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  1. Joseph

    New Cesare Pugni biography

    Awesome, thank you Amy!
  2. Joseph

    New Cesare Pugni biography

    Do you know if it will be available in the US?
  3. Joseph

    New Cesare Pugni biography

    👏 This is great!
  4. This is great - I will stay very much tuned and appreciate all of this!
  5. Exactly! Ok - I'll stay abreast on this!! Thank you so much for passing the information over!
  6. Thanks Natalia! I translated it and it looks like some will be in English. Do you know if there is a fee to participate?
  7. So this is not the reconstruction?
  8. Does anyone know who is hosting this event in Marseilles? It is odd that it is not announced yet?
  9. Yes eagerly awaiting word on when the conference in Marseilles will be!!
  10. Great, thanks Amy for letting me know! I guess we will stay tuned...
  11. With the 200th anniversary approaching, does anyone know if there are plans to repeat this or hold something similar next year?
  12. Berlin State Ballet has released the Burlaka version on DVD / Blueray too