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  1. I was at the opening night and will be at the two Kondaurova shows as well. Not a lot of time to express my thoughts fully right now, but I want to give huge credit to Svetlana Ivanova for leading the line of shades out, in what I imagine is, her 40s??? Without breaking an ounce of sweat or having a flagging arabesque. Wow. She was exquisitely poised (in the Bayadere divertissement in Act 2 as well)--definitely a different generation.
  2. If you are here enjoying the Mariinsky, Wendy Whelan will be in conversation at OCC in Costa Mesa this weekend. https://tickets.orangecoastcollege.edu/shows/dance master class series - an artist talk/events?utm_source=COAST+TO+COAST+-++2019%2F10%2F17&utm_campaign=Coast+to+Coast&utm_medium=email
  3. Casting's up: https://www.musiccenter.org/tickets/events-by-the-music-center/Glorya-Kaufman-Dance/Subscriptions/subscribe/mariinsky-ballet/ I'd copy and paste but it's all images--sorry. Anyone have thoughts? Is there someone that is particularly stand out in one of these roles? Weighing the options with SCFTA La Bayadere the week before.
  4. Luck of the draw got me Shevchenko/Forster for one performance (loved them last year) and I just exchanged the other ticket to a Lane/Ahn performance.
  5. Especially since the casting is up for their engagement at SCFTA. Even a "cast a" / "cast b" deal would be nice!
  6. Single tickets for the 2019 portion of the season go on sale tomorrow, Monday August 5.
  7. Hi Buddy, I have three sets of tickets already so I am sure I will see Somova who I have seen dance before. I have never seen or heard of Khoreva, which is why I was asking for opinions about her. Thanks! It would be nice if they had sent out subscription tickets before now, so I could easily see what I booked....
  8. Thanks Dreamer! Much appreciated. Any thoughts? I am familiar with many names, but what are people's impressions of Khoreva?
  9. I'm glad you posted first California because I was going to make some of the same points--about the motifs from other Macmillan ballets (which I noticed more because I have been binging on filmed versions of Mayerling, Manon, and R&J so they were fresh in my mind), the performance notes (my companions flummoxed by the synopsis which ignores the political elements entirely)--and you did so better! About being unable to tell the various women apart, I feel very badly for people who just showed up at the theater and were hoping to make sense of it. The first act happens so swiftly and relentlessly that there is not a lot of time to figure out who is who if you aren't familiar with the ballet or the dancers. I think this is made especially worse with Empress Elisabeth because she looks so young as played by McNally and Turk. McNally seemed older at least and had the bearing of an older woman, but Turk looked like a young mistress to all these older men (who are actually literally older making it all the more obvious how young she is), and in her first pdd with Rudolf she seemed like a scorned mistress more than his cold, imperious mother. Could a greying wig or some makeup help? I can see how this is a tough role to cast because it's a pointe intensive role but so much of understanding Rudolf's character arc hinges on the performance here that it seems necessary to cast so right. In the end, while it's not fair to make comparisons, I found myself enjoying Soares and Cuthbertson today over Hirano and Osipova. While I wasn't in love with the way either played their character arcs necessarily, I feel like they had arcs which is what lacked for me on Friday (apart from Lamb/Larisch). Soares seemed like such a mommy's boy, and you could see how he was sort of stuck in that young boy phase (he was so excited as he flipped the pages of her book to get her attention). I felt he was at his peak in acting in Act 3--he really looked horrified and destroyed after shooting Mary, but also loved the scene where he is pleased with himself that Larisch is going to bring him Mary post-tavern. It's clear Soares is winding down his career and at times this showed in his technique but never to a point where he was bad or incapable; he obviously still had a lot to offer in the role (he was very charming during the bows and was caught hugging both Cuthbertson and Mendizabal, at different times, by the curtain coming up). Cuthbertson was a little too neat for me, but she also had an arc: she was very playful as opposed to dangerous (at one time she seemed more Manon to me), and to me, she seemed to hold onto that idea of being playful until the middle of the last pdd. When she goes over to the gun, looks at it, she turns on the same flirtatious look to Rudolf that she used in the Act 2 pdd to seduce him; she figures it might knock him out of his misery--she didn't, however, realize they weren't playing anymore until Rudolf made her put the gun down. I wasn't sure this Mary worked for me either but it felt more cohesive as a character with forward motion. I couldn't really understand the character motivations of Osipova's Mary--on one hand she was so over-the-top youthful with exuberance in the scene with Marie Larisch and on the other she seemed like a crazed person, grimacing and tossing herself around. It was hard to see the connections there, though she and Hirano were impressive physically. Loved Lamb's Larisch. She seems like she directs so much of the ballet and you can tell what to look for in the scene by watching whatever she is watching. I always feel Lamb is a very cool (remote) dancer, but she was excellent in acting and dancing which is why I wanted to see her Vetsera (please share reports!). Mendizabal, in the Soares cast, was less satisfying after Lamb, though she and Soares had a good rapport. I felt her Larisch was a bit more self-involved versus Lamb's who was focused more on trying to help Rudolf; Lamb looked like she would stand up to the Empress as much as she could, but Mendizabal cowered in their interactions immediately. Also liked seeing Francesca Hayward as Stephanie though I think she is better cast as Mary in the future. Anna Rose Sullivan as Stephanie had a strong characterization (she was very clear on her worry about Rudolf from the very beginning of the ballet and seemed frozen in fear even before the wedding night pdd), I didn't think she was there technically; she wasn't really able to do the leg-shaking-in-terror-while-being-held-aloft move that is so signature from that pdd and I saw a lot of preparation faces (I make them too when I'm about to do something complicated!). Hayward, on the other hand, really threw herself in this scene in a rage, almost, at Hirano at points. I'm sure I have a lot more to say (haven't even touched on Nunez--fab; Bratfisch, played by Campbell and Kay--also fab), and like California, tried to absorb as much as I could because I love following the RB through their broadcasts/insight streams/etc. and figured I wouldn't frequently/ever get the chance to see Mayerling. As much as I quibbled above, I really enjoyed both performances and it's clear the RB has a lot of depth, both in technical strength and acting ability for a ballet that hinges so much on interpretation. I'm trying to envision ABT casting such a production and it's a mess (love them but it's true).
