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  1. I will always remember Melanie Nix in the 2004 issue of Dance Europe exclaiming: "They say writing a good review is harder than writing a bad one -- possibly because you sit mesmerized and then forget quite how you got to such a hypnotic state". Such was the case as I -- as if for the first time -- basked in the Marguerite and Armand pas de deux video featuring Sergei Pounin and Tamara Rojo. Filmed in the most refined high definition, I was seized by a swell of hope that there might yet be a return of the art form to live performance -- even to the inclusion of a live audience. And then out of
  2. While soaking in the extreme delicacy of Akane Takada and Fumi Kaneko in Christopher Wheeldon's rehearsal of The Winter's Tale (2018), I just had to rush to Ballet Alert and proclaim my excitement over my discovery. "O for the extreme delicacy of these two artists", I voiced outloud to no one in particular. My mind became instantly intrigued with the Japanese culture and those deep ancient roots that would surely have helped define and produce such a unique creative signature in these two magnificent artists. I wonder if anyone among the Ballet Alert population knows of a book that seeks to un
  3. As I am steadfastly refusing to cave to the fear and paralysis associated with this Covid, I have, in my resolve, manage to "keep the faith" and continue to "stir the coals" associated with of our glorious art form. Lately, for example, I have become fascinated by those dance pioneers who have gone before us. Question. How does it happen that those creative giants often manage to shine even more brightly in death than in life? Does such formidable talent, like some fine wine, require an inordinate amount of time to age and ripen to be fully appreciated? Apparently. Even as they pass from this
  4. In spite of the preponderance of talking heads shouting their professed expertise on the telley, especially as it relates to the Gordian Knot called politics (I refuse to participate in that "rage") I am yet strangely consumed by a kind of firestorm of creative anticipation to experience San Francisco Ballet. My inner child is just rockin' with joy at a time when I could easily be filled with self pity and singin' the blues. And the Inn At The Opera looks grand ! And although the San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker has been cancelled for this December, the rest of their season has not. At least, i
  5. Lately, I have been riveted to an old interview that I have been watching with Jimmy Stewart. In this fascinating encounter, he says the following: "There is a theory that I have always had that creating "moments" in movies is the important thing. Nobody knows exactly how it happens. What you should do is prepare yourself the best you can to make those moments happen. Because in a movie, it's really not so much about the performance; rather there are these "moments". Now when I heard him say this, my memory took flight and immediately began to race back to ABT'S "Light Dancer" -- Zhong-Jing Fa
  6. Hi Drew ! I will try to employ the assistance of my young computer friend in order to send you that little clip. I will try. She will be away, however, for a week. I meant to add that I had viewed this "An Untitled Love" numerous times previously before acquiring the "eyes to see". Fascinating, that the genius or perhaps, the nuclear core of a piece is not necessarily so instantly comprehended.
  7. Drew, I hope you get this. Yes. I think it was Instagram. It is among those videos that I have had for several weeks. I'm not as conversant with the computer as I would like but perhaps there is a way I can send it to you? Looks like I could email it to you if you find that acceptable? Perhaps, that would be unwise, however, for your security.
  8. While luxuriating in just a snippet of Kyle Abraham's "An Untitled Love", featuring Calvin Royal III and an unnamed female partner at The Fire Island Dance Festival, I was smitten by the brilliance of this piece. This was performed outdoors and appears to have been framed and even more inspired by the arrival of a sultry Summer's evening by the sea. How I delighted in the construction of the piece. One moment, the couple seemed in normal conversation together as if completely oblivious to the art form in which they were about to participate. Suddenly, in the most delightful and seamless transi
  9. You are all so amazing as you proffer your wonderful knowledge and patience in addressing my rather primitive questions and ruminations -- even as a shelter in a time of storm
  10. A significant aspect of this present hour -- that in large measure has "gone missing" -- is that distinct privilege to be in close physical proximity with those artists and the myriad of those individuals who provide support to those artists on so many levels. That often unspoken but oh so palpable essence that fairly radiates from so many countless faces who populate the great arena of dance. If, as someone once suggested, that "it is not what a man says that can be heard, but what he is that speaks so loud", then surely this glorious flower -- cette belle forme d'art -- is ablaze with that v
  11. Thank you pherank ! What a glorious and highly informative response from you ! Your words are so rich. I will ponder them over and over.
  12. Thank you, Helene. I am now watching all videos I can find of these three artists !
  13. I am excited to get to the keyboard and mention a word that exploded into my consciousness while watching Tiler Peck's very aggressive and authoritative command in a variety of videos presented on YouTube -- for example, Fascinatin' Rhythm, Kennedy Center. What a force of nature she seems ! A fellow ballatomane -- far more conversant with the art form than I -- defined an aspect of Tiler's extraordinarily pleasing approach and command as "attack". My mind immediately raced to that glorious video of Gelsey Kirkland "burning down the house" in Balanchine's Theme and Variations. What a joy ! Firs
  14. I am filled with wonder at pherank's above response. I want to find the highest mountain (or the White House) and proclaim aloud John F Kennedy's words concerning the arts. My God, I had no idea that our President said such a glorious thing. In a sense, his words are also an arrow through my heart at such a time as this as the nation now finds itself perhaps fighting for it's very life. God forbid. But oh the wonder of John F. Kennedy's words: " The artist becomes the last champion of the individual mind and sensibility against an intrusive society and an officious state .." Glorious !
  15. While navigating my way through Jennifer Homan's Apollo's Angel's, I discovered this delightful passage: "John F. Kennedy also made the arts a priority. His wife was a prominent figure at cultural events, and the glittering celebrity ethos of the White House gave new glamour and sheen to the performing arts everywhere; she sent a jet to escort Rudolph Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn to the White House for tea".
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