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  1. It's not ballet but I saw that the Center Theatre Group in LA won't be open for performances until April 2021: https://www.playbill.com/article/los-angeles-center-theatre-group-to-remain-closed-through-2020 The Ahmanson/Mark Taper share the plaza with the Dorothy Chandler (dance season), so I don't know if this will influence anything there, but this may be the direction for a lot of places. Segerstrom announced they were laying off 63% of its staff (250 part time, 77 full time and pay cuts for the remaining 37%): https://voiceofoc.org/2020/06/segerstrom-center-announces-63-staff-cuts-jo
  2. I'll give credit--the classes with Stella/Sascha and Susan Jaffe have been pretty enjoyable. It's not "footage unearthed from the archives" but it's probably the type of content they should be doing regularly during Met season to familiarize people with the ballets.
  3. All the dance footage (except the truly poor Hurlin/Bell thing) was even available before this--SCFTA posted a longer clip of Of Love and Rage (the actual dancing) on their FB page. I'm glad I put it on while chopping vegetables for dinner instead of deciding to sit down and watch it. Terrible.
  4. SCFTA posted a clip if anyone wants a little preview. This is in Act 1 after the wedding ceremony (the blue ribbony overlays and bracelets were put over their original costumes as wedding apparel):
  5. Very interesting connection, sandik--I am interested to hear what others will make of the character in NYC (hopefully...feeling good we got to see this before everything shut down) Thank you so much for this info and for knowing what this piece was called, Roberta! I thought this music was perfect in the scene and was so fascinated by the flexatone's effect.
  6. It's been great to read other impressions of this new ballet. I saw it three times--opening night, Friday, and Sat mat, so the Hurlin/Bell cast 2x and the Shevchenko/Forster cast once. The ballet is really busy with a lot of background movement but, in my opinion, the most restrained balletic busy-ness that I've seen from Ratmansky in a long time. Fewer ungainly jumps, lifts, etc. (I thought the Dionysius character was maybe the one exception, especially in the Act 2 dance-off battle between Dionysius and Mithridates). Basically, instead of balletic busy, Ratmanksy has traded in for plot
  7. I was at the opening night and will be at the two Kondaurova shows as well. Not a lot of time to express my thoughts fully right now, but I want to give huge credit to Svetlana Ivanova for leading the line of shades out, in what I imagine is, her 40s??? Without breaking an ounce of sweat or having a flagging arabesque. Wow. She was exquisitely poised (in the Bayadere divertissement in Act 2 as well)--definitely a different generation.
  8. If you are here enjoying the Mariinsky, Wendy Whelan will be in conversation at OCC in Costa Mesa this weekend. https://tickets.orangecoastcollege.edu/shows/dance master class series - an artist talk/events?utm_source=COAST+TO+COAST+-++2019%2F10%2F17&utm_campaign=Coast+to+Coast&utm_medium=email
  9. Casting's up: https://www.musiccenter.org/tickets/events-by-the-music-center/Glorya-Kaufman-Dance/Subscriptions/subscribe/mariinsky-ballet/ I'd copy and paste but it's all images--sorry. Anyone have thoughts? Is there someone that is particularly stand out in one of these roles? Weighing the options with SCFTA La Bayadere the week before.
  10. Luck of the draw got me Shevchenko/Forster for one performance (loved them last year) and I just exchanged the other ticket to a Lane/Ahn performance.
  11. Especially since the casting is up for their engagement at SCFTA. Even a "cast a" / "cast b" deal would be nice!
  12. Single tickets for the 2019 portion of the season go on sale tomorrow, Monday August 5.
  13. Hi Buddy, I have three sets of tickets already so I am sure I will see Somova who I have seen dance before. I have never seen or heard of Khoreva, which is why I was asking for opinions about her. Thanks! It would be nice if they had sent out subscription tickets before now, so I could easily see what I booked....
  14. Thanks Dreamer! Much appreciated. Any thoughts? I am familiar with many names, but what are people's impressions of Khoreva?
