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  1. Modern dance companies have been subsidized quite a lot since the 1980s by the French government (ministère de la Culture) and at a more local level ("régions", "départements", cities). It seems to me that modern dance people used to be almost "invisible" and under-subsidized in France until the 1980s, but gradually obtained more power and influence and now it's a bit the opposite. For example, I remember reading an interviw of Guy Darmet, former director of the Maison de la Danse de Lyon between 1980 and 2012 (a theater which programs almost only dance, the only one of its kind in France, w
  2. As far as I know, the Spoerli version was staged at the Paris Opera in 1981, with (as the first cast) Noëlla Pontois (Lise), Cyril Atanassoff (Colas), Patrick Dupond (Alain), and Georges Piletta (Widow Simone)n but that version was never danced again at the Paris Opera during the following seasons. In 1987, they danced Joseph Lazzini's version (by the way, J. Lazzini passed away recently), with new casts (especially Manuel Legris and Françoise Legrée). Alymer, the Cramer version after Dauberval will be performed next season by the Ballet du Capitole de Toulouse. It had been staged at first fo
  3. Oh yes, I really agree with Jean-Guillaume Bart about that point (and also, if I remember correctly, he was quite negative about Ms Lefèvre's programming). And there is also the dearth of real ballet choreographers in France... It is all the sadder as there is an audience for ballet in France: most ballet productions of the POB are sold out very quickly (for example, last year, most performances of "La Bayadère" were sold out online a few hours after the opening of the online booking), there are touring Russian or Ukrainian companies (of varying quality) performing in several cities... B
  4. Indeed, it is a radical change grom the previous repertory. All the works performed next season will be new in the repertory, except one by Forsythe ! I had seen the Ballet de Toulouse only twice on tour (years ago), performing Balanchine works, and had liked it very much, especially as there as so few opportunities to see some Balanchine works in France (now the only French companies performing Balanchine works are the POB and the Ballet de Bordeaux, and maybe the Ballet de Nice... And while Brigitte Lefèvre regulary claims her admiration for Balanchine, she hasn't programmed many of his wor
  5. Actually, that program wasn't especially selected for this tour: it seems to be one of their "standard" touring programs, as it has been performed around 2006 in China, in 2007 in Toulouse and Tours, in 2008 in Créteil, Aix-en-Provence and Montpellier, around 2010 in Moscow, and in 2001 in Biarritz, and it also was part of the 2008-2009 season in Paris. I don't think that politics had much to do with that choice (even in France, there still are controversies among ballet historians and critics about Lifar's behavior during WWII, but I think much of the audience is unaware of that)... I guess
  6. It is something like "Half of the 150 dancers gives performances in Chicago, where the POB presently is on tour. With Brigitte Lefèvre leading the group. Let's hope that it won't come to anybody's mind to settle their accounts with each other the same way as in Al Capone's time !" (Of course, it is not meant to be serious). And to reply to a previous post of yours: Actually, I don't think that such a list makes sense. At the POB, the word "répertoire" includes everything that has been danced by the company at least once (even if it hasn't been performed for decades). In this list, there
  7. There was a recent article (in French) about the POB direction, by Raphaël de Gubernatis in "Le Nouvel Observateur", which was *very* negative about Ms Lefèvre, and mentioned some possible successors. http://tempsreel.nouvelobs.com/culture/20120628.OBS5531/le-ballet-des-atrides.html It mentions that Ms Lefèvre will turn 68 in November, which is older than the normal age limit in France for such institutions. According to the jourbalist, 132 dancers of the company (out of 154) wrote a letter in May (without telling Ms Lefèvre about it) to the Minister of Culture asking about its plans for he
  8. Sorry for not having written since last week (and I'm writing this in a hurry before leaving my hotel room). I attended three more MCB performances since then: the two performances of Saturday 9 (matinee with "Symphony in 3 movements", "Afternoon of a faun", "Liturgy" and "Ballet Imperial", evening with "Square dance", "The Four emperaments" and "In the Upper Room") and that of yesterday evening ("Theme and variations", "Promethean Fire" and "Nine Sinatra songs"). I loved all the performances (and so did the rest of the audience, considering all the applauses... especially for the Saturday
  9. Just a few words in a hurry to say thay I enjoyed immensely the MCB performance that I saw yesterday at the Chatelet, and especially "Square Dance": I think I've completely fallen in love with that ballet (I had seen it for the first time two months ago in NYC by the NYCB) and Jeannette Delgado was absolutely lovely in it, charming and musical and light, and doing all those tricky steps as if it were the easiest thing on Earth ! I wonder if for example she's already danced "Sonatine", or some other works of the Verdy repertory ? I got a bit sleepy during "La Valse", alas (the culprit is not
  10. Justdoit, Kristen, bart, many thanks for your replies ! Kristen, I wish I could have seen the Novosibirsk ballet in Paris last summer (but I was 8 months pregnant back then, and travelling was not very easy...) bart, I think I saw Yann Trividic on stage once... but it was about a decade ago, when he danced "Romeo and Juliet" with the Ballet de Marseille, so I guess he must have changed quite a lot since then. :-)
  11. I'll be attending 6 of those performances (going to Paris two week-ends in a row to see them), and am eagerly looking forward to seeing it ! I'm especially glad that they will perform so many Balanchine works (especially as the next POB season will alas not include any Balanchine work...) I just regret that they will be performing at the Théâtre du Châtelet, because its sight lines often are quite awful (bizarre, unconvenient columns here and there...), even though it's a theater with a glorious ballet past (many Ballets Russes works, including "Pétrouchka", "Les Sylphides", "The Rite of S
  12. Thanks for the information about the next season, cygneblanc ! Here's another link to the list of ballets of that season (a bit easier to read): http://www.operadeparis.fr/cns11/live/onp/Saison_2011_2012/Ballets/index.php?lang=fr I'm looking forward to Jean-Guillaume Bart's version of "La Source" too. As far as I know, it will be his first ballet created for the full company (so far, he had only done works for the POB school, or for some "young dancers" programs). I'm a bit surprised about the reconstruction of Lifar's "Phèdre". I hope it won't seem too "old", especially the costumes
  13. As far as I know, Julien Cozette is Emilie's brother. cygneblanc, thanks for your posts, and good luck with your PhD ! I hope that later you'll have enough time to post your impressions about the competition. I guess the absence of ranking must have been very frustrating for the female sujets (I remember a rather similar situation some years ago, when two positions were available but only one dancer was promoted... It seems to me that it was the year when Eleonora Abbagnato was promoted, but I'm not sure.)
  14. I think that he's particularly remembered for The Persuaders in France too. This show has been especially popular in France, and has been shown a huge number of times on TV (almost every year). Actually, part of its success was due to the dubbing voices, and especially Michel Roux's dubbing of Curtis (Michel Roux, who also was a theater actor, died in 2007, and his obituaries mentioned mostly that dubbing).
  15. Unfortunately, it seems that the video isn't available any longer (it says "an error occurred").
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