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  1. I guess I am one of the many few who saw her in her prime --1940's---I wrote about that time on my blog, "Ruminations" which is available on this site.
  2. I guess, I too, love Fitzgerald too much and it makes me over react to Zelda!
  3. True -- but look what he did with that material! To me, it reminds me of Tschaikovsky's use of Russian folk themes in his compositions -- look what he did with them!
  4. "Sorry I didn't read Hemingway's book......bought 'Save Me The Waltz" and am not able to finish it! Zelda, among other traits, was an abominable writer!! The foolish girl did not know her limits (in ANYTHING she attempted). Poor Scott!
  5. Yes! Yes! That decision has so affected me that I haven't been to ABT since she left!...and l am only a short subway ride away.....
  6. "mouthpiece for the corruption of the Catholic Church"---where is evidence of that in your references? His abortion views are not mine but there appears to be a basis for them from his life experiences. His married mother was pregnant with another man's child and came close to abortion--and as a young man he came close to being shot by a Nazi death squad-----perhaps these close calls gave him a special reverence for life.
  7. Well I am with Gautier. Giselle's resting place was in the forest -- not in a cemetery . As a suicide she could not be buried in consecrated ground. That has changed over the years and most productions have her in a cemetery with other graves visible. In the early Giselles I saw (circa 1940s) the Giselles appeared to stab themselves, also there was a different portrayal of Hilarion-- at the time he came across as a 'dirty old man'.
  8. Slightly off topic--as a Catholic I think the Church can begin to solve its problems with a married clergy and ordained women---by the same token NYCB should elect a new Board and get rid of Martins works -- perhaps then the stench will be gone.
  9. .....and NYCB has the perfect Romeo --- Taylor Stanley who looks uncannily like Hugh Laing on stage! -- complexion notwithstanding!
  10. Replacing R&J is a good start..I suggest they pay homage to one of their 'giant' choreographers by reviving Tudor's R&J--and he did it all in one hour!
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