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  1. ksk04

    2018 Nutcracker - Costa Mesa

    Also bought tickets specifically to see Shevchenko. Two new casts for me now (if the casting fairy stays kind)!
  2. ksk04

    2018 Nutcracker - Costa Mesa

    Well that's the last straw for me to not keep my ticket to the show for Abrera. I've been waffling between keeping it (maybe the last time to see Abrera in it) or swapping to Lane (who I have not seen yet), and now the answer is clear!
  3. Anyone been able to get the Cyber Monday check out process to happen? Code CYBER for select dance programs (including opening night of Mayerling). I can get the code applied, but am not able to add seats to my cart! 🤔 Their website says their phones are having technical difficulties as well! Nothing much works there, apparently.
  4. Thanks for letting me know--wish they were sending these out to my email. I was going to get the Thursday night show to see Stella Abrera since she was taken from my Friday night show, so I will try again!
  5. There are Buy One, Get One tickets on sale for Black Friday "weekend" for the Nutcracker and Harlequinade, code BOGOBF . I think there are particular shows that this counts for based on the online comments (not clear as the Facebook advertisement is very vague and I didn't receive an email about this--guess subscribers don't matter); I've already purchased several tickets to all of these or I would jump on it, so very irritating! Also for Waitress, Bernadette Peters, and Johnny Mathis. edit: Apparently, it's over. I thought it was all weekend, but it ended last night. I was going to cave and buy another Harlequinade today 😒
  6. Yes, totally agree with Josette about the lack of rake and lack of staggered seating in the orchestra. And yes, all other sections are STEEPLY raked downward. Don't sit in the front rows of one of the upper levels if you have vertigo or a heights issue. Walking down the stairs to the first rows can be a bit nervy, and I am not one who has a fear of heights.
  7. I got on about an hour ago, after I saw your message California. I got tickets into my cart but then a big mess with my password that wouldn't work (despite it being correct). When I called, the guy said they weren't actually releasing them online for another hour so he was surprised I could even add them to my cart? Seems like a series of unfortunate technological mishaps, but I did get one date (so far) by phone.
  8. Oh come on, that's just cruel substitution on Friday evening!! I mean I'm happy for Stella to get an additional performance but...🤐
  9. Finally here! Thursday, January 17 at 7:30 p.m. Isabella Boylston James Whiteside Gillian Murphy Thomas Forster Friday, January 18 at 7:30 p.m. Sarah Lane Alban Lendorf Stella Abrera Calvin Royal III Saturday, January 19 at 2 p.m. Skylar Brandt Daniil Simkin Hee Seo Alexandre Hammoudi Saturday, January 19 at 7:30 p.m. Cassandra Trenary Tyler Maloney Christine Shevchenko Blaine Hoven Sunday, January 20 at 1 p.m. Isabella Boylston James Whiteside Gillian Murphy Thomas Forster Luckily I have Friday night tickets already!
  10. ksk04

    ABT in D.C. - Jan 2019

    So the SCFTA dates are two weeks before this, yet we get no casting for that? Grumble grumble. I guess I see who the casts will likely be, but I need dates!
  11. While I am happy to hear the union is involved, I don't know that this expresses any particular moral or ethical stance by the union regarding their "alleged" behavior. This is part of the contract, to have representation and ensure due process. I could be complained about at work and my union would still need to provide me with representation in any grievance whether or not they thought I was guilty or at fault; the point is that they ensure the processes outlined in the contract are upheld. The union may end up advocating in both sides of this: if there was a violation of the contract with the firing of Catazaro/Ramasar (if if if) AND if the dancers complain about the work environment and want the union to be involved with ensuring a harassment free workplace/code of conduct/whatever (if if if).
  12. I understand now, thank you. I do wonder about the "revenge porn" law that several people have referenced though and whether that could apply to the other men...I'm sure there are a lot of nuances for the law that are difficult to assess for a lay person.
  13. I'm a little confused about the slight writing off of Ramasar and/or Catazaro's behavior because they "only" or "simply" shared images (and yes I read the lawsuit). This is a much larger violation than the fifth-grader sex banter these guys had. If a colleague sent me nude pictures of someone we worked with, my first impulse wouldn't be to reciprocate but rather report them to HR and tell the poor naked colleague what was going on.
  14. This is so much more horrible than what I was expecting. I am shocked that Ramasar and Catazaro are only being suspended, especially considering that many female dancers at NYCB were potentially violated. edit: reading the court documents, the allegations about other behavior (like the rehab, domestic violence, rape, assault) are even more horrific.
  15. I would imagine that any dancer who has been reprimanded for even a whiff of inappropriate behavior is exactly who SAB wouldn't want to welcome to avoid potential legal issues of them being around minors, especially since the company seems to be very focused on appearing pro-active after the Martins stuff. But that's just my thinking--perhaps it will be different.