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  1. For those members of this board who were fans of Athan Sporek in Nutcracker (as both Fritz and the prince) he will be performing the Jester Trio in SL on Feb 14, 15 (eve) 16 (mat) 18, 20 and 22 (Eve). I have had the great pleasure of working with him in other projects and his mom shared these dates on her public Facebook.
  2. I’m absolutely heartbroken to read this news. I was lucky enough to take Peter’s New York City Ballet workout classes when developed the program for NYSC. They were incredibly inspiring and he was such a sweet, encouraging spirit to be near. RIP, you will be greatly missed Peter.
  3. Didn’t they JUST do Western Symphony?? I guess is has a lot of featured roles.
  4. Perhaps they should re- think this re-vamp. Not easy to navigate...though it IS pretty.
  5. Thank you! I don't know why I couldn't find it!
  6. Not sure if this is where I should be asking... looks like the re-vamped the NYCB website, and it's lovely, but I can no longer find a page listing the dancers. This was one of my favorite aspects of having the site. I could just be looking wrong... if anyone finds it, please let me know!
  7. I can't wait to see her. I caught her in Sleeping Beauty last week and am definitely impressed. Thank you rg, for the casting list! S
  8. I enjoyed this very much, but was very frustrated with the lack of complete casting listed. I checked PBS website and there is no listing of all of the Demi soloists etc. any ideas on where to find this info? Thanks! Sandi
  9. Tiler Peck will be filling in for her sister-in-law in Broadway's On The Town on March 3-4 and 14-15 (please double check my dates). Fun! I haven't seen the show yet, but I'm sure Tiler will be wonderful. I don't know how to link articles, but I believe there was a press release today, and Tiler and Megan both tweeted it. Sandi
  10. I believe it was Stroman who suggested Tiler begin taking classes at SAB. :-) Also, dont forget Stephen Hanna who dod Billy Elliot on Broadway, went back to NYCB and then back to Billy. There are also a few former NYCB women who did Phantom on Broadway and on tour. Amanda Edge springs to mind first.
  11. I am thrilled to hear that the house was packed! The lady at the State box office (I refuse to call it the Koch) implied to me I could sit anywhere I wanted if I wanted to pay- but maybe it was because I was a single. I remember seeing Red Angels in a PBS presentation and really liking it. How was Serenade? I love Sara, Ashley and Rebecca, and its my favorite ballet, so this was a dream cast for me, but I just couldn't justify paying that price. :-(
  12. So, tonight I first went to the Zucker box office, and was honestly surprised not to see tickets listed there- it being a random Tuesday etc... So I went over to see what they had at the box office. They seemed to have many tickets available for $100 and up. I was offered fourth ring for $91. That is insane! I was a fourth ring society member, but unfortunately not the season right before they discontinued it, but I would never pay so much for 4th ring. They also had $59 4th ring or $39 partially obstructed view in the third ring. I am sure there were many unsold seats in the house tonight, and that makes me really sad. I was so hoping to see Mearns and Bouder together in Serenade. :-( Sandi
  13. Many dancers cut ribbons off and re-use them!
  14. There are discounted tickets available at tdf's website.
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