nine dancers effectively in the opening and closing sequences--- but the long middle section was boring. One frenetic solo after another with a pdd thrown in. It needed more imagination. Perhaps varying all those solos with small groupings? In my many years of ballet watching I have witnessed the progression of the careers of Robbins (from the very beginning) to Tudor in the (US from the beginning). While not every piece was a hit---they were always interesting and their talent leapt out at you! The costumes were the most in
  11. 'Ballet Imperial' was even better!! I can see Ananiashvilli's hand in that! She was a brilliant interpreter of the role with ABT.
  12. Thanks Helene. That was a bit of therapy I needed!! With some luck all those naysayers will move to Tuscaloosa!
  13. With my beloved city suffering this is the last thing I need to read! For Shame!!!
  14. Well Helene--thanks for the recognition! I was one of those people---I taught in a high school and involved in many productions. My favorite was 'Fiddler on the Roof'. I did have some help though. We were sent a 2" thick book of the Robbins choreography andI adapted it to the athletic students, and they were great.
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