  10. I've never seen Seymour live (too young, wrong country), but have watched many clips online and admire Seymour's dancing greatly. I admit to not seeing the resemblance between them based off last night's performance, especially since Seymour is quite musical (there's also the beautiful feet...). Seymour is also sexy, erotic, and dangerous (based on what I've seen), while Osipova seems simply dangerous. Perhaps that is a valid interpretation but like I said, it didn't work for me, despite admiring her obvious talents/ability. Or maybe there is something else I am missing.
  11. Since this run opened last night, here is a place to give some impressions. Casting (Rudolf, Mary, Larisch, Empress Elizabeth, Princess Stephanie, Mitzi Casper, Bratfisch Emperor Franz Josef, Bay Middleton) Friday - Ryoichi Hirano, Natalia Osipova, Sarah Lamb, Kristen McNally, Francesca Hayward, Marianela Nuñez, Alexander Campbell, Christopher Saunders, Gary Avis Saturday - Matthew Ball, Sarah Lamb, Laura Morera, Itziar Mendizabal, Meaghan Grace Hinkis, Mayara Magri, James Hay, Gary Avis, Nehemiah Kish Sunday - Thiago Soares, Lauren Cuthbertson, Itziar Mendizabal, Lara Turk, Anna Rose O’Sullivan, Claire Calvert, Paul Kay, Alastair Marriott, Gary Avis Friday's 4 Hungarian Officers were Cesar Corrales, Nicol Edmonds, Tomas Mock, Valentino Zucchetti. I was there last night and will be there Sunday. Still need to gather my thoughts but am regretting not seeing the Saturday cast for Sarah Lamb's Mary Vetsera after seeing her Larisch. Going to go watch some parts of the live broadcast with her cast this last year. Not sure Osipova was my ideal Mary. On a side note, the Dorothy Chandler seems like it absorbs earthquakes pretty well!
  12. Finally!!! Thank you so much for being on alert! I am hoping Hirano is good (some reports online suggested a muted performance); I was holding out hope Watson would be on the mend enough to perform, but I guess we aren't so lucky in that particular way. edit: also would prefer to see someone with a strong RB background/training instead of Osipova (I know, I know...). I will have to settle for Cuthbertson on Sunday to do that.
  13. It's probably best to start a new topic instead of discussing in the SCFTA Season thread (though California diligently broke the news there!), especially as the year rolls onward with any information forthcoming. Here is the lineup! Mariinsky and La Scala cross over for the Southern California engagements. According to the brochure online, Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake will also be here for a run from 12/3-1/5 (quite long!), but it is not a subscription series. Also no Miami Nut (never saw it while it was here for the two years). I find it strange La Scala is bringing back Giselle--it was just here in Southern California last year at SCFTA. I'm glad Onegin is coming to SCFTA and I can go once up to LA for this instead. Same with La Bayadere and the Mariinsky.
  14. I received my renewal via mail and it claims that Bolle and Nunez "will perform on July 31, Aug 1, and Aug 2 eves. Aug 1 matinee cast is to be announced." Direct quote. I have to assume the Aug 2 evening is a typo as there is no Sunday evening show that I can see?
  15. I used the link here (https://www.scfta.org/Subscriptions/Packages.aspx?seasonID=671) and was able to select the exact seats I wanted from the available selection for the two new packages I bought; I also renewed separately by using the emailed link, but I didn't change seats for that package. I did have a conflict or problem when I had two tabs open earlier, one logged in and one not yet logged in, and that seemed to create a problem when I was trying to check out. I had to close out the browser and start over again.
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