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  1. mille-feuille

    Nutcracker 2018

    I love all of it, with my personal low point of Act II being Mother Ginger and her children.
  2. mille-feuille

    Keith Bayliss

    Welcome, Keith! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on what you see.
  3. mille-feuille

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    If I recall correctly, neither sold particularly well last year. I can't imagine they would sell any better this year, sadly. I have seen both and do not feel like they reward multiple viewings, so I will be skipping them. I know that they do have some devotees, however. I think the Northern Ballet has done Jane Eyre. I am excited about it, mainly because I like the book! I believe YouTube has a sample of some dramatic-looking partnering. I will probably see Murphy and Shevchenko as O/O, as well as Lane, Trenary, or Murphy as Aurora. I have to say, I am bummed about no Giselle! It's my favorite story ballet. Oh well, I'm sure it'll come back next year.
  4. mille-feuille

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    I haven't seen the Lang, but I agree so so much about the Dorrance.
  5. mille-feuille

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    Misty was replaced in AFTERITE by Brandt last night, so it's possible she's injured. How demanding is her part in AFTERITE? (I left after Songs of Bukovina last night, as I had no interest in AFTERITE.) The theater was woefully empty last night. I came because I wanted to see Symphonie Concertante, and it was danced decently, although one corps member fell (on bourrees...) and others wobbled or were not in synch. ABT just doesn't do Balanchine well, although Shenchenko and, especially, Hoven looked great. I will add to the general consensus that Songs of Bukovina is competent but not terribly impactful. It was nice to see Calvin Royal looking so great, and kudos to Shevchenko for looking wonderful in two ballets in a row! It was also striking how good the corps dancers looked in Songs compared to the Balanchine. Ratmansky really knows how to bring out the best in his dancers. Now if only he could make works for ABT that are as wonderful as his best for City Ballet, like Russian Seasons and Concerto DSCH. That's it for my ABT fall season this year. Hopefully they can figure out a strategy that will work for them in future years, because the poor attendance this season is disheartening. Is it normally like this? This is my first ABT fall season so I have no basis for comparison.
  6. mille-feuille

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    OMG! That is horrible and hilarious. 😂
  7. mille-feuille

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    Any word on whether Shevchenko will also replace Seo on Wednesday? The only other thing I care to see ABT dance is Symphonie Concertante and I can only make the 24th, but ABT's Balanchine track record has not been good (e.g., Boylston in Tschai Pas a few seasons ago ☠️, Mozartiana...). If I see Balanchine danced badly I'll just be crabby after the performance.
  8. mille-feuille

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    I forgot about Barber! I like it too.
  9. mille-feuille

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    I am SO happy that Joe Gordon was promoted to principal; I have been devouring his dancing this season. Well-deserved. I think he would make a wonderful Apollo. Also, hooray for Mira Nadon being taken into the corps! I have loved watching her. I too was in the audience for Joaquin's farewell. I was thrilled by the high level of dancing in all works. Todo Buenos Aires was such a forgettable ballet, but I did think it was appropriate for the occasion. (Aside: how nice it is to have so few Martins works being programmed nowadays! I believe the only upcoming one is Hallelujah Junction, which is one of his I actually like.) What a short but sweet season this was. On to Nutcracker!
  10. mille-feuille

    corps dancers we love as if they were stars

    At NYCB, I like Devin Alberda a lot. His jumps are so buoyant and he has an elan and fluidity that stands out. I also often find myself watching Preston Chamblee, Christina Clark, Isabella LaFreniere, Roman Mejia, Miriam Miller, and Lydia Wellington. At ABT, I like Joo Won Ahn, Kaho Ogawa, and Gabe Stone Shayer.
  11. mille-feuille

    Job posting for artistic director

    For me, a big reason would be that the company he founded and directed folded after only 11 years (according to Wikipedia, his LA Ballet existed from 1974-85). One of the requirements listed first in the job description was Demonstrated artistic leadership success as a programmer and/or company leader for an organization known for quality and excellence I don't think Clifford has demonstrated that. His age also isn't a plus; a quick calculation tells me he's about 71. I think he would be invaluable as a stager/ coach of Balanchine works, however.
  12. mille-feuille

    Job posting for artistic director

    John Clifford is an obvious no, so it rubs me the wrong way that Megan LeCrone is specifically goading him to make videos promoting his candidacy.
  13. mille-feuille

