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  1. mille-feuille

    Sergei Polunin

    Ratmansky's statement came off (to me) as upholding traditional male/female roles in ballet specifically. He also did not insult anyone. I'd say he sounded, at worst, old-fashioned. I personally have been lukewarm on the same-sex partnering I've seen so far, and have found it to work better for men (not surprisingly, as they train in how to partner and are generally stronger), so maybe I'm old-fashioned too. Polunin is making statements about humanity at large, and being derogatory and inflammatory in the process ("Men, what's wrong with you? [...] You are an embarrassment. [...] Need a good slap!").
  2. mille-feuille

    Winter 2019

    I'm not familiar with the male roles in Serenade--is this a role that La Cour is capable of?
  3. mille-feuille

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    I'm very excited to see Mack. I hope they are seriously considering bringing him on full-time.
  4. mille-feuille

    Which is your favourite version of The Nutcracker and why?

    Ooooops! Thank you!
  5. mille-feuille

    Which is your favourite version of The Nutcracker and why?

    I am a fervent devotee of Balanchine's version. Although I admitted on this forum that I find Mother Ginger's children tiresome, in general I adore the important role that children play in NYCB's Nutcracker. As a child, I looked forward to Christmas day so eagerly and delighted in every moment of it. It really did feel like a day infused with magic. As I've gotten older, I've found Christmas to be more and more like any other day, and it's stressful planning my flight back to my hometown and buying presents for everyone on my list. But when I watch NYCB's Nutcracker and see those kids dancing their little hearts out, I'm transported back to that magical feeling of my childhood. Marina Harss, writing in DanceTabs, hit the nail on the head: "After all, it is a ballet about memory – the memory of family parties, of winter nights, of new friendships, and of the tinge of fear that accompanies childhood." I see ballets about romantic love throughout the rest of the entire year. NYCB's Nutcracker rejoices in being about something entirely different—it is a breath of fresh air. Furthermore, NYCB's Nutcracker is a coherent story. It makes sense for Clara/ Marie, a child, to be captivated by a doll and dancing alongside other children. Suspension of disbelief is harder when Clara/ Marie is danced by an adult and gazing adoringly at a doll. Worse when her friends are all a foot shorter than her. Balanchine's Nutcracker also knows when to hold back. So many other productions cram in more drama—e.g., a Snow Queen and King or, worse, a romantic pas de deux for Clara and the Prince during the Snow transition scene. This, I have always suspected, is to please filthy casuals audience members who only see one ballet a year and expect swooning pas de deux around every corner. Balanchine's Snow, Flowers, and Dewdrop choreography are the best in the business, bar none. The only quibbles I have with Balanchine's Nutcracker are these: the addition of the snippet of Sleeping Beauty music in Act I. the lack of a boisterous group of men in the Russian divertissement—I find the Candy Cane children rather boring. the Chinese divertissement—I envy productions with awesome lion-dance inspired choreography, like SFB.
  6. mille-feuille

    Gillian Murphy is Pregnant

    My money's on Teuscher. Hoping for some increased Shevchenko and Brandt as well though!
  7. mille-feuille

    Gillian Murphy is Pregnant

    1. Congratulations to Gillian and Ethan! What happy news! 😍 2. NO!!! I was planning on seeing her O/O for the first time this spring! 😩
  8. mille-feuille

    Nutcracker 2018

    I love all of it, with my personal low point of Act II being Mother Ginger and her children.
  9. mille-feuille

    Keith Bayliss

    Welcome, Keith! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on what you see.
  10. mille-feuille

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    If I recall correctly, neither sold particularly well last year. I can't imagine they would sell any better this year, sadly. I have seen both and do not feel like they reward multiple viewings, so I will be skipping them. I know that they do have some devotees, however. I think the Northern Ballet has done Jane Eyre. I am excited about it, mainly because I like the book! I believe YouTube has a sample of some dramatic-looking partnering. I will probably see Murphy and Shevchenko as O/O, as well as Lane, Trenary, or Murphy as Aurora. I have to say, I am bummed about no Giselle! It's my favorite story ballet. Oh well, I'm sure it'll come back next year.
  11. mille-feuille

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    I haven't seen the Lang, but I agree so so much about the Dorrance.
  12. mille-feuille

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    Misty was replaced in AFTERITE by Brandt last night, so it's possible she's injured. How demanding is her part in AFTERITE? (I left after Songs of Bukovina last night, as I had no interest in AFTERITE.) The theater was woefully empty last night. I came because I wanted to see Symphonie Concertante, and it was danced decently, although one corps member fell (on bourrees...) and others wobbled or were not in synch. ABT just doesn't do Balanchine well, although Shenchenko and, especially, Hoven looked great. I will add to the general consensus that Songs of Bukovina is competent but not terribly impactful. It was nice to see Calvin Royal looking so great, and kudos to Shevchenko for looking wonderful in two ballets in a row! It was also striking how good the corps dancers looked in Songs compared to the Balanchine. Ratmansky really knows how to bring out the best in his dancers. Now if only he could make works for ABT that are as wonderful as his best for City Ballet, like Russian Seasons and Concerto DSCH. That's it for my ABT fall season this year. Hopefully they can figure out a strategy that will work for them in future years, because the poor attendance this season is disheartening. Is it normally like this? This is my first ABT fall season so I have no basis for comparison.
  13. mille-feuille

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    OMG! That is horrible and hilarious. 😂
  14. mille-feuille

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    Any word on whether Shevchenko will also replace Seo on Wednesday? The only other thing I care to see ABT dance is Symphonie Concertante and I can only make the 24th, but ABT's Balanchine track record has not been good (e.g., Boylston in Tschai Pas a few seasons ago ☠️, Mozartiana...). If I see Balanchine danced badly I'll just be crabby after the performance.
  15. mille-feuille

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    I forgot about Barber! I like it too.