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  1. cygneblanc

    Natalia Osipova

    Well, actually I just wanted to point that her dance doesn't look masculine at all on stage although to my mind it was on a video (the same you saw I guess). I wasn't expecting to see what I saw live, so it was a really nice suprise !
  2. cygneblanc

    Natalia Osipova

    I saw her last week in the Corsaire, and I was quite impressed. She has grown a lot since I've discovered her as a teen during a documentary on the Bolshoi's school. She was quite frail at that time but has become a very solid dancer with an extraordinary technics. Even if her dance looks quite masculine on video, that's different on stage. Her solidity reminds me of Sylvie Guillem.
  3. My favorite Giselle has been my favorite Noëlla Pontois. She was my second one. My first one (I was six) was Claude de Vulpian, and I remember I wasn't too impressed with her . My parents took me to see the cast she was dancing in because at that time like a lot of little girls I was a very big fan of Patrick Dupont who was her Albrecht that afternoon and I saw only him ! But since my parents wanted to see Nureev, we came back again and Nureev was dancing with Melle Pontois and for me it was a revealation ! She was just Giselle, and I remember during the mad scene I believed she had really
  4. My favorite female dancers are Noëlla Pontois, Monique Loudières and Elisabeth Maurin, but I also like Elisabeth Platel, Karin Averty, Claire-Marie Osta, Marie-Agnès Gillot, Agnes Letestu, Marie- Claude Pietragalla and Sylvie Guillem. That's a lot, I know But each of them has her own qualities ! If I have to choose only a one, it will be Noëlla Pontois, because she was my favorite when I was a kid !
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