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    Saturday (9/22) matinee Jewels: Emeralds, while having the most understated choreography of the three, to my ears has the most beautiful music. Tiler Peck was buoyant and pristine, but perhaps too down-to-earth to fully entrance me. Unity Phelan, on the other hand, reminded me of a mermaid queen. She and Adrian Danchig-Waring (what a welcome sight he is!) floated through their pas de deux and solos. Days later, visions of her dancing the Sicilienne solo are still echoing in my mind. I loved Sterling Hyltin in Rubies and found Andrew Veyette less leaden than I had expected from reports. Sterling was like a lightning bolt -- seemingly no transitions between crystal-clear positions, jumps, and turns. Bam, bam, bam -- there she was! What a joy she is. I completely agree with whoever characterized Kretzschmar as a cheerleader. She was way too smiley and did not radiate command. I sorely missed Tess Reichlen's subtle menace as the Tall Girl. Mearns and Gordon were sublime in Diamonds. Although I see Odette influences in Mearns' Diamond, there is a larger-than-life seriousness and profoundness to her interpretation. Where Odette is vulnerable, Mearns' Diamond is not. You get the sense that she is powerful but choosing not to display it, so as not to terrify us: she is an angel in the old style, a heavenly warrior who has to tell us "Be not afraid" when she first appears before us. And despite all the recent turmoil, this performance still made me think: "Thank heaven for New York City Ballet."
  14. mille-feuille

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    I saw the Friday (9/21) All-Balanchine performance and Saturday (9/22) matinee Jewels. Friday (9/21) All-Balanchine: Reichlen was gorgeous in Concerto Barocco. I just love her -- so on top of the music, she's almost dancing a hair's breadth ahead of it, illuminating it. Stafford was very competent, but I find her too cutesy and her dancing rather clipped, lacking amplitude. The corps looked a bit ragged at times, but overall the ballet was lovely and, delightfully, not too long. 😉 Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux with Tiler Peck and Joaquin de Luz... what more is there to say that you all don't already know? The audience, myself included of course, ate it up. Peck sparkled, radiated joy. de Luz was his charming, mischievous self. His jumps looked more labored than even as recent as last season, but the charm is still there in spades. They got a standing ovation for this, and five curtain calls. It was a lovely moment. I was disappointed by Stravinsky Violin Concerto. When I last saw this (too many years ago), Ramasar was dancing it and he along with Hyltin and whoever else was dancing really made the coda a strong statement of happiness and playful energy. With the information standing as we know it now, I could not watch Ramasar again and feel good about it, no matter the quality of his dancing. Although Hyltin, Mearns, and Stanley were excellent Friday night, somehow this ballet still felt half-baked. I'm seeing it again Wednesday 9/26 -- I hope I will enjoy it more then. Symphony in C had many highs but a few disappointing lows. The highs: Ashley Bouder, Joseph Gordon, Indiana Woodward, Sebastian V-V, Troy Schumacher. I too thought that Woodward's jumps were low compared to Sebastian V-V's, but whose wouldn't be? She, however, has lovely head, arm, and shoulder movements that he currently lacks. If you watch that Instagram video of the two of them posted by the Times and included in this thread, she has a lovely variation in speed and texture and reminds me of the weaving of a basket. Joseph Gordon's jumps and turns were less impressive than some of the corps men who did them in unison with him, but I can't get enough of his seriousness and regal bearing. I'm watching him eagerly! I found Maria Kowroski disappointing. To me, she is heart-stopping when doing things that do not require too much strength, but she makes me very nervous when strength is required and in turns. Her entrance had me spellbound, but the famous developpe a la seconde was VERY shaky and that + Tyler Angle sprinting behind her to catch her other hand completely took me out of the moment. (I wish that more dancers, if they're feeling shaky, would do what Kent and Ludlow do in the German recording -- it looks so dignified and serene.) During the coda, Maria almost lost it in a fouette and I had to force myself to watch Bouder instead. (To be fair, during a later fouette in the coda, I saw from the corner of my eye that hers was the most beautifully held of the four main women.) Will post my impressions of Saturday's Jewels later.
  15. mille-feuille

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    I actually prefer the dignified, languid quality of how Kent and Ludlow do the a la seconde to the man positively sprinting to get to the ballerina's other hand (e.g., how Reichlen and Angle do it in canbelto's video around 2:15). But I mean... this entire ballet is transcendent and spiritual nourishment, so I don't mind TOO much. 😉 I am finally going to NYCB tonight and I CANNOT WAIT YOU GUYS!!!