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  1. This is awesome - super excited to get your book! Many thanks and congrats in advance!
  2. Hi! Is Ballet Master and the Score a book? Just tried to look for it but to no results.
  3. I think Vaganova Academy staged and performed an excerpt of Petipa's ballet for opera choreography ("Dance of the Hours") from Ponchielli's La Gioconda as part of its 2018 graduation performance - agreed these could be some rare gems to see.
  4. Mine is supposed to be here today! Very much looking forward to reading this!
  5. Do you know if it will be available in the US?
  6. Exactly! Ok - I'll stay abreast on this!! Thank you so much for passing the information over!
  7. Thanks Natalia! I translated it and it looks like some will be in English. Do you know if there is a fee to participate?
  8. Does anyone know who is hosting this event in Marseilles? It is odd that it is not announced yet?
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