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  1. That sounds like a wonderful show!! Brahms Schoenberg and Raymonda Variations are fabulous. I'm sure the Graham solo will be cool too! And what a great group of dancers! I love Sara Mearns in pretty much anything, and she is a hurricane in Brahms Schoenberg. Joe Gordon can do no wrong in my eyes. Please report back with your thoughts! 🙂
  2. Have you seen Reichlen in Swan Lake before? I think the O/O role gets in her head. She appeared very nervous as Odile when I saw her in (I think it was) 2018, and I spent the entirety of that part of the ballet tense and worried for her. If I had to choose Bouder or Reichlen for Swan Lake, I would choose Bouder. (And this is coming from someone who loves Reichlen and is lukewarm on Bouder generally.)
  3. The Four Temperaments is certainly cerebral. Uplifting isn't the word I'd use for (most of) it, but that finale... it's sublime. I consider the finale to be more than simply uplifting; it's transcendent. But I diverge.
  4. So true about Namouna. I'm seeing Belles Lettres for the first time this season; this makes me look forward to it.
  5. I saw the New Combinations program on 1/31. I didn't love Voices and neither did my partner, but people around us seemed to like it. I found the dancing too frantic to appreciate, and I certainly didn't like the "music". I've been wondering this for years, but what's so unappealing to choreographers about making ballets with beautiful steps and beautiful music, that uplift the audience? Why is nobody making ballets like Symphony in C, T&V, Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux... etc. anymore? I suppose Justin Peck kind of makes ballets like this (although I don't always love his musical choices).
  6. Slowed to a snail's pace for dancers like Kikta and LaFreniere (and others), but still rocketing ahead for Nadon. I very much admire her dancing and I hope it's not too fast.
  7. I believe temps de flèche can be done to the front or to the back. See this video: Also this blog (http://balletwebb.blogspot.com/2014/04/terrific-tuesday-temps-de-fleche.html) ”Temps de fleche is not a common step, but it is often found in several famous classical ballets such as Corsaire and Paquita. It is essentially a jump from one foot to another, often with an extended kick when it is performed to the front; or with both legs in attitude when it is done to the back.”
  8. I couldn't resist and bought a ticket to see Tiler's SPF. I can't wait 😍
  9. Thank you so much, @cubanmiamiboy @Helene @dirac @abatt @sidwich @Kathleen O'Connell @nanushka @sandik!! I love the pieces you've suggested, and I will be carefully listening to them over the next little while. I will let you know what we eventually go with!
  10. I would be so excited to see Nadon in a featured role. I'm not sure she's ready for Dewdrop or SPF yet but maybe Marzipan, Coffee, or a Lead Flower? I'd also like to see more of Baily Jones, after she impressed me so much in Symphony in C last fall. I think Kikta would make a great Dewdrop, or LaFreniere. Tiler is my Dewdrop GOAT ("Greatest of All Time"—I will never not find this acronym funny); I always try to go to see her in this role. I hope she's recovered enough to perform. For Sugarplum, I love both Tiler and Sara. I'd also like to see Emilie Gerrity—I saw her in the
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