  15. I'm glad you posted first California because I was going to make some of the same points--about the motifs from other Macmillan ballets (which I noticed more because I have been binging on filmed versions of Mayerling, Manon, and R&J so they were fresh in my mind), the performance notes (my companions flummoxed by the synopsis which ignores the political elements entirely)--and you did so better! About being unable to tell the various women apart, I feel very badly for people who just showed up at the theater and were hoping to make sense of it. The first act happens so swiftly and re
  16. I've never seen Seymour live (too young, wrong country), but have watched many clips online and admire Seymour's dancing greatly. I admit to not seeing the resemblance between them based off last night's performance, especially since Seymour is quite musical (there's also the beautiful feet...). Seymour is also sexy, erotic, and dangerous (based on what I've seen), while Osipova seems simply dangerous. Perhaps that is a valid interpretation but like I said, it didn't work for me, despite admiring her obvious talents/ability. Or maybe there is something else I am missing.
  17. Since this run opened last night, here is a place to give some impressions. Casting (Rudolf, Mary, Larisch, Empress Elizabeth, Princess Stephanie, Mitzi Casper, Bratfisch Emperor Franz Josef, Bay Middleton) Friday - Ryoichi Hirano, Natalia Osipova, Sarah Lamb, Kristen McNally, Francesca Hayward, Marianela Nuñez, Alexander Campbell, Christopher Saunders, Gary Avis Saturday - Matthew Ball, Sarah Lamb, Laura Morera, Itziar Mendizabal, Meaghan Grace Hinkis, Mayara Magri, James Hay, Gary Avis, Nehemiah Kish Sunday - Thiago Soares, Lauren Cuthbertson, Itziar Mendizabal, Lara Turk
  18. Finally!!! Thank you so much for being on alert! I am hoping Hirano is good (some reports online suggested a muted performance); I was holding out hope Watson would be on the mend enough to perform, but I guess we aren't so lucky in that particular way. edit: also would prefer to see someone with a strong RB background/training instead of Osipova (I know, I know...). I will have to settle for Cuthbertson on Sunday to do that.
  19. It's probably best to start a new topic instead of discussing in the SCFTA Season thread (though California diligently broke the news there!), especially as the year rolls onward with any information forthcoming. Here is the lineup! Mariinsky and La Scala cross over for the Southern California engagements. According to the brochure online, Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake will also be here for a run from 12/3-1/5 (quite long!), but it is not a subscription series. Also no
  20. I received my renewal via mail and it claims that Bolle and Nunez "will perform on July 31, Aug 1, and Aug 2 eves. Aug 1 matinee cast is to be announced." Direct quote. I have to assume the Aug 2 evening is a typo as there is no Sunday evening show that I can see?
  21. I used the link here (https://www.scfta.org/Subscriptions/Packages.aspx?seasonID=671) and was able to select the exact seats I wanted from the available selection for the two new packages I bought; I also renewed separately by using the emailed link, but I didn't change seats for that package. I did have a conflict or problem when I had two tabs open earlier, one logged in and one not yet logged in, and that seemed to create a problem when I was trying to check out. I had to close out the browser and start over again.
  22. Josette, did you see that new subscriptions are select your own seats immediately? I thought that was nice instead of waiting months to see whatever random lottery you got. Maybe this isn't news, but I am always renewing instead of buying new. It does seem like a disadvantage to renewing subscribers though who want to upgrade or change seats; it would be nice to offer a bit of a delayed start for new subscriptions.
  23. It will be illuminating to see how the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion's season looks; if it's similarly sparse, there may be some larger issue affecting touring? (wonder when this will be announced?) Anyway, I bought two extra subscriptions in addition to my regular season seats, since I would go to see all these ballets more than once anyway and it's more economical as a package. Wanted to vote with my wallet upfront to express approval for such strange, yet pleasing, events!!
  24. It's wild that there's only three productions in the subscription + Nutcracker. I did get my subscription renewal today.
  25. That schedule does seem tight if he has a 7/31 show; thanks for that info, Dreamer. But, Bolle certainly came last time with Giselle; I hope that if they insist on a female guest artist, it's only Marianela Nunez not Misty Copeland, this time. I am thinking back to thisrevealing article from the programming director at SCFTA wherein she implied that Bolle/Copeland coupling were important in "selling" the La Scala Giselle and she did offer casting suggestions to the La Scala people. I imagine Onegin also needs "selling" as it's certainly less well-known among the general population.
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